Episode 14

The next morning came, shinning bright and clear.

At eight, aunt Linda called the girls into the living room. They wondered why she had to call them so early in the morning especially when they were even yet to have their baths.

“I’m sorry for calling you out so early in the morning. I have to rush off to somewhere so I want to say from coolval Stories this before I go because I might not be back till tommorow. ” Aunt Linda said and the girls nodded.

Maria yawned so loudly that everyone turned to look at her. She stared equally back at them. “An an, wettin happen? This one wey everybody dey look me like TV, sheet make I no yawn again? Abeg oh.

Madam face front!

Even early in the morning, make up sit down dey eat popcorn for your face. Na wa ohh! ” Maria said, referring to Becky whose face changed immediately.

The rest of the girls laughed silently.

“You must be mad! Aunt Linda, did you just hear her!” Becky screamed.

Maria stick out her tongue secretly and looked innocently at Aunt Linda. “An an, aunt Linda, na lie I lie?” She asked.

Aunty Linda suppressed the urge to laugh. ” It’s okay, Maria! Leave Becky alone. And Becky that’s enough. Let’s get back to business. So this is what I was going to say. Everyone of you will spend a night each with Arnold. I wish you best of luck! ” Aunt Linda said and rushed out, leaving the girls.

Natasha was dumbfounded. She thought she dud not hear her well.

Oh no she did because right now,the rest of the girls were all jubilating!

“Oh my gosh! This is what Ive been praying for! Finally I can get to spend a free night with my man! “. Becky jubilated.

Cindy sneered at her. “You are not the only one, remember?

So let’s hear word and allow the rest of us to jubilate too. ” Cindy said before stalking off.

She couldn’t also wait to spend the night with Arnold.

She wanted to show him how good she is in bed.

Becky left too,so happy. She would get her new panties and bra to impress him the more. She would take the first night

This is going to be awesome!

Natasha sat still, almost in tears. A night with Arnold? That would mean sleeping with him?

Maria sat beside her, looking at her sad looking face. “Wettin happen?” She asked.

“Just leave her to her problem. What’s your business? “Valerie asked, standing up.

Maria snarled at her. ” Come on, breeze out commot for here osiso. You no see her head like banana pill. Mtcheww. ” Maria said as Valerie hissed too and walked out of the living room.

Maria turned back to face Natasha. She was alarmed cos right now, tears we’re streaming down Natasha’s face.

“An an! Wettin happen!” Maria asked, surprised.

Natasha sniffed. “I’m so confused right now. What do I do? I’m so confused. ”

Maria smiled. ” Oh, shey na because of the gate man? En, I see una for yesterday night.

Gbam! I see una and God save you say person no see you. Natasha, easy oh make you no lose that plenty money and this competition.

He go bad oh. As for me, I go go inside the room but I no go allow am do me anything oh. I go just go there make am laugh well well till he forget wettin we want do.

Yes na, so you think say I go allow am touch me wey be say I never sure whether he go marry me abi he no go marry me. No oh. Mba. ”

Natasha turned to look at her. ” But it’s compulsory. You might get disqualified if you disagree. I’m so much fed up. ” Natasha said.

” Okay na. Make we just wait and see. Abeg, who dey go first? ”

First Night

Becky did not bothered laters about new panties and bra. She went into Arnold’s bedroom looking hot and sexy.

Arnold was sitting on his bed, watching her as she gently walked in like a little s–t.

He smiled and got up, seeing this one was already so ready to ride him.

He met her half way and grabbed her until him, sliding down his hands over her large bum.

“You ready for me?” Becky whispered into his ears and she began to remove her gown. It slipped off, making her totally naked in front of him.

Arnold s—-d in his breath. Becky might not look good without makeup but she had a killer body structure. Her shape was a killer and Arnold was ever ready to explore and re explore her!

His shirt was gone in a flash, followed by his shorts. And together, they fell on the large bed, devouring each other’s mouth.

Arnold took one of her rosy niipple into his mouth and succked the hell out of it, making her squirmed under him

Becky was moanning so loud now as she rose on top of him and let Arnold slip inside her.

“Oh my gosh!” Becky cried as she positioned herself and enjoyed the fantastic ride.

When they both cummed together, Becky was angry and disappointed. She couldn’t her enough of him and she begged for more.

However, Arnold was not ready to break the rules of the game. “That’s all for now. Return to your room.”

“No! You can’t just send me out like that! Please… I want more;” Becky said.

Arnold was beginning to get pissed off.” Leave right now. You have fingers don’t you? Let them satisfy you. Please, out. ” Arnold said more sternly and pulled her out of his room.

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