Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

I picked my bag and made my way out of the library rushing out of the building and out of the school stopping the cab that was coming my way.

“Good day miss, where are you heading to?” he asked wining down the car window.

“St. John Avenue” I answered opening the door and sitting down the car.

“That will be 20 bucks miss” he said

“Just go I’ll pay” I replied raising my voice a bit.

He ignited the car setting it in motion and zoomed off.

Few minutes we arrived at St. John Avenue and he stepped on the brakes, stopping the car near the signboard in which the name of the street was boldly in scripted on it.

I brought out 50 bucks and paid him opening the car door to alight from the car. He opened the driver’s door calling me.

“Miss your change” he said stretching his hand to give me my 30 bucks change.

“You can keep the change” I replied running to my house.
“Thanks miss” he shouted
Geez, I have other things to worry about than a change of 30 bucks. I increased my speed stopping in front of our house panting like someone that just had a marathon sex.

The door was locked and I went to the shop and stood t the door. I saw my mum cooking food to deliver to people and checking the time also.

“What’s wrong with this girl? She hasn’t still come home, ouch my food” mum said and exclaimed removing the food which was almost burnt when she was thinking. She is such a caring mum, I wanted to hug her but I stopped to listen a bit to what she as saying.

“My food almost got burnt because of that girl, or maybe she is flexing with that young handsome guy that brought her home the other day” she said giggling.

My mood changed after she said that sentence, as I remembered clearly that event. He hugged her, not like friends but passionately always thought I could have a place to stay in his heart though I know he loves someone else but still I really felt bad and that he cheated on me.

Tears trickled down my eyes and I cleaned them.

“Come on mum I can’t possibly be flexing with someone I don’t know” I said and she turned to me with a smile on her face as she came and hugged me.
“Silly girl you got me worried, how could you still be out by this time, you ought to have been home since to help me deliver these food to our customers.

“Sorry mum, I fell asleep”
She looked at me with widened eyes scanning me
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah mum, just a little headache”
“Are you sure?”

“Yeah mum”
“Or are you pregnant?”
“Mum, you are unbelievable, how can you think such about me, geez”

“I was only curious”
“Curious my foot mum, that’s unbelievable of you”
“Sorry dear” she said rubbing my back

“Have you forgive me” she asked

“Yes mum, if I don’t, who will?”
“Like seriously mum”
“Go drop your bag and come help me out”
“Okay, I’ll be back in a bit” I said rushing upstairs to my room to change.

Soon I was done and I went down packing the food to go and deliver.

“Won’t you eat before you go” my mum asked stretching her head out of the kitchen door
“I can’t starve others because I want to eat, I’II eat when I get back, am late” I said heading to my bicycle

“Okay stay safe”

“Bye mum” I waved mounting on my bicycle and cycling to the address given to me to deliver their food.

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