Episode 1

Cloudworld technology worldwide.

He throws the files on the faces of his two employees who were standing opposite him, fear written all over them, which he care less to notice, no one can tell what he is capable of doing once he is angry even him don’t know this about himself too, but right now he won’t care less if he didn’t get am answer.

“did you read this properly before bringing it to me” he asked no one in particular “AM I NOT TALKING TO SOMEONE “ he shouted hitting his hand on his office desk,

“Mr Donald, we did and we crossed check it many times” Mr Paul his finances manager spoke out, “oh really, then why did you bring it to me knowing fully well it full of rubbish, Mr Paul you have been working here for almost 15years now and you know this better then anyone, now tell me how come that sum of money will be missing in the company account and you are just finding out now, answer me” he was getting inpatient with their silent, no one has dare stolen from him before, they know how he is with his money, he prays he catches that man or woman who dears to provoke him, only God knows what will be the fate of that person. “sir, we have crossed check everything properly, but there is no record of missing money” Mr Samuel, the manager spoke this time, “so are you saying the money disappeared”

“no sir actually it was loan out”

“loan out?” he asked in disbelief, even if both were much older than his as Mr Paul will be on his late 40s also with Mr Samuel he doesn’t care less when he comes to his affairs, with what they told him it was confusing, he didn’t remember loaning out money to any one, his approval is always needed before a loan can be given out mostly huge amount of money, he rested his back comfortably on his office chair, entangling his fingers together.

“this is getting interesting” he said more in a mocking sound, “continues please”

“well sir you see, when we found out that money was loaned out we began to check all the records then we found this” Mr Paul brought out a file and gave it to him, he collected it and went through it sitting up, Mr Paul and Mr Samuel glimpse at each other from the corner of their eyes, as they wait patiently for their boss Mr Ethan Donald to go through the files, both of them has been working for this company for a long time also with most of the workers, and have put all their time in making sure that this company grows but yet he (Ethan) can never get satisfied with their hard work, he can get you fired with a little mistake, since the pay is good they don’t mind working for the devil himself.

CloudWorld technology is one of the biggest and richest technology company all over the world, with breached all over the world with the headquarter in China, they are producer of all kinds of technology but can only be afforded by the wealthy, Abuja branch is one of the biggest branches in Nigeria, and that is where Ethan love to spend his time if he is not traveling round the world.

“ WHAT” Ethan voice rang all through his office, he just can’t believe what he is reading right now, “when did this happen and why wasn’t I informed“ he asked in fury,

“sir this happened before you took over your grandfather’s company and mange it with yours, if you see it was written there that this took place 10 years ago” Mr Paul tried to explain, “of course I can see that, am not blind, tell me something that is not written here” Ethan said in anger, Mr Paul wanted to roll his eyes but he dare not “sir the only thing we know are all written there, there was only one eye witness and that is your father, so we will suggest you ask him before we can do anything.” Mr Samuel added.

“get out, I will call you when I need you” he wave them away with his left hand with his right hand still holding the book, “ yes sir” they ( Mr Samuel and Mr Paul) both responded before heading to the door, as soon as they exit his office they did the sign of the cross before heading to their offices.

Ethan didn’t bother to look up as his eyes were still gum to the file in his hand, he still can’t believe he wasn’t aware of this, he has started his company at the age of 19 while he was still in school, he learnt everything from his grandfather who was a genuine in business, at the age of 22 his grandfather passed away leaving his company to him, so since he couldn’t run two companies at once he decided to mange both companies together and since then he has been expanding making himself number six of the youngest billionaire in the world, his dream is to be the best that is why he put all his time and effort in the success of his companies and don’t tolerate failure and incompetent employees but with this new development he doubt if he knows anything that goes round his company.

“ Rockage Cooperation, who are you that my grandfather will loan you such amount of money without thinking twice” he has heard the name but show no interest since both don’t specialize in since business goal, but since it involves his money, yes his money then he must find out everything about this company that took a loan without paying back for the past 10 years and he was going to start with his father since he was the only witness when the agreement was made, “ dad, here I come”.

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