My Landlady, Her Daughter And A Tenant

Episode 15

she kept disturbing me with her hands and leg, saying wicked boy, naughty boy,…. i couldnt sleep. so i draw her closer and her b0s0m was pressing on me, she was just restless, soon she kicked me hard and she said sorry.. but u are still wicked… looked at her, she was innocent… a good girl look on her face.. my heart skipped faster. i kissed her head and she responded on my chest, i kissed her nose and she hit me on my back…. she said dont do that again.. i kissed her lips and she didnt respond, then she told me i will try ooo, that there is nothing i can do, she wont respond.

i kissed her from her head slowly down to her ears, down to her neck, back to her lips, to her chest down to her belle, when i got to her belle button she jumped up, i did it again she… dont do dat na… i reached for her pant and rub it feeling her pusshy, she shifted abit. i went back to her lips and kissed continuously, she responded and removes her pant with my left hand as we kissed, it was like real lovers. i dip one finger into her pusshy and she shaked, we were kissing and i was finger f*cking her. she was enjoying it. i tried to remove her bra with my right and she did it herself.

soon i removed my boxers and she opened her mouth in surprise, i rubbed my d1ck with my hand and placrd it the entrance of her pusshy, she lay there with her eyes closed as i knelt between her legs ready to fck her brains out. then she said please gently… am not good at it. i said ok baby. i put the cap of my d1ck in and removed it. she jerked up. so i positioned for the missionary style. i put my d1ck inside slowly… demn Clara was as tight as a virgin. i knew she was not a virgin but she was very very tight.. i could feel every spot in her V, she was slowly rising to me my d1ck as i move in her. she closed her eyes and bite on side of her lips and was like… uupppsss puurrff, do u know dat sound we make wen we just finish a pack of indomine garnished with 100 pepper. yes… i was making love to clara not just fcking her. she was enjoying my d1ck inside of her… i was pressing deep into her and everytime i go deep she opens her eyes and squeez my shoulder, she will close her eyes again. soon i turned her back up, doggy style, i placed the pillow under her as she rested her head down. i dip my d1ck inside and she brought her hand back like she was going to say stop. i ride her on, soon i was going faster… oohh oohh oohb hhmmm oh my god oh my god oohhoo hmmm oh my god oh my god…. soon she was breathing like was going to have a baby. ooouuuhhhhhh….iiiiaaaahhhh… hmmmmm… aaaasssshhhh.. i was pounding her really hard.. she was feeling it deep down.. i will stop and whine my d1ck inside her pusshy and she will catch her breath.. arrhh arhhh arrhh.. then i go again… faster faster faster… i held her b0s0m from behind and fck clara like a slave. she was going to come, soon i started hearing yes yes ooh yes yes…baby Bleep me yes… Bleep baby hmmmm…. yes…unnnnhh.. yes…baby..ooh yes yes…baby Bleep me yes… fuuuuuck meeeee baby ooohhhhh, she came. she went down on her belle resting on the bed and i fcked her on … soon i came inside of her and i removed my d1ck and rested my head on her back and my body on the bed.
that was good love making….

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