My Landlady, Her Daughter And A Tenant

Episode 20

it was my friend Segun, i had to check very well to see who it was, I called out his name if everything was okay.. he confirmed he was alryt. i opened the door. Segun why you bang my door like that na, wetin happen?
Segun: Guy shut up your mouth and tell me exactly what happened, your landlady tata for your J0yst!ck?

i downloaded everything to Segun and as we were both laughing at the story, i heard my name, it was Clara.

Yes, the door is open. she hesitated but she finally opened the door. sat down and was quiet. i noticed she needed privacy, so i signalled Segun to take his leave. He begged to leave and o just saw him off to the door, he just kept shaking his head, as i was about to close the door, he whispered ” Guy you are finished”.

Babe, is everything okay?

Clara: started explaining her trials since morning, how her mum and sister had bin asking her questions and accusing her of having affair with me secretly.

she soon burst into tears.. i sat down and watch her finish her acting. then u ask her what i can do for her. she just kept quiet, turned her back on me and rested her head on the 3 sitter hand. i stood up and went into my room. she was there for about 30 minutes. i mixed flakes and ate. off to bed.

Clara had slept off, i thought of waking her up to leave but i prefer to respect her. i slept off my dear. a sound sleep.

Clara brought me back to reality with a gentle touch. she knelt down and started apologizing. i knew that’s her aim.. she embarrassed me. after few minutes. u agreed to let her sleep. but continued teasing me trying to make me smile. she failed.. i was trying to sleep and she would not let me.

i was getting angry, so i asked her what she wanted. she just will not stop. i begged her to stop pushing my head, tapping my chest and pulling my ears, all sorts of stuffs just to get attention. i got the answer when she started rubbing my hands

Clara still wants to f*(k me after what happened today.

No way!!! No way!!!!! i am not falling for this.
I tried to stop her from making any moves but she continued touching sensitive places. what can i do? i just looked at the ceiling confused. she held my lips very tight, i could not breath freely. wen she left my lips, i felt pain, i tried to check if she had pilled it, she laughed and kissed me.. she said its still okay. she kissed me again.. i tried not to respond.. she continued until i could not take it. i kissed her back and it was like my body had been waiting for her, i kissed her with so much passion.. i could not control myself, as i tried. she felt my d1ck from within. it was already standing tall. she stroke it and it was getting bigger and thicker. my brain about to explode, she went down on me and placed her mouth on my d1ck.

i made a loud noise. it was a strange vibe that went through my spine. she would spit on it, stroke it and sU-Ck it. she continued stroking and sU-Cking. she would look up at my face and smile. i was seeing my grandfather and grandmother. i was out of the planet. she turn her back and i closed my eyes deep, Clara was about to break my d1ck with sU-Cking.. my legs faded out, the only thing breathing in my was my d1ck. she sU-Cked me really fast. oh my oh my, Clara knew how to sU-Ck like she had PhD in sU-Ckilonogy. i could not believe it when i creamed her mouth with my Pour. she spit it back on my d1ck and rub it hard.
she stood up and la!d on the bed. i drew her closer and she said ,No leave me alone, go and meet your wife.

i didnt even listen to her, i removed her pant as she struggle with me. we were both unclad, but she still insist she wont allow me. i kissed her and she responded but with her hands on her pusshy. i tried to remove her hands but she refused. we kissed for few minutes, i sU-Cked at her lips, kissed her neck, moved to her b0s0m, sU-Cked at them and tickle them. i decided to make her surrender by sU-Cking her b0s0m till it burst. i sU-Cked and licked every part of her b0s0m. she was making a slight sound , un un hmm un hmm and i could feel she is getting there. suddenly she pushed me away and turned her back and said. you have tried but am serious and i to sleep. i was furious and i decided to let her be and i turned and slept off, but i didnt sleep as it was not easy. i later slept off, not before checking her, she had slept for real. she came to punish me I said to myself.

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