Episode 21


Maria felt like colapsing. She couldn’t believe that was happening real and so fast.

Nodding her head vigorously, she shouted breathlessly. “Oh yes! Yes! I will marry you! I will marry you!”

She stretched out her hand and Arnold gently slipped the ring into her finger. Raising up, they hugged tightly.

“Wow! This is super romantic. I’m so happy for you dear!” Aunt Linda said, hugging her once again. Natasha hugged her too.

” Okay…. Now.. it’s Natasha’s turn. Natasha, step forward. ” Gerald said, smiling.

Stepping forward, Natasha smiled back.

“Out of all the girls that competed… I’m sorry to say this, Maria…. You are the best. ” Gerald said, looking into Natasha’s large eyes.

“uh uh.. that’s cruel.” Maria laughed.

“You’ve shown me what true love is. You are not only hardworking… You are so industrious and ever ready to keep a home.

And for your star price… here’s the sum of thirty five million naira. ”

” Woooow!!!! ” Everyone yelled happil, Natasha rushed forward and hugged Natasha who only smiled. “Congratulations!”

Gerald stretched out the cheque to her and to everyone’s amazement, Natasha stood still, staring down at the paper. She began shaking her head.

Aunt Linda stared at her smiling. She passed the last test!

“What’s wrong Natasha? I’m giving this to you.” Gerald said, stepping more closer.

Natasha turned away,tears forming. “Is this what you are offering me?” Natasha said and turned back to look at him. “I don’t want this.

Standing in front of me already is my star price.” Natasha dropped the bomb shell.

Gerald laughed, turning to look at aunt Linda. “What else is there to doubt! What else!!” He said happily.

Aunt Linda smiled, stepping forward.

“There is no better woman for my brother, Natasha. You did not only win his heart,you won everyone’s heart and my family will be glad to meet you. Welcome to the Bikroft family.” Aunt Linda said softly.

Fast tears sprang up in her eyes as she hugged the lady.

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