Episode 5


“That reminds me mother, something happened yesterday”

I said as I remembered the handsome young man.

I was cleaning mother’s nails with nail removal outside the house.

“What happen?

She asked being so interested to know.

“Mother did you know that Joyce has started chasing Boys around”

I said waiting for her reaction.

“You said what?

She shouted.

“Mother yesterday she invited her boyfriend to the house”

I said.

“Mother sister is lying that man is not sister’s boyfriend”

Rita shouted as she over heard us and came outside.

“C’mon shut up! What did you know”

I shouted at her.

“So Joyce has no fear again, she sallowed liver and invited her stupid boyfriend to my house”

Mother shouted.

“Mother if you see the way they were gisting and laughing to each other you will know that they are in love”

I said.

“Haba sister! Why are you lying? Mother don’t believe sister, she is making up the story, the person that came is sister’s customer that was passing by and decided to branch”

That stupid sister of mine said.

“Mother don’t believe this girl, you know she and Joyce walks hand in hand so she will surly cover her up, mother if you see how those two were laughing here you will understand that there’s something going on between them”

I said.

“So Joyce has grown wings nah that she will now bring her boyfriend in my house, go and call me that foolish girl”

Mother shouted and I went out to call her.

“Busy body! All you want is for mother to be angry with Sister but it will not work for you this time”

I over heard Rita.

“Yes mother, you called me”

She said as I called her.

“Oh yes! I called you so you have grown wings and don’t have fear anymore, you now turned my house into a hotel where you will invite your stupid boyfriend over”

Mother shouted.

“Boyfriend! No mother I did not invite anybody”

She said starring at me.

“So am now lying abi?

I shouted at her.

“Who is that person that came here yesterday?

Mother shouted.

“Mother he Is my customer at the shopand he came on his own, Rita can bear me witness I did not invite him”

I said.

“As I was telling you mother she did not invite him, the man came on his own”

Rita defended her.

“As you said you are not the one that invited him over then are you not the one that gave him the address so that he will come and see you”

I shouted.

“I did not give him any home address beside why should I tell him where am living? He is just my customer and nothing more”

She said.

“So mother you have heard what sister said and you have to believe her this time”

Rita said.

“Let today be the last day you will invite anybody to my house because the next time you will do such thing I will kill you and both your stupid boyfriend”

Mother shouted.

Warning isnot what I expect mother to do, I expected her to beat her, pound her like pounded yam, it makes me happy when mother dose that but she just fall my hand.

“Okay mother, it will not happen again”

She said and went out.

“Your plan didn’t work, I know you want mother to beat sister but your plan fail”

Rita laughed out and said as soon as mother left our sight.

“Will you shut up that your sinking smelling mouth!

I shouted as I gave her a knock on the head.

“Sister leave me oooo! I don’t know why you hate sister too much”

She shouted and went inside.

“Stupid girl!

I shouted angrily and went inside.


“Sister good afternoon!

Rita greeted.

“Afternoon Rita! This one you came to see me at the shop I hope there’s no problem?

I asked her.

“Problem ke! There’s no problem, can’t I come and visit my sister at the shop?

She sounded.

I laughed out, “So how was school today?

“School was fine today, sister I have a good news for you that’s why am here”

She said with smiles.

” I thought as much, there must be something so tell me what’s the good news”

I said with smiles.

“Sister,my friend’s sister said I should tell you that there’s a man that came back recently looking for a maid that will be cooking and tidying up the house for him, she said I should ask you if you will be interested”

She said rejoicing.

“You know am working and I can’t quit this job”

I said.

“Sister you have to quit this job oooo because she told me that the salary is awesome, it times three double from what your Oga pay you a month”

She said with smiles.

“Are you serious!

/> I asked surprisedly.

“Yes sister, the man is a rich man oooo!

She said.

“How did you know he is rich, have you seen him before?

I asked.

“I have not seen him but if you see his house you will know that he is a rich man”

She said with smiles.

“Since you said, he came recently how did your friend’s sister met him?

I asked curiously.

“Sister she has not seen before but her uncle used to work there as a gateman so it was through his uncle that she find out so sister are you interested?

She asked.

“I guess I have to think about it”

I said.

“Sister this is not a matter of thinking you have to accept this job that pays very well”

She said so convinces.

“Okay but I have to inform my Oga that I have gotten a suitable job, I will no longer be working here”

I said.

“Now you are talking sister, tomorrow after school we will go and see the man”

I said with so much joy.

“No problem, I hope he will accept me”

I said.

“Why won’t he? When you are very hardworking in house chores and also very good in cooking so what other things

Is he looking for?

She sounded very assure.

“Okay ooo!

“I will start going now I have a lot of school activities to do”

She stood up.

“Okay my darling sis”

I said as I hugged her.

“See you at home! Bye”

She waved and went out.

I will be working in a place I will be earning double amount of what I get from here, am so happy that at least mother will stop complaining about the little amount of money I used to bring home.


I can’t get that young man out of my head, his so cute that his handsome face keeps reflecting.

Where will I see him? I did not even know if he is from this village.

Am dying to see him again.

“Oh yes! That reminds me, he is Joyce’s customer, let me hurry up and see if I can see him along that shop”

I shouted with so much joy.

I changed my cloth into something s£xy and attractive, I do my makeup and hurry up immediately.

I got to the road to the shop standing a little bit far from the shop where I can be able to see people that will going and coming out from the shop.

“Why is he not coming? This is almost thirty minutes I have been standing here, could it be he has come and go or is he not coming today?

I thought being so fade up.

I went to a place they sell recharge cards, sat down and still looking at the shop.

Fifteen minutes later, he came with a car.

“I said it, he is d–n rich, look at his car”

I shouted with so much joy.

“What did you said?

The seller asked me.

“No is not you”

I replied to him with smiles.

Just about to walk to him, that foolish idiot came and I felt like to go there and chase her out but I can’t because I don’t act foolish in front of him.


I have been at home alone since morning nothing to keep myself company so I decided to come see her by the time she will be going since she is the one I know in this village.

I hid somewhere waiting for her to close the door.


I came out and shouted with laugh.

“Jesus! You! You secard me!

She shouted with so much secard breathing heavily.

“Am sorry I did not mean to secard you”

I apologized with smiles.

“I have close shop”

She said in a hurry.

“Am not here to buy something, I came to see you”

I said.

“To see me! What for?

She asked.

“Nothing much, I was feeling lonely at home so I decided to come and see you since you are the only friend I have in this village”

I said.

“Okay so now you have seen me how may I help you?

She asked.

“Can you just calm down, you are always in hurry”

I said.

“Yes am always in a hurry because I have things to do,may I know the reason why you came to see me”

She said.

“I just need someone to hang out with to show me around the age-wife/”>village but it seem you are in a hurry”

I sounded.

“You met the wrong person because am not the type that like to hang out am always busy”

She said.

“Always busy that you don’t have time for yourself?

I asked.

“Yes, always busy each seconds, mintues and hours and right now you are wasting my time if you don’t mind I will like to take my live”

She said.

“This is strange”

I said aside.

“Please wait, one more thing, am looking for a maid I don’t know if you have someone you can recommend for me”

I said.

“Sorry I don’t have anyone in mind for now so can I go?

She said.

“Won’t you tell me your name this time?

I asked.

“My name is Joyce”

She said and walked out.

“Thanks! Joyce! What a nice name”

I smiled.


Finally she has left, what an earth are they even talking that almost took one hour.

I sighed and walked to him after packaging myself well.

“Good evening dear!

I greeted with smiles as he was about to entre his car.


He responded starring at me.

“It seem you are new in this village?

I asked with smiles.

“Yes, have we met before?

He asked still starring at me somehow.

“Oh yes! I guess we meant have met in the dream”

I said with smiles.


He sounded.

“No dear, I was just kidding, by the way am Lucy by name I have been seeing you coming often in this shop so I decided to meet you in person”

I said still smiling.

“Okay, I see”

He said acting like a gentlemen he is.

“Am Lucy by name in case you need someone that will show you around the age-wife/”>Village am available”

I said smiling.

“Okay no problem”

He said.

“So we are now friends right”

I asked as he nodded his head.

“So can I know my friend’s name”

I asked.

“Am James”

He answered.

“What are nice name that fitted a cute guy like you”

I said.

“Thanks, I need to start going, I hope you won’t mind?

He said.

“No problem, don’t forget in case you need someone to show don’t forget that am here”

I said.

“I will not”

He said and went inside the car.

I waved at him as he drove off.

The way he smiles look so amazing, I love his smiles.

The happiness am feeling inside of me is too much in fact happiness is understatement, I will sleep like a baby today dreaming of me and him on the same bed playing romantically.

I was just smiling and smiling until I got home.


“Rita are you sure that he will employ me?

I asked as we were going to the man’s house.

“Sister why are you asking, don’t you know yourself again? I know very well he will employ you so stop be secard”

She said with so much assurance.

We got to the house, the house looks so big and so beautiful.

We knocked and the gateman came out.

“Good evening!

We greeted.

“Who are you looking for?

He asked looking at us from head to toe.

“Uncle am Rose’s classmate and friend, her sister told me that the owner of the house is looking for a maid so that’s why we are here”

Rita said.

“Oh I see! Come inside”

He said and we went inside starring at the big compound that is big enough to contain thousands of people.

“Are you the one that will be working here?

He asked.


I replied.

“I hope you are hardworking and can cook very well because my Oga need someone that can cook?

He asked.

“Uncle! My sister here is very talented in cooking and she is very hardworking your Oga will like to employe her”

Rita said.

“Okay, let me go and inform my Oga first”

He said and went inside.

“Sister this house is so so big, I must have a mansion like this one if I start making it in life”

Rita said.

“Amen to your prayer”

“My Oga said you should come inside”

He said as he get back to us.

We went inside, we were shocked of what we saw, the sitting is so very big like entire of our compound.

“Wait here, he is coming”

He said to us.

I couldn’t stop starring at the whole sitting room.

The Oga came down, we became shocked at the moment we saw him.


We both shouted including the Oga.

The gateman starred at us confusedly.

“No this cant be!

I shouted still shocked.

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