Episode 10

Lizzy whipped off her lab coat and threw it on the floor. I must have made a face because she looked at me and laughed.

“I am so tired Ekom.” She said, while getting water from a dispenser. ”
“Obviously.” I said meanly.

She gulp down the water and then took a deep breathe.

“you know I haven’t seen you since you returned, it’s been 5months now. what has been happening? you look really different.”

“nothing much. David is seeking for a divorce.”

“grant him. After all he has a son now from his maid. the baby falls sick almost every single day. I am tired of treating him.” She reeled off, while trying to put on another lab coat.”

“Did she put to birth here in your clinic?”.

“No. I heard she put to birth in London. I wasn’t even around at that time. I was on a 3month course in Australia.”

“oh okay. Lizzy I think the kids and I will be relocating to America by next year.”

“Better. start up a new life over there. I hope you have not given up on God?”

“The question should be if God hasn’t given up on me Lizzy. I am such a problematic human being.”[/B] I said sadly. Lizzy looked at me directly in the eyes and wrinkled her nose with a loud sigh.

“You should always be positive my friend.” She paused and continued.

“I never knew David was AS. Ifeoma is AS too which resulted to an SS genotype for their baby.

I took another surprise look at her, she fetched water for the second time from the dispenser, waiting for it to get filled.

“Did you say David is AS? he is AA. I am AS. He can’t be AS.”

She stood there for a moment, her hands folded, she stood stiff like a status looking at my face like she was finding something.
“wait a minute. how come the baby has sickle cell anaemia?” Lizzy asked amazingly.

“I don’t know. but I am very sure that David is AA. that’s his genotype.”

There was a pause. I mean a long silence.

There was a question in that silence.
A question that we possibly had answers to.

“Does David know that the baby is SS?” I broke the silence.

” No. They haven’t gotten their result yet.
My laboratory scientist isn’t done with their test result. I hope this isn’t true. because from that baby’s eyes, I knew he was SS.

“It may be what you think. David has been wanting a child for 12 years now, I hope his baby isn’t SS.”

“Let’s see the result first. before I forget, we have to run a test on you. you look really pale.” She said politely as she dials a number with her telephone.

“The lab?” Lizzy questioned as one of her perfectly arched eye browse lifted.

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