Episode 7


This age-wife/”>village people are so funny and filled of drama.

Why are there here? They came to greet me with food.

How am I sure they did not put love poison to the food?

I know the reason why they are here.

I stared at the basket and sighed and decided to give the food to the gateman.

“You can have this pour it out and return back the basket and the plate”

I said.

“Thank you Oga!

He replied joyful.

I went back to the sitting room waiting for Joyce to come back from the market.

Few minutes later, she came back.

“What kept you?

I asked as soon as she entered.

“Am sorry sir, market was so busy today and I did not see okada on time”

She said feeling so sorry.

“Its okay”

I said.

“Don’t worry sir I will not wait time with the food”

She said and went inside the kitchen.

She is just a good girl with a good heart and so beautiful too.

I was feeling lonely at the sitting room tired of my phone and the television so I decided to check on her.

“Hey Joyce you need help?

I asked and she burst out in laughter and it my first time f seeing her laughing, she got a beautiful smiles.

“Help! No sir!

She laughed out.

“What’s funny? Don’t you think that I can help you out with the food stuff?

I asked as she was chopping the vegetables.

“Noooooo sir! I don’t think if you can”

She said.

“Oh you said that! Let me show you that I can chops vegetables more than you”

I said struggling to collect the knife from her.

“No sir! Leave it you will wound yourself”

She sounded.

“Joyce give me the knife let me prove to you that I know how to do this”

I said and finally collected the knife from him.

She looks so surprise seeing me chopping the vegetables.

“I told you that I can do this”

I shouted as soon as am done.

“Well down sir! I don’t know you can do this”

She said looking so surprise.

“What makes you said that am can not do it?

I asked.

“Because you are born with sliver spoon and you have maid that prepare all the food for you so knowing how to do things in the kitchen should not be your concern”

She said.

“Said by who? Did youknow what when my father was alive he never allow any maid to prepare his meal is only my mother so there’s nothing like maid in our house and it was through my mother that I learnt it”

I explained.

“Okay sir”

She replied with smiles.

“Is there any other things I can help you out with? I can grand pepper”

I asked looking around.

“I can do the rest sir, just go to the sitting room food will soon be ready”

She said.

“Are you sure there’s nothing again?

I asked.

“No Sir there’s nothing”

She replied.

“I will like to stay here and watches you with the cooking”

I said and sat down.

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Twenty minutes later, the food was done and she set the dinning table and serve the food.


“I did not see your plate here, are you not eating?

He asked.

“Sir I will eat mine later”

I said.

I don’t want to eat with him it really makes me uncomfortable.

“Why later, come let eat together”

He said.

“Okay Sir”

I said and went to the kitchen.

I don’t want to eat with him, he makes me feel so uncomfortable since he insisted I have no other choice but to accept.

I dished some food and went to the dinning.

“Joyce I must confess this food is so yummy, I love it”

He said devouring the food as if he has not eaten for the past one week.

“Thank you sir”

I said.

“What are you waiting for? Start eating your food”

He said.

“I will Sir”

I said and start eating the food slowly I don’t anything to happen again and he will laugh at me.

“Who taught you have to prepare Afam soup?

He asked with his mouth filled with meat.

“My mother did”

I said.

He started coughing too much.

“Sir what is it?

I rushed to him.

“Drink water!

I said giving him the water tapping him at the backside for the cough to stop.

“Sorry sir, drink more water it will stop”

I said given him the water.

“Its okay, the food choke me”

He said still coughing a little.

“Sorry sir, did you still need more water”

I asked.

“Am okay Joyce”

He said.

The cough was too much, his eyes even turned to red.

The cough later stopped totally and he continue with the food.

Few minutes, we were done with the food and he went upstairto rest.

I cleared the dinning table as usually.

Later in the day, I told him I will be going and asked him if there’s any other thing I want me to do but there’s none.

He gave me 2k for my transportation fee.


On my way to his house after coming back from my client’s house, the idiot did not pay me well upon how I handle him on the bed.

Today I must confess to James how I feel about him, I will not hide it again.

I knocked at the gate, the gateman opened I asked him If his Oga is around and he nodded his head.

I went inside and met him at the sitting room.

“Good evening Sir!

I greeted him with smiles.

“Evening Lucy! You can to collect the basket?

He asked with smile.

“Yes, I hope you enjoy the food?

I asked smiling uncontrollably.

“Oh yes, I enjoyed it, are you the prepare it?

He asked.

“Yes, am the one that cooked it”

I answered.

“Let me get the basket”

He said and went inside.

Am so happy that he like the food, he was even smiling to me unlike in the morning will came.

“Thank you for the meal”

He said and gave me the basket.

I romanced his hand small, he looked at me and I similed in a seductive way.

“Sir, is there anything you will like me to help you out with maybe cook for you or even do your laundry?

I asked looking at him in a seductive way.

“No dear, I have someone that do the cooking and the laundry for me”

He said.

“okay sir, I will like to take my leave, I will see you next time”

I said and purposely dropped my earphone in front of him without his notice.

I bend down seductively making my s£xy bre@st to come out and shaking it a bit making it to look so attractive, I picked the earphone.

“I will see you next time”

I said bringing out my tongue another way to attract him.

He did not react to any of my s£xy styles.

I walked as I tweak for him I thinking he will call me back but he did not.

I went home so disappointed, what type of a man is he? That he will not fall for my traps.

I will keep on trying until I have him to myself.


“Sister how was your first day at work?

Rita asked.

I breathed, “Guess what Rita!

I said.

“The man was so bossy and so harsh to you”

She gussed.

“Not at all, I enjoyed myself there today and I also enjoyed working for him”

I said with smiles.

“You enjoyed? How did it happen?

She asked.

“I thought he will be bossy and harsh but it was the opposite, he was so nice to me, we even eat together at the dinning table”

I sounded.

“Sister, you mean, you and your Oga share food together at the dinning table?

She asked being so surprised.

“Yes, did you know the funny thing he did today”

“What is that sister?

She asked being so I interested to know.

“He helped me out In the kitchen and chopped vegetables for me”

I said.

“Your Oga did that? Sister you are enjoying oooo, I was even thinking your work will be so stressful for you I don’t know it will be enjoyment”

She said.

“He gave me 20k to used to prepare soup when I told him the money was too much he said I should keep the remaining balance”

I paused a while.

“He is just a good man”

Rita said.

“Did you know how much I got from the 20k? Eight thousand Naria”

I said.

“Sister you mean eight thousand Naria?

She asked bringing out her eight fingers.

“That was not enough ooo, he also gave me 2k for my transportation and total money I got today 10k”

I shouted.

“Sister, this man is d–n good, sister I will stop school ooo and start working with you oooo”

She sounded.

I laughed and said, “Rita don’t stop school oooo”

“Wait sister, where did you keep the money?

She asked.

“I gave it to mother for food stuff”

“No sister! You don’t have to do that, you suppose to be saving the money for Jamb next year since you did not make it this year”

She shouted.

“Don’t worry Rita, you see that Jamb I will write it”

I said.

We hurried with the cooking before mother and that walker walker Lucy will come back.

I love this my new job, it makes me to stay away from mother’s nagging and beating, going out In the morning and coming back in the evening but I make sure I do my house chores and prepare breakfast before leaving for work.

My second day at work, I came early as usual, did the house chores and prepare his breakfast waiting for him to come downstairs.

We had breakfast together again and he went upstairs.

I washed his clothes with washing machine, he taught me how to use it.

I spread it and start to iron some of his clothes.

I took the clothes to his room, I knocked no respond.

“I guess he is not here, he meant be at the balcony”

I thought and went inside.

I dropped the clothes on the bed as about to leave, he came out from the bathroom, tiring towel on his waist.

I covered my eyes immediately.

“Am sorry I don’t know you are at the bathroom”

I apologized.

“Is okay”

He replied.

Just about to leave something quack me and I spilt and landed on his shoulder.

It just happened like a movie, Zee World.

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