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The Private Driver (The 5th Month)

“Oh my goodness! You are pregnant? You are pregnant and you didn’t let me know about it? Oh my God I’m so happy! So, I’m going to be a grandmother? This is so sweet! This is what I have always wanted. Come here darling.” Mrs Temi, Dami’s mother-in-law said happily. She was so happy and excited when she sighted Dami’s protruding baby bump.

Dami and Kenny were totally surprised and they stood speechless and watched the woman as she jumped up and down the compound after stepping down from her car. She rushed with speed to hug Dami.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant? I

would have been here since to take good care of

you. Now that I’m aware of your pregnancy, I

will no longer go back to Abuja. will stay here

until you give birth to my grandchild.” Mrs Temi

said joyfully. She was dancing, singing and

clapping her hands as if the baby had already


“I said it that I was having a serious urge to see you. I knew that something great must have happened. I was not having rest of my. My heart kept beating ‘kpim kpim’ and telling me to come and see you. Since your husband travelled to London, I have not seen you and I have not had rest of mind. I didn’t know that the precious seed has been planted. I’m so happy the seed has germinated. This is one of the happiest days of my life.” The old woman said, screaming and jumping like a little kid who just got a chunk of chicken meat.

“Have you been registered for antenatal? Have you been visiting the hospital? Have you been seeing the doctor?” Mrs Temi asked multiple questions at a time, getting Dami confused. She was touching Dami’s stomach as if she was a midwife trying to find out if a baby is properly positioned in the womb.

“No ma! I’m yet to register for antenatal.” Dami responded shily.

She has been too surprised to talk or say more than necessary. In her mind, she was trying to understand why her mother-in-law was so excited when it was clear that she was not carrying her husband’s baby.

She was expecting the woman to ask her deep questions about the pregnancy because she and her husband did not even spend one night together after their wedding. She expected her mother-in-law to be surprised by the pregnancy, but clearly, the old woman was over the moon with overwhelming happiness.

“Why have you not started antenatal visits? Is money the problem? Why have you not gone to do the necessary tests a pregnant woman is surposed to do? Please, I will personally drive you to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning. I will have you registered for antenatal care. Like I said, I’m no longer going back to Abuja. I will be here in Benin to take good care of you. Just name anything you want, I will provide all your needs with the speed of light.” Mrs Temi said. They were still standing outside the main building as Kenny and Dami were too shocked to even take a step into the house.

“I hope you have not been doing any work in the house? I hope the housemaid, Mimi is doing her job? From today onward, I don’t want you to touch anything. No washing, no cooking or carrying any load on your head. I will do everything for you so that when time comes, you will deliver my grandchild without troubles. By the way, have you bought baby things?” Mrs Temi asked. She has been talking since she stepped down from her car. She has started sweating and panting as if she ran a marathon. The excitement and happiness were too much for her.

“I have not bought anything. I’m actually confused on what to buy for the child since I have not known its gender yet.” Dami said, managing to put out a smile for the first time since her mother-in-law started talking.

“Don’t worry, I will personally go to the market and shop the baby things for you. There is no need to worry yourself about anything. My grandchild will have everything and every beautiful item in life.” Mrs Temi said as she finally led Dami into the house. The hot sun was beginning to make everyone’s head to spin, and even Mrs Temi got tired of talking at some points.

“Have you told your husband about the pregnancy? Have you told Ojo about the coming baby? He must have been very excited to hear the good news when you told him. When did you tell him and what was his reaction?” Mrs Temi asked with a broad smile, but Dami froze at the doorstep trying to find the words she would use to answer her mother-in-law’s question. She searched her head and found no lies to tell. She decided to give a truthful answer.

“I have not told him.” Dami replied with a shy voice.

“Why have you not told him? How many months is the pregnancy?” Mrs Temi asked with a frowned face.

“This is the fifth month. I’m still trying to find a suitable date to announce it to my husband. The fact that he is not here to see me physically makes me sad.” Dami said. Her voice shaky. She hoped that her mother-in-law would change the conversation, because it was like a bone hanging in her throat.

“You should have told him on the very first day you discovered that you were pregnant. There is no suitable time to share good news. It is bad news that people hide.” The old woman said. Dami was still in shock as to why her mother-in- law was so excited about the pregnancy. In her heart, she reasoned that something must be wrong someone, because she is very sure that the woman knows her son was not the father of the unborn baby, yet, she was still happy about it. Dami’s heart was troubled by Mrs Temi’s behavior.

“Let me call him and tell him.” Mrs Temi said as she brought out her phone and called Ojo.

“Your wife is pregnant! You are about to become a father. I’m so glad I’m the one who broke the news to you. I can’t wait to hold my grandchild. Congratulations son.” Mrs Temi shouted with a loud voice. Dami became overwhelmed with fear as she expect her husband’s reaction to the news of her pregnancy.

“This woman has finished me.” Dami thought in her heart as she entered the room and relaxed in a soft chair to catch her breath.

6th Month dropping soon

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