My Landlady, Her Daughter And A Tenant

Episode 18

so ignored the process and removed my boxers, she just keep stroking the d1ck as i climb back to the bed… i was about slotting it when said wait… where is your CD? oooppss. i dont have any at home.. the last time i used was….. i cant remember, she said no S£x without Condom. this girl don spoil show.

i stood up and check all the drawers, my wallets…nothing. i told her to sleep, i slept beside her but could not close my eyes. all of a sudden i remembered the day i went to a party with Clara, Wale gave me a CD to use for a girl he dashed me, i didn’t even get to know her name. i hurried to my basket to check, the CD was still my pocket, with few change (300 ). i put the money on the table, checked the time it was almost 2am. i head back to the room. Debby was fast asleep.

i dropped the CD by the bed and kissed her lips, i kissed her nose and as i was about kissing her lips again, she said please let me sleep. i just kissed her and she responded, i climbed her and we got abit rough, she said you know you cant do it without protection, i just flashed her my particular and she smiled.
i helped myself put it on… as i was almost finishing, she said it has turn…. huh? again… i just hissed and fell back to the bed. she moved over me and sat on my stomach. i said to myself, all this and i wont taste it. she was tickling me but i didn’t move one bit.

she held my d1ck and i felt a warm sÂŁnsat!on within me, she was sitting, backing my face, still on my stomach and sU-Cking my d1ck.
damn it felt so good. she is not sU-Cking it like Sisi but she is not an amateur. after giving me one hell of a sU-Ck. all the blood in my system rushed towards my d1ck. it was about to explode. she turned to face me and sat on my d1ck….. it was warm and cold, she was over wet. she started riding my J0yst!ck, Debby is not a good fcker. i was not getting the rhythm, all she wanted was to be in charge as she satisfy herself. she was fcking me and i was not getting the fun like Sisi or Joy.

i tried to stand up and she stopped me. after a while she stood up and i turned her back to the bed, she held on to my neck, i raised her right leg on my shoulder, i put my d1ck inside her pusshy and she welcomed it with a smile on her face. i fcked her very fast, i wanted to hear her scream but she just kept her low tune… she just kept her mouth open and was looking at my face as i b@nged her pusshy. soon raised the second leg high above my shoulder, making her pusshy fully insight. i fcked her with pace… soon i was hearing her say …. uunn uun uun, it was rhyming with every thrust i was making. unn unn unn…. she make a sound like a soprano musician on a high note. ouhhhhrggg, she did it again unn unn unn… oh my oh my my… yeeh oh ah .. she told me in yoruba …. ha die die .. haaa die die (small small). i took on to my fast mode.
haaaa haaa o’ndun mi (its paining me).i turned her up for doggy style… then she told me again, small small… i put it inside… soon she was saying…yes that is it, oh yes that place… yes yes…. yes that is it, oh yes that place… yes yes… she came and stopped moving. i continued, until i came.

she went to take her bath, came back and kissed me and said goodnight and slept off.
was it that Debby is not sweet or the SÂŁx was just bad.

i didn’t enjoy it… i said it to myself.. Sisi would have done a better job. i could hardly get enough sleep before she wake me u0p again… its time to go, i look up my clock. its past 5am.

i pleaded with her to wait till 6am, i even lied that the gate is opened 6am… she insisted she wants to leave. i said okay… she went into the bathroom, i tried to sleep. she woke me up again, i was very tired. its few minutes before 6am. i stood up. i was brushing my teeth when i heard Clara voice called out my name. i asked Debby to open the door. Clara walked into the bathroom and she asked me

Clara: Who is she

Me: Good morning

Clara: i said who is she

Me: At least answer me first. am greeting you

Clara: why cant you answer me too. who is that girl.

Me: ok.. she is from around and she is my friend.

(her voice went louder)

Clara: She has been around since yesterday, i saw her when i came to check you.

Me: Clara what is the meaning of all this.

i pushed her away and went into the room, to dress up. Debby was quietly sitting on the bed. listening to our conversation. Clara continued her ranting, she said.

Clara: So just a friend came to your house to sleep overnight. you cant talk shey… see condom on the floor and you said she is your friend.

i turned back to see what she was saying, Debby clapped her hands three times and hissed. and said.

Debby: sweetheart hurry up and lets go. i dont want to be late.
(both on high notes)

Clara: what is your problem b*tch, do you have anything to say. silly ashewo.

Debby: excuse me. dont insult me.

Clara: and what will you do if i do.

Debby stood up, dropped her bag. and said… you just try me.

this girls want to create a crazy scene.. not in my house.

i jumped in between them and i held Clara firm, Clara why are you doing all this, its too early for all this.

Clara: But its not too early to bring a LovePeddler to your house.

Debby gave Clara a dirty slap, so hot that i felt the heat. i turned to stop Debby and Clara pushed me away both started fighting.. i tried to stop them but i couldn’t. My neighbor and his wife selling fish rushed in and we were able to separate them.

Clara was still trying to give Debby a punch as it landed on my neighbor, the fish seller took Debby to the sitting and i was begging Clara, when My landlady and Sisi walked in… before anyone could say anything. Sisi jumped on Debby and we all rushed towards them, she held on to Debby cloth until it was turned out, we all could see her bra.

My landlady was shouting as she held Clara and took her out, handed her to her brother waiting outside. she pulled Sisi out also.. , after few minutes. i regained my senses, I thanked my neighbor and his wife, she gave me a wicked look that says (go to hell).

they left pleading with Debby to take it easy. i went down to the floor, prostrated and was begging Debby. She didn’t answer at first until i held her leg. she asked me stand up after about 15 minutes. she requested for my shirt. we talked for about 10 minutes as i explained who Clara is.. my landlady daughter that wants to f*ck me really bad, she has a crush on me, but i told her we can only be friends.

She didn’t believe me, she asked to leave, i went in to bring her bag. gave her 5,000 naira. and told her we are going out next week. she smiled and said
don’t worry. so that your crazy girlfriends can beat me again. i kissed her and apologised again.

we left as i drove out, went to drop her off, and as i turned to go home. my phone rang and it was Joy calling me.

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