Episode 19

Maria rushed into the kitchen and got a cup of cold water.

“Hurry please!” Gerald shouted, holding tightly unto Natasha.

Maria rushed back into the living roo and gave him the cold water.

He sprinkled it on Natasha’s head. Maria fanned her and soon, Natasha coughed.

They all sighed with relief.

Gerald lifted Natasha up and made her sit on a sofa.

“You scared us! It is that shocking?” Arnold asked, smiling.

Natasha was staring at Gerald. She still could not believe he was actually the one they had come to compete for. “You .. deceived us.” Natasha said quietly.

“I’m sorry I did. But I did that so I could get a better result.” Gerald responded.

“So… Did you? “Natasha asked, hoping she did not disappoint him.

Gerald smiled. We shall see. Can you get up on your feet? I want to address you girls. ”

” Yeah yeah. I can. Oh my God…. This is my first time passing out. ” Natasha said, getting up with the help of Gerald.

Natasha stood beside Maria, still dumbfounded. She would never have imagined it!

Gerald breathed in, still holding Natasha’s hand in case she pass out again.

“As I was saying… I’m Gerald Bikroft and Arnold here is my elder brother. And aunt Linda here is our elder sister. ”

” What!! ” Becky’s voice was the loudest. She was finding everything hard to believe.

She remembered the way she had talked to Gerald a d covered her face in shame.

Gerald turned to look at Becky. “Becky….”

“Yes, darling!” Becky said beaming a seductive smile at Gerald.

” You knew very well that fighting was prohibited and not allowed in this competition but you went ahead and attacked Natasha. Maria came to help but you attacked her too. ”

” Ahh! Me? No oh! I swear… It wasn’t intentional!” Becky said desperately.

” Kindly please…. Exit the premises. ” Gerald said cooly.

” What? That’s not possible! Arnold…?” Becky said, going towards Arnold who raised his hand in front of her, Indicating her to stop.

“Do as you are told.” Arnold said to her.

Becky could not believe it. Fast tears gathered in her eyes. “Is this a…. joke or what!”

“You will find out it’s serious by the time I call the security on you. They are everywhere right now.” Gerald said, glaring at her.

Becky sighed, unbelievably. Grabbing a luggage handle she turned to face them. “You are wicked!, Monsters!!” She yelled at them and walked out into the hall and out of the house and compound.

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