Episode 20

Becky sighed, unbelievably. Grabbing a luggage handle she turned to face them. “You are wicked!, Monsters!!” She yelled at them and walked out into the hall and out of the house and compound.

When she got outside, she was surprised to see the real gate man already standing at the gate. Security men walked to and fro..

Becky could not believe it as she walked out. Everything had been a game not a competition!

As she walked down the street, waiting for a cab,Becky immediately regretted her actions.

In her heart she asked those she had offended for forgiveness. She was only desperate and now it landed her in a bad condition. She didn’t even go home with anything.

Becky learnt her mistake and promised to turn a good leaf.

Gerald breathed in once Becky left. He turned to face Valerie.

“And for you Valerie. I’m giving you the sum of ten million naira for coming second. Congratulations. ”

Valerie’s hands flew to cover her mouth least she scream down the building. “Oh my God!!” She cried and collected the cheque with quivering hands.

Natasha and Maria smiled at her feeling so happy. Natasha couldn’t still get her eyes off Gerald. She thought it wasn’t happening real.

“Thanks so much for this! Aunt Linda!” Valerie cried and hugged the lady who hugged her back with pure delight.

Valerie hugged Natasha and Maria. She wished them the best of luck. They exchanged contacts and finally, she left the building with her puppy.

“So, now it’s you Maria… Our local Maria.” Gerald said and everyone laughed.

Maria laughed. ” As you don call me local.. no wahala na!” Maria laughed.

Gerald stretched a piece of paper to her. ” Here is the sum of twenty million naira for coming first. Congratulations!”

Maria’s eyes filled with tears as she gently collected the cheque. She stared down at it and rushed forward to hug Gerald who hugged her back.

“Thanks so much for this! I don’t deserve this… I’m speechless…!!” Maria said startling everyone except Natasha who smiled at the other’s shocked expression.

Arnold gasped, pointing at Maria. “You… Speak… good English??”

Maria laughed. ” I do! Forgive a pretender like me. But me speaking pirgin doesn’t mean I don’t speak good English.

Na for Mama place I grow up na. Wettin you expect?

We go dey gbege the gbege na. Na my world be this oh and I go rock am well! ” Maria said and everyone laughed.

” You are such a clown!” Arnold laughed again. He was the most amused.

Maria stood staring at Arnold. She went closer and gave him a hug. Maria disengaged from him and stepped back looking into his face.

She laughed nervously and brushed a tear from her eyes. “Oh my God… I’m crying.

I said I would not cry when this time comes but I think I’ve disappointed myself.

So.. it’s goodbye from me. I’m gonna kiss everyone here.” Maria said and hugged aunt Linda.

She also hugged Gerald. She smiled at Natasha and whispered into her ear,

“Good luck…. Keep me updated.” She said and winked before stepping away and grabbing her luggage.

She looked at Gerald once more and smiled.

“Thanks so much again! I’m gonna investment in this money.. I promise. Goodbye everyone! ” Maria turned and opened the door.

Aunt Linda winked at Arnold. Arnold laughed and closed back the door making Maria spun around to look at him, wondering why he was laughing.

“Ahh… Maria… If you walk out that door… I swear I’m gonna give up and die. ” Arnold started.

” Bastard! ” Gerald said laughing.

Maria stared at him wondering what he meant. Suddenly she understood. Covering her mouth with her hands she turned away unable to believe it. “Oh my God.. this is not happening..” Maria murmured to herself.

“It’s happening,Angel. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. How can I possibly allow you walk out that door.” Arnold said and held Maria’s hands, looking deep into her eyes.

“You even made the best meal for me. You are full of life.. you’ve got no resentment over anyone… You are harmless and so fun to be with. Maria… Please stay behind and be mine. Yes Maria… Marry me. I want to continue eating your super meals… Don’t go out and give it to other men…. The thought might kill me!”

Maria’s face shook, Tears falling out. ” Oh my God…. It’s really happening!”

Natasha and Aunt Linda had began to clap as Arnold knelt down, bringing out a beautiful little box from his front pocket.

“You’ve made me feel what I never felt since my heart broke into tiny pieces.

Please Maria… Will you marry me?? ”

And the house says…..????

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