Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 10

I woke up late stretching myself. I checked the time and I was twenty minutes late for class.

“Shit!” I exclaimed, I really woke up late.
I pushed away the blanket I used to shield myself from the harsh cold and dashed into the bathroom to shower.

In a few minutes I was done, and I applied my makeup and went to my wardrobe to pick the clothes I would wear.

My favorite colour was blue and most of my dress was blue in colour.
I shifted the clothes and I stopped as a particular cloth got my attention, it was a short, red gown which was given to me on my fifteenth birthday by an unknown person.

it wasn’t my size then and I just hanged it without wearing it. It’s not a bad idea to try it out.
I picked the dress and went to my dressing room to change.

Stepping out of the room, I looked at myself through the mirror and I looked super hot, I looked exactly like a pop star.
The red, gown touched my kneel and I wore a black leggings under it, I looked exactly like Barbie in the movie pop star.

I locked my room and went down stairs.

“Aren’t you waiting for breakfast?” mum asked coming out of the kitchen.

“Wow!, you look hot” mum complemented
“Thanks mum”
“So, who are you dressed for?” she asked naughtily
“No one mum, I just decided to dress that way, why do you ask?”

“That’s because you haven’t wore that cloth for years”
“Well, I want to wear it now”
“But it’s too tight, your curves are visible”

“Am just going to wear it for today and I won’t wear it again, okay”

“Okay” she replied
“What’s that smell?” I asked perceiving a burnt smell
“Oh no, my food is burning” she said rushing to the kitchen while I rushed to the bus stop and boarded a cab to school.
The journey seemed like a long journey.

I got down at the school gate and rushed to the lecture room
The lecturer asked why I was late and told me not to come late to his class again or he would give me detention.
After the lecture, I walked up to my friends and we walked to the field

“I must really say you look extremely hot” Paul complemented

“I hope you are not getting other taught” Tonia asked Paul shoving him.

We stopped when we saw Eric and his other friend.

Leo love, Sophia called us that she was coming back home after eleven years. We were so happy and wished her safe returns from the Republic of Korea.

The next day in school she text us that she was in the school compound and heading to our class. We quickly went to the hallway where she would pass to come and meet us.

We stopped as we saw her coming towards our direction; she glowed in her white gown as she looked like the Egyptian goddess of Love….

Wow, it’s been a love time. Eleven years, four months and two days to be exact. I really missed this place.

The school now had a new look and lot of things had changed from how they were before.
I arrived from the Republic of Korea yesterday and I lodge in the nearest motel in the area. Initially wanted my visit to be a surprise but I couldn’t help myself from not telling my friends, I have really missed them especially my love Leo.

The next day I wore a white gown and head to their school to see them, I checked the time to check if I was on time because by this time they would be in the class but they won’t have any lecture.

Many would be amazed to see me especially those that knew me and my friend from our childhood.

The urber driver stopped in the school compound and I paid him.

I took my phone from my bag and text Eric that I was in the school and coming to their class.

I kept my phone in my bag after texting him as I made my way to their class but I stopped half way in the school hallway.
Max, Joe, Leo and Eric standing probably waiting for me
A smiled formed on my face and I shoke my head as my head swung around.

All eyes were on me as smiled walking magnificently towards my friends.

I stopped five feet away from them and looked at each one of them, they had changed a lot and Leo and Eric looked more handsome, am sure any girl will do anything to have them or to be in a relationship with them.

Joe walked up to me hugging me tightly as I gasped for air while student stopped and watched the re-union drama.
Max hugged me next followed by Eric.

“You look amazing, we really missed you” Eric said
“Me too” I replied
He released me and whispered
“Don’t hug him to tight or you will suffocate” he said again smiling.

I gave him a light punch and he winced in pain.

“Silly guy”
Leo didn’t move from the position he was and he kept a straight face. I gently moved towards him, counting my steps.

I smiled and hugged him but he didn’t hug me back.

Was he angry at me for leaving him for many years?

I remember he pleaded for me not to go, but I didn’t have a choice, my dad had made all preparation for me to go to Korea to continue my studies.
“Am sorry Leo, am so sorry” I said as tears ran down my eyes.

He hugged me tightly and I felt him smile.

I really missed all the time we spent together and I want us to continue.

“I really missed you Leo”
“Me too”

“I love you Leo” I confessed
“I love you more” he replied
Let’s go, he said as we walked away from the hall to his car and Eric entered the driver seat setting the car in motion, zooming out of the school.

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