Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

It was a beautiful bright morning as I opened the curtain and smelt the fresh air coming inside through the window. I was really excited that I woke up before my alarm did, because I was going to be attending the most prestigious university in the country. I was overjoyed when I saw my result, I passed my entire subject and I received a call that I was given a scholarship to further my education in the school of my dream to study my dream course

“Food and nutrition”
My parents were very happy and they prepared a small party to celebrate the good news. They were not rich but we were able to carter for ourselves.

My mum cooked food which I supplied to people who ordered it and dad worked as a laborer in a company not far from our house. I went to the bathroom to take my bath, after I applied cream on my body, spraying perfume on my cloth.

“Amy you’re running late”
“Coming mum” that’s my mum, she’s the best thing that has happened to me.

I applied my makeup and went downstairs to take my breakfast. Few minutes I was done and I boarded a bus to the school. I entered into the school compound and I was really nervous. This is my first time here; I only saw the school on TV.

I was hearing my name being called; I looked back and saw my classmate Paul, who we attended college together running towards me. He stopped by my side panting.
“Why is this pretty damsel standing like someone who’s been electrocuted?”

I let out a smile, he hadn’t change a bit, just the same old funny guy

“You haven’t changed a bit Paul”

“Well you’ve changed a lot, you look more beautiful” he said while I giggled.

“Amy, Paul” we heard our names from aback and we turned to know who called us.
What!!! Tonia, we hugged each other tightly
It’s been ages! Tonia exclaimed.

“This is cheating, am I not getting a hug too” Paul said frowning.

“Are you jealous?” Tonia asked
“You are not a girl and it’s called body trafficking if you hug an opposite sex when you ain’t married, punishable under section 419 of the criminal hugging law of accusation” I said while we continued laughing.

It was just like the old time. We had been friends right from our childhood up to this moment.
“So guys, am studying FOOD AND NUTRITION, what are you guys studying?” Tonia asked
“We are also studying the same thing”

I and Paul chorused
“Wow, then that means we are going to be in the same class” Tonia said

“Well then, let’s head to our department” Paul said while I shrugged.

We gradually walked to our department.

We got to our department and entered the class. The class was well maintained, painted with white and chairs enough for five hundred students, it was really a prestigious university.

As I was admiring the class, a voice echoed through the speaker that the minister for education was going to arrive soon to the school and we should co-operate.

Students continued talking and gisting with each other, guys were collecting girl’s bbm pin and phone number.

We got ourselves a sit at the front, just as we had settled down, we saw student shouting and heading outside the class. I looked at my friends and they gave me a “let’s go check what’s happening look.”
We went outside, and to our surprise we saw student’s looking down.

“Oh my God, they are here, the A4 are here” a girl shouted as we got to the scene

“Who are A4?” I asked no one in particular, and I got no reply.
I left my friends going down to get a glimpse on the scene. I saw four guys walking in, they must be the A4.

They were tall, handsome and wore expensive clothes; their parents must be very rich.

There was one of the guys; he had a mean look and had a pineapple hairstyle, he must be their leader; he looked rough and mean. He wore a red t-shirt and blue jeans matching the red shoes he wore.

While I was still looking I was pushed by the crowd that was running to see them and my phone fell down sliding forward.

I crawled forward towards my phone as people kicked the phone forward. I heard my friends calling my name but I didn’t bother to reply because I had to pick my phone. As I wanted to pick the phone, a leg stepped on the phone breaking the phone screen in the process, the person wore a red shoe.

I stood up picking up my phone as I stared at it. The phone was given to me by mum on the occasion of my birthday, I so muched cherished the phone and have been broken by a bastard who couldn’t watch where he/she was going.

My friends met up with me and I explained to them showing them the broken phone. I was thinking who wore a red shoe, I gasped as I remembered; it was the guy with the pineapple hair.

“Shit!!! I exclaimed
I left my friends as I chased him, pushing the crowed to get to him but the crowd was too much. My friends followed me shouting my name to stop, but i couldn’t; I had to catch that motherfucker.

I passed a shortcut to block him in the front, but I still saw the crowed blocking me.

“Who in the devils name are they?” That everyone was following them and even taking picture and videos of them.

“Are they the president sons or maybe the minister’s sons?” I asked myself
I eventually managed to get through the crowed and I held him.

“Hey, how dare you?” I asked as I held his hand, turning him to face me.

He faced me and it was the Minister of Education.

“Oh my God” I looked at his shoes and saw it was not him; the minister wore a black shoe.
I looked back and saw the motherfucker going with his friends. I gasped as the minister body guards held me pinning me to the floor.

“Oh no, no my first day at school”

“F–k, am in dip shit!!!

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