Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

?Xavier POV

“I’m going to be a motherfücking king!”

I didn’t look up from the book I was reading,

trying to calm myself down before I killed

Daniel. My best friend and his whole ‘I’m

making a grand entry’ thing always gave me a

heart attack.

How do you calm down again? Something about

counting backward?

I heard a scrapping noise and I knew he was

sitting in front of me. I sighed in relief. Finally,

he must’ve realized where we were –

“Didn’t you hear me?” I’m pretty sure there were

only a few people next door who hadn’t heard

him. “I’m going to be a king.”

I started counting, refusing to look at him.

Because a) looking at him made him real, and

that meant I had to deal with him. And b) you

do not just look up from a good book. Did

Daniel not know how hard it was to find one –

And just like that my copy of Sports Illustrated

was stolen from me.

“Calm. The Fück . Down.”

I wasn’t entirely sure if I was talking to him or

to myself.

“I’m going to be -”

“A king. Yep, got that.” I massaged my temple.

To say that my best friend was excited was an

understatement. “Now. I want you take a deep

breath and look around. Where are we, Danny?”

Daniel did as he was told. There was absolute

silence in the library. Twenty extremely

annoyed heads were turned in his direction.

He had the decency to look sheepish.

“Come on,” I shook my head, smiling despite


I got up and led the way outside, Daniel

following at my heels like an obedient puppy.

Once we were outside, we went to the cafe

across the street. It was a homey little place

with potted plants and old school red-

checkered tablecloth. The waitress was a

twenty something blonde, who thankfully didn’t

try to flirt with me or Danny as I ordered us

both some coffee.

“Six minutes and twenty one seconds. I’m

impressed.” I said, after she left. Not a word

had come out of Daniel’s mouth in that time.

He was actually sweating with the effort. “Go


“Your father is stepping down and the

coronation is next month and you’re going to

be king which means I’m going to be king in

your place.” Daniel said, in one breath.

My brain took a minute to process that. “He’s

stepping down. Why?”

“Ask him yourself. You’re coming with me.”

“What? !”

I hadn’t seen my father or my home in twelve

years. I definitely didn’t want to break that

record now.

“He needs to see you. He asked me

specifically to bring you with me.” Daniel

hesitated. “He isn’t doing well, Xavier.”

“He’s sick.” I thought about it. “Is he dying?”

Daniel glared at me. “Don’t you dare talk to me

about this like it’s the fücking weather. I know

you two have your problems but that man is

the only reason we’re alive and you know it.”

It was my turn for a deep breath. I could easily

disagree with that. If daddy dearest wanted me

alive and well, he didn’t have to send a trained

professional with a gun as a birthday gift.

You’d think a note with some cake would be


Naw, I’ll preorder a grave and send you a few

bullets to make it extra special .

But I didn’t want to ruin my morning talking

about my father. The ruining could wait until I

had my caffeine.

“We will talk about this later.” Before Daniel

could open his mouth again – and man, was he

furious – the waitress came to our table with a


“So how’s life back home?” I asked, casually.

“It’s fine. I guess.”

“You miss me?” I teased him.

“Of course, I miss you, you bloody idiot! I’m

miserable. This isn’t what I signed up for -”

“How’s your girlfriend, Danny?” Cutting off

Daniel mid rant wasn’t usually effective, but the

waitress was still there.

“Well, we broke up.” He said, silently fuming.

“And no, it was not because she was suddenly

interested in women like the last one.”

The waitress set down two cups and left us. I

think I saw her smile at his answer.

“Listen to me very closely.” Daniel said, dead

serious the minute she left. “The minute that

crown’s on my head there’s no going back.

This little game we’ve been playing ends there.

So I’m asking you to think about it. Are you

sure you don’t want to come home?”

I sipped my coffee, unusually calm.

Considering the fact that he was asking me to

decide what I wanted for the rest of my life.

(And there was that ruining I was talking


Did I mention I was the firstborn Prince of

Vetresca? Must’ve slipped my mind.

Royalty didn’t mean being born with a silver

spoon and pampered to the point your farts

smelled like roses. Quite the contrary, my life

was just a cruel joke to the Others from day


I ran away from the castle when I was

fourteen. I came to New York and I worked at

a restaurant as a dish boy. Glamorous, I know

but I had no choice. I needed a new start.

So how does a royal family cover that screw


Daniel was my best friend since I was five. He

was no DiCaprio, but he had a talent for acting

and the same dark hair and blue eyes as me.

At that age, no one could even tell the


So my best friend became my imposter.

I looked at Daniel. Looked at him properly for

the first time today.

It struck me how different we’d turned out. I’d

bleached out my hair and worn green contacts.

Danny’s eyes had dark circles under them and

his hair was tousled. I was down to my last

sweatshirt and jeans and I’d been skipping

meals to make up for rent. Danny wore a

tailored black suit but he still looked more

tired and gaunt than I did.

I wondered when was the last time he slept.

“I’m not coming home, Danny.” I said.

“Congratulations. You’ll make a fine king.”

He laughed without humor. “Xavier, I can’t

handle a woman. You want me to handle your


“You’ve done it so far -”

“Your father did it so far. You can argue with

me about his – choices – but he was d–n fine

at what he did. I was born to serve you, not

rule a kingdom.”

“I consider this a service.”

“So what happens when the council finds out?

They’ll imprison me for the rest of my life.

They won’t touch you but me -”

Daniel stopped short as the waitress returned.

“Yes?” He snapped at her.

The girl jumped a little. “I-um-Do you need

anything else?”

“No, thank you.” I gave her a smile to make up

for Daniel’s temper. “Oh, but could you get the

bill? I think we’re done here.”

“The hell we’re done -” Daniel started.

“We’ll discuss this later.” I said, pointedly.

After she left, I turned to Daniel. “I can’t do this

shît sober. Does your jet have a bar or do I

need to go broke to afford some vodka?”

Danny was about to yell at me again when he

understood what I was saying.

“Does that mean you’re coming to Vetresca?”

“Well, that depends. We could go to Tahiti if

you’re up for it. You get the sweetest sangria

and I’m all for body shots -”

“Quit jerking around.” Daniel was all about

snapping today. “Are you serious about this?”

I sighed.

After that lovely speech about him

getting behind bars, unfortunately, I was

serious. I definitely didn’t want the throne, but

this was no place to discuss that.

“Lead the way, your highness.”

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