Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 3

We got to the class and our economics teacher who introduced herself as Mrs. Caitlin taught us the topic Home management and how to bake cake. She gave us 1 hour to bake a cake and bring it to her, stating that all we need to bake the cake was in the economics lab.

Wow really, just falling for this school every minute.

When she was true with her lecture and giving us, the baking of cake using bananas as a class work, she left the class and I turned to my partner Tonia.

“Am going out, I’ll be back soon”
“We are supposed to be in the lab baking the cake, and where are you going to?” She asked staring at me suspiciously
“I”LL be back in few minutes, just head there, I’LL catch up with you later, okay”

“Fine” She answered
With that I went out to find that idiot called Eric, well from the story Jane told me and my friends, Leo is a charming guy and I can’t wait to see him, seems I am already falling for him.

While I was going, I saw him and his friends walking towards my direction.

Anger engulfed me like amoeba as I was getting closer to them; I hastily walked up to them and stopped right in front of him

“Hey you”
He looked around to confirm if he was the one I was talking to.
“Yeah am talking to you, you broke my phone and left without saying anything, don’t you have manner and human sympathy?”

How could you? I fired
He just smiled and leaned closer to me and that made my heart run a marathon race with the speed of light. I was a bit scared to be sincere.
“You have guts, girl” he said standing straight.

He smiled again and passed me hitting my shoulder, I got embarrassed by his action and I made an attempt to go after him, but a hand pulled me back. I looked back and it was Paul, angrily, I removed my hands from his and went to meet Tonia.

When i got to the lab and she was already done baking the cake, waiting for me outside the lab. She glared at me, I humbly apologized and we started heading to Mr. Caitlin office.

As we were going to Mrs. Caitlin office Tonia mistakenly bumped into Eric, as the cake stained his clothes and a piece landed on his nose. It was an accident, but I smiled inwardly, the cake on his nose made him look like a dummy.

Tonia brought out her handkerchief and made an attempt to clean the mess but he pushed her as she landed on the ground.

I got angry and faced him.
“Hey, that was an accident; you shouldn’t have reacted that way. She deserves an apology from you”

His friends laughed except Leo who kept a straight face. Eric made an attempt to push me but he stooped, smiled and leaned closer to me the second time, this time I was really scared.

“You have guts, girl” he said and walked out with his friends.
I helped Tonia up and dusted her clothes

“You shouldn’t have talked that way to him Amy”

“He is so full of himself and behaves like a b—h and I hate a person who behaves like a b—h”

Let’s go I said holding her as we went to the class.

Few minutes later, the bell was rung for the closing and I went to my locker packing my books in it. I left the school bidding Tonia and Paul bye as i head home.

I can’t wait to get home, but my mum is a talkative, she can talk for Europe, extending borders to Asia. Sometimes I wonder how my dad managed to live with her for years.

I got home and sighed “Finally am home”. I pulled off my shoes and dropped my bag as I scanned around for any sign of my mum but she wasn’t there. I went to the kitchen and saw her packaging food that I would supply, but today’s supply was much.

“Hi mum”
“Hi dear, how are you and school today”

I sighed
“Don’t tell me you got yourself into trouble on your first day in that school”
“Mum you are packaging a lot” I said changing the topic

“Yes dear, the other today is much, someone ordered the whole food” she said
“Whoa! That’s a lot”

“Go and change so you can deliver this food, I’ll prepare yours” she said signaling me to go.

I went to my room and pulled off my clothes as I stepped in the bath tub, feeling the cold water run down from my head to my legs. That’s what I need right now. I stepped out of the bath tub still naked, draining my body with my towel.

I then put on a t-shirt and a short skirt, checked myself in the mirror and smiled heading out.

“How do I look mum?”
“You look casual, you have a minute or you will deliver this food late” she said packaging the remaining food in the bag.
“Did the mechanic repair my bicycle” I asked heading towards my bicycle

“No, your dad repaired it before he left for work”
“Awn, that’s nice, I’ll prepare his best food for him as an appreciation”
“He’ll love that, now hurry up” she said signaling me to go.
I mounted on my bicycle and cycled to the address given to me. It was an abandoned, uncompleted building.
Who orders food in such a place?

I checked to see if the address was correct and it was. I packed my bicycle and went into the building, when I got in, I saw a guy sitting down backing me.

As if he heard my footstep, he stood up and turned, facing me.

I was shocked and stood still, looking at the person before me. It was Eric.

“Are you delivering the food to the doorstep or to me?” he asked

I just couldn’t move my f—–g legs. I slowly walked up and dropped the food on the table next to him.

As I was about leaving, he sat down and looked at me.

“I thought you were a rich kid, the way you talked and acted, I thought you would be from a very rich family. I didn’t know you were from a retrenched family” he said which got me angry. How could he say that, I know am from a poor family and I blame God for not putting me in a rich family but he didn’t have to tell me that to my face. I have to give him a piece of my mind?

I then turned to him angrily.
“I know am poor but I don’t behave as a b—h like you do a—–e”

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