Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 28

Martins’ mother wasn’t happy about my

relationship with him, she was always

attack in me to leave her son. So many

times she would come to my shop and

embarrassed me, she gave me w tough

time. She never wanted her son to marry someone like me, a single mother like me,

she never wanted her son to father

another man’s child. This woman

threatened to kill me if I don’t leave her

son, she even reported me to the king and

the chief so that I can leave her son. She even brought a young village girl for her son

to marry her. Its not her fault, I wouldn’t

blame Martins’ mother, she’s a good

mother cos I would also don’t he same

thing, I will never allow my young and

handsome some to marry a single mother. I can’t blame her, its my fault, its my cross

to carry, I made a mistake. It was hard to

get a single guy to date or marry ooo, you

rarely find a single guy that will marry a

young single mother. I’m a pretty girl but a

woman, so many guys approached me but most of them were married men, single

guys approached but once they found out I

have a child, reverse is the case. I fell in love

Martins, Martins was also in love with me

but I wouldn’t want him to disobey his

mother, his mother’s blessing is very important.

I had to let Martins go, the

pressure was just too much, the girl

betrothed to Martins will ganged up with

her friends and attack me, embarrassed

me even on campus.

I broke up with Martins, that’s the best

option. Martins begged me not to go, he

proposed to against all odds but I turned it

down. It was a bittered separation, after

the separation between me and Martins, i

became lost, I lost concentration in school, it was even in my finals but thank God I

graduated with good grades. I missed

Martins, the kiss, the caring Martins, I

missed the hot sex we do have, how

Martins will bang me, he would turn me on,

giving it to me so good, s—–g my nipples and fingering my p—y, the crazy styles we do on bed, the way he handled my boobs, I

remembered our last sex on the couch.

Martins was perfect, the perfect guy for

me but I lost him the way I lost the other

guys but this was the most painful one

ever. We were so in love, so in love but God knows the best.

Martins eventually got married to another

girl, he was working in an oil company, then

he was transferred to Abuja, I stopped

seeing him. I graduated from the university,

I already served in Oyo State, where I

opened another Saloon in Ibadan. My son was already six years old, big boy, lol.

Business was moving, my saloon was

growing,”Cha Cha Hair Saloon” was growing,

I already have three shops in Delta state,

another one in Ibadan. I became self

employed, i dated few guys but most of them were married men.

Anyway, I became

independent, I became a successful

entrepreneur under the age of 30, I never

expected to be this big at all.


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