Episode 16

So are you gonna marry her? Is she the one you’ve chosen? You are such a wolf!

How could I have come here to compete for such a beast like you!” Cindy screamed.

She gathered her clothes and ran out of the room.

Arnold robbed his check again and fell off, laughing.

When she ran into the room crying, Becky and Valerie woke up surprised.

“Oh please, excuse me. I think you are disturbing us. Whatever the problem is,just keep it to yourself!” Becky yelled at Cindy.

Cindy got really mad. ” How dare you! You b—h!” Cindy yelled back.

Valerie sighed and left the room with her puppy who had woken up at the noice too.

“What?, Did you just call me a b—h? You swain!” Becky threw back.

Cindy lost it. She knew she was already disqualified for slapping and insulting Arnold. But she wouldn’t be the only to get disqualified. She would bring down Beck along. She already promised herself that.

Rushing over to Becky, she gave her a slap and a serious fight ensured.

“What’s that noice?” Natasha asked, spranging to her feet. She rushed out of the room with Maria.

Before they got to the room, Becky and Cindy were bleeding from their inflicted wounds.

“Oh my gosh! Will you two stop it!” Natasha shouted, rushing to separate them. ” Do you know the meaning of what you just did!” Natasha yelled.

“Make you leave them make them fight wella! Sebi una wan fight?

Una go need referee? I dey available oh.” Maria said and almost immediately, Aunt Linda came into the room, looking furious.

“Who among you is fighting!” She asked.

“Na dem oh. Becky and Cindy. Who again wan fight?”

” She started it first! She called me a b—h!” Becky quickly said. Cindy said nothing. She only hissed, waiting for whatever that might come her way.

“What do you have to say over this?” Aunt Linda asked.

” Absolutely nothing. I don’t care what happens to me. You aren’t gonna kill me are you? Just disqualify me so I can go my way. God forbid me marrying him!” Cindy shouted.

Everyone stared at her perplexed.

Aunt Linda smiled. “Okay. If that’s actually what you want.

You were already disqualified the moment you raised your hand and slapped the boss.

Tommorow morning,exit the premises.” Aunt Linda said, turned and left the room.

” I don’t care anymore. I don’t care! Is he the only guy in thus world? Let him kiss my cute ass!

Nonsense! En en? What is it? What are you all still doing here?” Cindy asked the other girls that were still standing.

Becky hissed laughed and left the room.

“Abeg no go kill yourself oh. Just jejely pack commot ,inanu? Fighter Cindy.” Maria said and left too. ” Shey you no go come make we go sleep!!” Maria shouted over her shoulder to Natasha.

Natasha shrugged. “I wish you best of luck. It was nice knowing you.” She said and left.

When finally she was alone,Cindy broke down and had a good cry.

The next morning,Cindy packed up all her things and left the Bikroft mansion. She was looking back all over and over again until she got to the gate.

Gerald opened the gate for her, feeling a little bit sorry for her. There were tears in her eyes.

“Take care of yourself.” Gerald said.

Cindy looked at him,and went out of the compound, saying nothing.

“I feel sorry for her.” Natasha said, staring out of the window. She watched Cindy carry her things out of the compound.

“Sorry for who? See abeg, close window. Sun dey enter.” Maria said, getting up from bed.

That night was Valerie’s turn. Just like Becky and Cindy, Valerie wanted to be touched but at the end, Arnold ended up not sleeping with her.

The next night was Maria’s. Arnold felt strange when he saw Maria coming inside his room. He even felt reluctant having a romance with her.

“How far bros? This one wey you dey look me like this. No go think am o.” Maria said, sitting beside him on bed.

Arnold laughed, looking at her. “No go think wettin? Silly girl.” He responded.

“Na you no na. Bad guy. You fit kiss me..you fit hold my hand but na there he stop oh.

Abeg on light make I dey see your face very well.” Maria said. Arnold laughed again. He found the light switch and turned on the light.

“No problem. Let’s just seat and discuss.”

“Shoo? No gbege na. I go keep you company till you sleep for here ” Maria said laughing.

At the end of that night,she ended up being the one who fell asleep. Arnold covered her with his bedspread, looking into her face for a long time.

When it was Natasha’s turn,she wept all the way to Arnold’s room.

“Baby girl….wow. you look lovely . Come here and show me all those pretty things” Arnold said, taking her hands and leading her to the bed.

Natasha’s mind was on Gerald. She couldn’t bring herself to do this but she found herself following Arnold to the bed.

Arnold made her seat down and he sat in front of her. “Why the tears? You are crying.” Arnold said, stretching his hand to wipe her tears.

“Thank you.” Natasha said, tightening her hands together on her laps.

Arnold thought the time was now. All these nights with the girls,his attention was on Natasha. He wanted to see what she would do. He wanted to see for himself if Natasha really love his brother.

Moving slowly towards her, Arnold tilted Natasha’s head up and let his lips meet hers in a coop sweet kiss.

Natasha’s heart was beating fast now. This was the time to do something but no,she felt herself going down and down!

“Marry me Natasha…you are so sweet and good.” Arnold says, pushing her into the bed and lowering himself on her.

Natasha’s heart explored. Marry him? Was that a proposal?

Arnold was going for her clothes now. Oh no…. Natasha was losing her strength and fast!

She desperately wanted to stop him… wanted to stop him but her head refused to work.

It even refused to think….and Natasha found herself giving up!

Oh no! Somebody should wake Natasha up!

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