My Landlady, Her Daughter And A Tenant

Episode 4

This went on for weeks. I now intentionally tried to avoid her mum but on a few occasions when i didn’t go to work, she would ambush me and i would f*ck her. Her daughter knew her mum
was a bit promiscuous but she didn’t know what
was actually going on between us so she kept bleeping me as well. I was having the best time of my life. None of my side chicks visited me again cos i was having frequent S£x whenever i needed it….infact, the S£x seemed to need me cos i’m more often the
one who gets invited. And so it went on and on.
I had a co- tenant who’s married and has two kids, drives a cab and claims also that he’s a pastor. His wife on the other hand is pretty……. aaaaaaaannnnd bootylicious.

We (i mean fellow guys and men in the compound) always find ourselves staring at her backside in the morning when she’s wearing only a
wrapper and getting her kids ready for school. You
need to see how her butt0ckz bounces when she walks. She sells food, you know the mobile restaurant kinda stuff. It happened that their refrigerator got spoilt and she started using mine
to preserve her fish/meat which she’ll use to cook
the next day. After her husband and kids have left, she would come to retrieve it and start her cooking.

Since my job doesn’t require early departure, i’m always at home when she comes for
the fish. Then i noticed that the way she chats with
me started changing in a pleasant way.
She wouldalways smile and dim her eyes, often times she would laugh and put her hands on my hand
or chest. I intentionally ignored the thoughts going
on in my head…..not another married woman living in my compound.

One morning, she knocked and greeted me “good
morning big bros”. I replied and went to get her fish, she went with me to the kitchen (which is normal). I retrieved it, gave it to her and was chatting with her when she started her ordeal again.

I was instantly aroused and i turned around so she
wouldn’t see the growing bulge in my groin since i was only putting on a boxer short. She didn’t seem to want to leave and i didn’t seem to have the will to end the conversation. It suddenly occurred to me that i might be the only man in the compound
(other than her husband) who’ll get to Bleep her if i
should. The thought of beating other guys to it made me smile satisfactorily. I didn’t know that while engrossed in my thoughts, i had turned to face her with the smile on my face. I suddenly realised that she’s no longer talking and was
looking into my eyes with a smile on her face. She must have seen my arousal or maybe not. As i kept smiling, i headed for the door and she spoke, freezing my steps. I turned and stared at her while the words “you think say i no know say you dey f*uk madam and Joy” rang in my head over and over again. I didn’t know what to say so i stood there, wondering what to say or do.

Then she told me not to fear because nothing
dey happen. She went on and told me how she
was at home and overheard our noises (S£x), and how she envies them cos she knows that they must be getting it good. And how her husband neglects her after bleeping those ashawo outside before he gets home. From her facial expression, she seemed hurt talking about it and i was touched when i saw that.

I felt sorry for her and went closer to cheer her up.

She brought her face down, i put a hand on her shoulder and was consoling her when she just grabbed my d1ck which has been erect all this while (obviously it disagree to feel sorry for her).

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