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Ever since the incident Eric has been coming to my house to apologies for his actions, he was so persistent that he bought stuffs for us when coming and mum and dad liked him. He continued pleading that I forgive him and that such won’t happen ever again, I forgave him and we became close and to be sincere with the love, kindness he has exhibited as a character I can’t hide it anymore; I THINK I LOVE <3 HIM but I still feel a thing for Leo.
Few weeks later after I came back from school dropped my bag and headed to the bathroom

I really need a shower; I have been exhausted from today lectures and practicals in school.

I stepped into the bathroom and pulled off my clothes, I lift my breast up to feel its weight and I must say am really endowed there, if you know Nicky Minaj you would know what am really talking about.

I touched my ass and felt it too before turning on the shower.
I know the guys reading this are already having a hard on anyway they are for Eric.

I off the shower and wrapped myself with my towel before stepping out of the bathroom, my phone beeped and I picked it opening the message.
We are partying tonight.
Don’t miss out girl

It will be hot.
Address: Laurels bar, Texas.
No name, maybe it’s one of my friends.

I smiled after reading the message.

Well I surely could use a party to relax my mind a bit, not bad.
Few minutes to the time I went to my wardrobe and picked short spaghetti and wore it with matching black shoes.
I checked myself in the mirror and smiled, all my curves were visible, I licked my right middle finger.

“It’s sure going to be HOT!” I said heading to the bed.

I picked up my purse and cat walked out of the room heading to the party.

But I have a bad feeling about this.

[Author Joe]
I got to the bar and people were dancing, I replied the person that sent the text I was already there and I went to the darker part to dance, I hate dancing publicly.

My phone beeped signaling a message and I opened it.
Sorry dear, I can’t make it
Something came up, am sorry.
Have fun.

What, after inviting me here now he/she can’t make it, I still didn’t know who the person is because I collected a lot of my course mate phone numbers and I didn’t store them.

Well I’ll deal with that later.
What am I going to do now?
I drank five glass of wine, the waiter kept passing in my direction among all other waiters and I kept collecting and drinking until I got tipsy.
I stood up to go home but I heard a piano playing and I turned to the direction, I saw someone who looked like Leo and I went over to check only to see Leo playing the piano.
“What are you doing here?” I asked but he didn’t reply, rather he said

“You look beautiful”
“Thank you” I smiled blushing in my tipsy state.

But wait that’s not Leo voice, I looked at him again, my vision blurry and I was seeing Leo, and I rested my head on his shoulder and slept off.
I woke up in the morning and saw myself in a room.
Who brought me home?
I looked around and saw it was not my room, I recalled the event of the night and I remembered looking at the guy once more and saw it wasn’t Leo but the drinks were having effect on me and I slept off on his shoulder, and then he brought me here.

I looked everywhere for him in the room but he wasn’t there.
I picked my purse to go home but my phone beeped, I hope it’s not that idiot that text me yesterday.

It was a notification from our university group chat in which all members were students of the school.

I opened the chat and gasped as I saw pictures of me and that guy; he touched me in my boobs and butt and pictured it.

The picture was captioned; THE A4 GIRLFRIEND F—–G HUGE DICKS.

I sighed, am in big trouble, there was no name to the poster and it was a new account.

F–k me
I had a bad feeling about this but I ignored it.

I phoned Eric and Leo and explained everything to them and they promised to find the perpetrator.

Few hours later I got a text from Eric to come over to the address he sent to me that they had caught the perpetrator.

I got there and stared at the room confused.

This is Tonia room.
I entered and saw all the A4 and Tonia sitting in the room.

So where is he/she, I looked at Tonia
Are you looking for the perpetrator with them, that’s nice of you Tonia, thank you?
Eric and Leo looked at each other and I wonder what was wrong.

“She is the one that sent you the text to go to the bar and she set up that waiter and the guy that played the piano to get you drunk and get a picture of you in bed” Eric said.

I looked at Tonia with a worried and scared look
“Tell me they are lying about it Tonia”

“No, I did it” she said
“She didn’t deny it when we asked her” said Leo standing up from the chair.

Why did you?
“You caused it Amy”
Remember when you invited me to Leo birthday party, I told you I can’t attend a big gun party but you promised to me in, I used my four months allowance to purchase a dress for the event and when I got there that day the securities didn’t let me in, I told them you invited me and they told me to call you which I did but you did not pick at first but I continued trying and it didn’t go through.
It rained that night and I was drenched by the rain, I caught a cold and I fell sick, the next day you didn’t ask why I didn’t show up rather you were narrating how you enjoyed the party.

Do you know sad I was?
You were crushing on Leo and you Knew I love Eric but you left Leo and went on with Eric, I wanted you to feel all the pain and emotional torment that I went through that why I did that and I don’t regret it.

“But Tonia when I tried asking you, you said you were fine and left, you could have asked me for an explanation not humiliate me, you don’t deserve to be my friend”
She looked at me surprised
“Goodbye Tonia, Forever” I said and left.

The next day in school Eric and Leo had already explained the matter in the chat group and people were angry at Tonia, in our nutrition lecture room Tracy and Vera brought up the matter again and the lecturer ask me to explain what happened.

I stood up and said I was at fault, I invited her for a party and didn’t make sure she was in and I didn’t care to ask what made her absent rather I was narrating how I enjoyed the event, I told everyone not to be angry at her that she acted out of anger.

I closed the case and sat down not without looking at Tonia and I could see a smile on her face.
I and the A5 went on a vacation and we had lots of fun, I left the place going to a cooler place to reflect on how I got into the school, all the fights with Eric, my crush on Leo and how we are here having fun with the ones we love.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I flinched.

“Am not a ghost but here to kidnap your heart” Eric said smiling.

“You already did” I said replicating the smile.
“You have a good heart Amy; no one would have done what you did to Tonia”

“I guess I got that from my mum and one other person”
“And who is the lucky person? he asked

We stared at each other and our face came closer with our lips coming in contact as we kissed passionately.

I withdrew and stared at him, I can’t wish for any other guys from him.

Just then we looked up to see snow falling, he pulled me closer and kissed me again.

Our lips locked once more and I swear he was a good kisser; it made me almost naked myself.
We heard a camera shutter and we looked to see who shot a photo of us.

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