Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 15

Amy Pov
Days turned to weeks and School continued, I gave Eric a little space but i kept going to see Leo on the roof top.

This day i went to meet Leo on the roof top when i heard he had come back.

Oh! you don’t know what happened, i’ll tell you.

A week ago after the re-union of Sophia and the A4, Eric tormented me, He would smirk at me whenever i was looking at Eric.

on a Tuesday afternoon i was hungry and i headed to the cafeteria with Paul, grabbed peanut and yoghurt for I and Paul and went for an empty seat, unfortunately there was none, the only one available was diagonal to that which the A5, that’s including Sophia were seated on, so i had no choice than to seat there.

There were talking and laughing happily and i was jealous, stealing glances on leo.
Eric would look at me and i would glance at another thing but i knew he caught me.
When i couldn’t take it anymore, i wanted to stand up but Eric stood up first.

I stood up abruptly and i hit his shoe falling flat on the tiled floor, he bent down and smirked.

To my suprise Leo came and bent down, He brought out a handkerchied and cleaned the piece of ice cream on my nose.
he then stretched his hand and i held his to stand up, we made to go out but Eric drew my other hand.

What Is Wrong With Him
“let go Of Her Hand Leo, what are you doing?” Eric asked staring at Leo confusingly.
“i can’t and am doing what you couldn’t do” he answered
“if you leave here with her, dont come back to me nor the A4” Eric fired angrily.

“i was never an A4 ” Leo replied drawing me away frow Eric and i entered in his embrace hugging him.

He stared at Eric and i could see anger in his eyes, he would practical kill Leo if he had his way.

tension was rising in the cafeteria, Sophia didn’t do anything, She just nodded at me and i touched leo, He looked at me and then back at eric before drawing me out of the cafeteria.

All effort to settle the case was futile, they were both strong headed and didn’t want to settle the quarrel so leo travelled out for some days.
Now he was back and has been avoiding me for some time now so i decided to go check on him on the roof top.

On getting there he was standing enjoying the view of the city. i also enjoyed the view of the city from here.

“how are you?” He asked and i stoped on my track, Geez this guy is something else, I don’t think he is from this world.
“who are you?” I asked and he smiled.

“i am Leo” He answered.
He smiled coming close to me.
“how about you be my girlfriend and we elope together” he said and my eyes widened invoultary.
[ Author Joe ]
Did he just say i could be his girlfriend and elope with him, wow!.

i wanted to say yes but he smiled.

“don’t tell me you fell for that joke” He said looking intensly at me.

what, that hurt me, how could he play with such word.
“Or we could be lovers” he said again.

I can’t express my feelings right now, I feel on top of the world. Me and Leo, lovers. I can’t wish for anything less.

“don’t tell me you also fell for that Amy”

Now i was really annoyed, why is he playing with my heart.
He left me and headed to {God Know}.
After standing for some minutes i went to the wall he drew Sophia and touched it.
“why Leo” I asked no one in particular.

I turned to see who shouted my name, behold it was Eric, for the first time in my life i was scared to my bone, he was really angry and looked like the devil himself.

He rushed towards me and blow the wall, the impact and the dent the blow left was massive, he was bleeding and breathing like a roaring Lion who is about to devour his prey.

To be sincere i pee a little in my pants.

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