Episode 17

Oh no, Natasha!! What the hell do you think you are doing!

A clear voice shouted in her head and like someone being woken up from a bad dream, Natasha kicked the air with her legs, pushing Arnold off in the process.

Like a mad dog, she sprang up and jumped down from the bed, gathering back her clothing.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry, but I can’t do this!” Natasha cried and bolted out of the room.

She ran blindly downstairs.

Regaining his balance, Arnold stood up and stared at the door in pure shock.

“No, no! This is not happening! She really did push me away… Even after proposing to her? No, she’s going to run back in here! ” Arnold said, shocked.

Is she gonna chose a gate man over him? Arnold couldn’t believe the fact of it.

“Natasha! I said stop!” Aunt Linda shouted, running after Natasha and holding her back. Natasha stopped and bursted into fresh tears.

“Aunt Linda… I’ve sinned against you and Arnold… I’ve sinned against everyone.. please.. forgive me and disqualify me! ” Natasha cried, kneeling down.

Aunt Linda was speechless at the moment. She only held unto Natasha’s quivering hands and pulled her up. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” Aunt Linda assured her.

Having heard the noise outside, Gerald came out from the gate house.

He had been worried sick and praying Natasha wouldn’t fall for Arnold and allow him have sex with her.

Natasha spotted Gerald coming towards them. She turned and ran.

“Natasha!” Gerald shouted. He was going to run after her but Aunt Linda held him back. She smiled at him.

“No. Don’t. Let her do what she wants for now. Just watch. ” Aunt Linda said softly.

Gerald was beginning to go crazy. ” Did… She sleep with that bastard? Did…. She?” Gerald stammered.

” She did not! I swear she kicked me away!” Arnold replying coming out in a rush. ” I thought she was going to come back! That girl is serious, isn’t she? I even proposed to her! ”

Gerald breathed in, punching the air happily. He turned and hugged aunt Linda. “Do you still doubt her? Oh God.. finally I’ve found true love! ” Gerald jubilated.

” That’s not all, Gerald. Yes. Women are sensitive to material things and money. Let’s see if she’s still gonna chose a large amount of money over you. ” Aunt Linda said.

Gerald stopped and looked at Arnold who do nodded in agreement.

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