Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 15

In the midnight, Alex banged me really hard

again, he was just giving me different styles, he

kept banging me, banging me, pounding me.

There was this time I sat on his d–k, that was one of my favourite moment with him, I really

enjoyed it, I was riding his d–k as he was

squeezing my boobs, moaning, moaning, tilting

up and down.

Banging me, tip by tip of the bed, I

can’t help but squirt, my legs were shivering


I was just squirting, his bed sheet was soaked seriously that day, but he was really

enjoy my sweet p—y. He banged me, like a pornstar till he finally c-m.

We slept of again, I

was really weak and I’m suppose to leave his

place very early in the morning.

I quickly woke

up around, 5 am, I quickly wore my choir


I woke him up to see him off, he asked

me why I was going so early I just to had to give him excuses.

I have to be early enough cos it

was vigil I told my parent I was going. He sha

stood up with his erected d–k, he was naked, he

wore his boxers and his singlet.

He went to his

drawer and gave me transport fare, then he

kissed me and ask me when we are gonna see again.

I told him I don’t know yet, but we would

definitely see soon, I must not miss this again, I

will definitely come back to see my boyfriend for

sex of course since I enjoyed it.

He saw me off

to the bus stop as a sweetheart, I finally left Ketu

that early morning to my house.

I got home so early, knocked on the door, my mum came to

open the door…

Me: Good morning mum.. (I entered the house)

My mum: Morning dear, you’re back so early.. Really? I’m back so early? I should waited a little

bit longer for another round oo, cos Alex was

hard that morning and that really turned me on…

Already in the sitting room…

Me: Yes mum.

My mum: How was the service?

Me: It was just there, not really interesting but we

were the best last night.

My mum: Did you take the lead song?

Me: Yes now, I did justice to the song, I sang the

song very well, everybody was just dancing and

shouting. He really enjoyed me mum.. (Sigh)

My mum: He really enjoyed you? Huh!

Me: I mean they really enjoyed my performance

( fear catch me)

My mum: What’s the name of the church again?

Me: Triumphant chapel.

My mum: Okay! I’m going back to sleep, your

food is in the kitchen, you can warm it.

My mum left me alone in the sitting room, can

you imagine, she almost caught me there, so

stupid of me. Anyway, I enjoyed the sex I had

with Alex, I can’t wait to have another one again.

Yes, we almost had another one again in his

place but something I never expected happen, gosh, men are just dog.


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