Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 8

I stayed away from 2go for a whîle cos that place can be boring sometimes, I think during that period I kinda dated Tope from my church, he’s our choir coordinator, teenager’s choir. I attended a redeemed church, so we do have teen church and Tope was the choir coordinator back then, he’s cute, tall, dark in complexion, slim, has a feminine voice but a bad teeth. What a pity, he has a bad teeth but it was still manageable, I had crush on Tope for a very long time but this dude was not even paying attention to me probably because he’s heard about those i dated in church, I’ve dated and had sex with numerous guys in church, I was so cheap then, I never knew they were passing me around, I never knew those guys in my church were gossiping about how cheap I am, how they’ve all had sex with me, I was still naive back then. Well, finally Tope started paying attention to me, I was surprised, he was always smiling, talking with me. I added him on 2go, we started chatting, we became close, he would call me. Each time we go for rehearsals he would escort me to my house. He was so sweet to me, little did know that he also came to have his own share of my p—y like every other guys in my church. Tope looks innocent, he’s cool, he dresses so decent, his mum is a deacon in the church, he prays so well, he looks like a real born again christian if you see him but d–n it, Tope is freaking hot in bed, I never knew he was that exposed at all, all my mind was he’s mummy’s boy. Our first sex was a magic, I never believed we would have sex that night in the church during a vigil, I never believed it, lord should have mercy on me.

Me and Tope was always chatting on 2go, he claims he doesn’t have a girlfriend, we talk most times, I told him I didn’t have a boyfriend as at that time, although there was one Benue guy who resides in Ketu that I was tripping for too. So one day while we were chatting, Tope requested for my nude pics, I couldn’t believe it, I snapped it and send it to him cos I seriously had crush on him and I wanted to please him, he didn’t send his own nude pics. He asked me if I can have sex with him, I told him I can’t since we are not dating, I was even expecting him to ask me out but he never did. So, we were to have a vigil the following week, I think its a praise night, we all came for the vigil, I still remembered that we ministered that night, it was in the main church. While sitting in the congregation, I discovered Tope went out, immediately he went out, I got a text message on my phone, he told me to come meet him at the Teenager’s church, that he wanted to tell me something, i even thought he wanted to ask me out finally. Well, i went to meet him, the Teenager’s church is a different building to the main church.

I got there, I saw him, I asked him what he was doing there, he said he was getting bored, we were both beside the window, he sat on the window while I leaned on the wall. We began talking and talking, suddenly Tope got down from the window and moved closer to me.

Me: What are you doing?

Tope: What does it look like?

Me: Look stop it, I want to go back to the church.

Tope: Is this not what you want, stop pretending, don’t you think I know all your moves, I know you have crush on me.

Me: Me I don’t know what you’re talking about ooo

Tope: Charity stop pretending, you’re not a small girl

He moved so close this time, hugging me…

Me: Tope please stop this, we are in the church

Tope grabbed my ass and kissed me, he began smooching me…

Me: Ooooo, Tope stop now, please stop, stop, stop, stop, stop…

I kept saying stop, I couldn’t push him away cos I’ve always wanted it with him. He kept kissing me, smooching me, I didn’t even care if he has a bad teeth, he was seriously squeezing my boobs, he unbutton my shirt and brought my boobs s—–g them, i was just moaning, he reached out for his trouser, loosened the belt, unzipped his trouser and brought out his fabulous d–k…..


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