My Landlady, Her Daughter And A Tenant

Episode 5

I was a bit surprised at her boldness but I didn’t
make any move to stop her. That was a sign that i was glad she did.

She stroked it and then knelt and freed it from my
boxer’s entrapment (still in shock). She made an “oh!” and i guessed she must be satisfied with what she saw. She put my d1ck in her mouth and rolled her tongue over the tip. Mehn…..she’s got the digs. With that first impressive touch, i started wondering
if her husband is crazy. She kissed it and started
sU-Cking it. I reached a hand down and fondled her breasts. She was so good at it that she almost made me come and I’ve never come before while being sU-Cked. I stood her and took off her wrapper, her b0obs were nice but not as nice asher hips.

I turned her around and stepped back a bit, staring
at the most beautiful Unclad round butt0ckz my eyes had ever seen.

She smiled and put her hands akimbo and shook her

She must have seen the hunger in my eyes cos she
asked “you like am abi?”. I didn’t need to reply her cos i rushed over, bent her over and gently slid in my d1ck. It was tighter than i had expected from a mother of two. As the cap of my d1ck slid inside her Well, she gasped in pleasure and gently moved her butt0ckz back to swallow me whole (Just by writing this story makes me want to f*ck her again). She was wet but not too wet. Just wet in the right way to enable my d1ck slide in well enough to also feel her vaginal walls
massage it all the way.

She made my landlady and her daughter seem like amateurs. She started grinding her asss against my waist slowly, then moved it up and down in the same
slow movement. As i stared at her buttock’s movement, the only thing that came to my mind was t-pain’s voice singing “up, and down, up, and down,” from the chorus of “all i do is win’. She would make the sound “shhhhhh……aaaarrrgh….hmmm”
very softly that they were barely audible and lick her lips a few times. I moved my waist and
began thrusting slowly. She made the slow pace
seem like the best pace for f*cking in doggy style.

I moved her closer to the wall and made her stand up, she bent a little to give me good access from behind. With her butt0ckz out, i held it up and apart, then i let my d1ck slide in full and completely out.

Then in and out it went a couple of times before i left it inside her pusshy and fcked her. She stood on her toes to enable her bounce and meet my thrusts. I seem to be hitting her spot real good. The kitchen wall seemed to be helping me out with her breasts as she rubbed them against it. I pulled her away from the wall, held the two cute breasts in both hands and sq££zed them as i fcked her. Her body was soft, and the way her butt0ckz lapped against my groin was threatening a quick Pour.

I stopped thrusting and rotated my hips, she loved it and encouraged me with a smile. I was making single deep thrusts when suddenly……….a thick voice called out her name.

What the f*ck? It was her husband.

i said to myself “you don die today”.

Dedicated to Barcelona Fans.

The way i disengaged and dived into my sitting room seemed like i was auditioning in a police training exercise or battle with boko haram.

She answered him and quickly tied her wrapper, opened the kitchen exit door and went out to meet him. I pulled up my boxer and was waiting to hear any sign or noise that might indicate her husband knew what was going on when she re-entered. Luckily, he had
come back to retrieve something he had forgotten and was in a haste to go and pick up a client. She smiled and slowly walked back to me , like Eve did to Adam
took off her wrapper and bent her butt0ckz, twerking.

Her bold move must have impressed my d1ck more than it did me cos the banana got so hard that i wondered if it’s still a part of my body.

I took her to the sitting room, sat her on a
single couch, made her lie back a little, held her legs up high and was rubbing my d1ck on her cl!t when she started saying “bros your prick big. Kai! fck me weeeeeellll. No go dey fck madam and Joy again. I go dey fck you well brooooos. I like you. I like the way you dey fck me. I like your big prick……be like say i don dey love you oohhh”.

She was still mumbling her negotiations when i slid in my d1ck into her already wet Well. My J0yst!ck must have
adventured deeper and faster cos she exclaimed in a low whisper “brooooosssss….. hmmmn…arghhhh.. brooosss”. And i fcked her. Pounded her pusshy so hard until her whitish fluids covered my d1ck but yet she was not satisfied. I scooped her up, turned over and made to sit with her on top when she started pulling me down to the floor with her weight while fcking me. I lay on the floor and she got wild. She started moving her waist violently in any
direction we are and i fcked her as well. Fcking with such energy and being f*cked back with such enthusiasm is;mind- blowing.

Then, it suddenly occurred to me that her
husband was definitely crazy to be ignoring/neglecting what i’m getting. We were lying and f*cking side by side facing each other when suddenly she held me tight and started singing
her sweet Pour chorus “mmmmmmhhhhhhh…….eeeeeeyyyyyy…..aaaaaaiiiisssssshhhh”.

She held me tight and started moving her waist tightly against mine, her movements made me want to come so i lay on top of her and slammed away. She spread her legs to the full length and brought her head up a bit while m0an!ng “aayi…ayi…ayi”. As my Pour juice was ready to spill, feeling the s£nsat!on, pulled
out and as i was coming all over her pushsy and laps, she jerked her waist and squirted all over me. What the…? The timing was perfect and outstanding. That was my first squirter.
and i loved it.

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