Episode 9


I was so shocked, confused and dumbfounded beside I don’t know the right word to used and describe how I felt at the moment Lucy hugged him.

Alot of things running into my mind, questions that need to be answer.

The way she hugged him seem to me that they have known each other for a long time.

I stared at them with my mouth wide opened and now I know that am not the one he came to see but Lucy.

“Did you live her?

He asked her while looking at me.

“Yes! This our house”

She replied with smiles.

I forgot that my mouth was still open it was when housefly want to kiss me and I closed my mouth immediately still confused and waiting to hear the next thing he or she will say.

“That means Joyce here is your sister?

He asked again.

“She is my sister”

She replied.

The way she answered the question seem that there’s hatred on that voice.

“Did you know her?

She asked.

I thought what could be his respond.

“Yeah! She is working for me”

He answered.

“Oh I see! So where are you taking me out today? You know am fully well dressed”

She said with smiles and adjusted his short gown.

I have to excused myself from them, am tired of this they nonsense come conversation beside am not the one that he came to see, I walked out looking so sad.


I missed her so much and I decided to come and see her not knowing that I will see Lucy who happened to be her sister.

And she just ruined everything for me because she thought that am here to see her.

I saw the shocked and confusion written all over Joyce’s face.

I know she will be thinking that am dating her sister that’s why I came to see her.

“Where are you taking me to?

She asked again calling me off from my thoughts.

“Where did you want to go? You know I don’t know anywhere in this village”

I said.

“Don’t worr, I will show you around the whole place and we will go to the best restaurant in thisvillage, you will deflently enjoy your outing with me”

She sounded with so much joy written all over her face.


I replied.

“Just give me a second let me grab my bag”

She said and ran inside.

I look at Joyce who is busy washing her clothes hoping at she will look at me but she didn’t until Lucy came out.

“We can go now”

She said as soon as she came out.

She held my hand and we walked inside the car and zoomed off.


“I told you he will not come for me because he don’t love me, he came to see Lucy because she is the he loves and not me”

I sounded so sadly.

“Sister I don’t think so, I konw that he got feelings for you”

Rita said.

“Stop saying that Rita! Did you see the way Lucy hugged him which show that they haveknown each other for a long time and she love him”

I sounded still sad.

“I know he hugged him but did you see the way he react when she gave him that hug?I know that he came to see you and he was so shocked at the moment he saw Lucy because he never knew you and Lucy are sisters”

Rita said.

“Okay as you said he came to see me! Then why did he spoke to Lucy and went out with him, he could have talk to me instead”

I sounded.

“I know he supposed to not react that way with you”

Rita said and went to spread the clothes.

“Rita he talked to Lucy and went out with her because she is the one that he came to see”

I said as I poured out the dirty water.

“See Sister, you have to start to work tomorrow and find out if truly he loves you and not that busy body that call herself Lucy”

Rita suggested.

“Rita I will go to work tomorrow but am not going to do what you said I will just focus on my work and nothing more because I have gotten what I want to know which is he did not love me”

I sounded.

“Sister what I know is that he loves you”

Rita said and went inside.

“Sister I will like to go to my friend’s house and collect some notes that I need to complete”

Rita said.

“Okay, don’t wait time ooooo before mother will come back”

I said.

“I will not”

She said and went out.


“I feel good you know

Everything good

I was singing and rejoicing, my heart was filled with so much joy.

Dancing with my goodies and approaching to mother.

I continued with my song as Icame closer to mother.

“Lucy! Lucy! Why this excitement?

Mother shouted with smiles.

“Mother I feel good know!

I shouted with joy.

“i know that and I want to the secret of the goodness”

Mother said still rejoicing with me.

I looked at Joyce and Rita who are mopping at me with a surprise face.

“Mother did you know what?

I said.

“What is it? Talk to me my ears are itching”

“Mother my boyfriend came and spoiled with this goodies”

I sounded with so much joy.

“Which of your boyfriend?

Mother asked.

“Mother which of my boyfriend did you think will spoil me like this of not my rich boyfriend James?

I sounded still rejoicing.

“Your mean James Kanu?

She asked and I nodded.

“He came?

“Yes mother! He missed me and he came to look for me, he took me out and brought all these for me”

I shouted.

“He is so kind,am so happy for you”

Mother said with smiles.

“Mother you came say that again! He is more than kind, let me go and check the dresses”

I shouted and went inside still singing my song.

“Am coming behind you, let me know how good to fits you”

Mother shouted and went inside.


That Lucy of a girl is something else.

We went to a restaurant that she choosed to be the best, she ate and ate and acting so funny at the restaurant behaving like someone who have not eat since she was born.

She begged me to help her changed her wardrobe which I agreed.

One thing about my life is that I hate turning down on people especially when they asked for something that I know I can be of help.

We went to the boutique, she make choices of dresses and accessories too.

She wanted to follow me home but I rejected it telling her that am so exhausted and need rest so I gave her money for her T fee.

I hope Joyce will come to work tomorrow I need to talk to her and make her to understand how I feel about her.

I remembered the passionate kiss we had and smiled and hoping to have another kiss with him.


“Sister remember what I told”

Rita ran inside my room and said as I was preparing to go to work.

“What is there to find out again when I have gotten all I need to know? He even took her out and brought things to her”

I sounded.

“I know but that should not make you to conclude, you need to hear from him first”

Rita said.

“Rita there’s nothing to hear from him, I just have to let my feelings for him to die because it will not work for me and him and I don’t want to come in between me and Lucy”

I said as I applied a little powder on my face.

“But sister you just have to try and you know sister Lucy is busy body and i know she is the one that is running after him”

She said.

“I have heard you, am ready to work”

I said and went out.

I got no reason of asking him if he is in love with my sister beside he came love anyone he want to am not the one owning his life.

I got to his house and the gateman asked me the reason why I have not been to work for the past three days.

I told him that I was not feeling fine that’s why I did not come to work.

I got inside, he is not downstairs so I went straight to the kitchen tidy it up and tidy up the sitting room too and also dust the furniture and other things that needed to be dusted.

I waited for him to come down so that I will know what he will like to have for breakfast but he is not coming.

I waited for more hours and he didn’t show so I decided to go up to his room to tidy it up thinking that he is not at home.

I got to his room and to my greatest surprise I met him on the bed pressing his system.

“Good morning sir!

I greeted looking surprise.

“Well you came!

He said with smiles.

“I came to sweep the room I don’t know that you are here, I will come back later when you live the room”

I said and turn to live.

“No Joyce! You can sweep beside your sweep won’t distrub me”

He said.

I turned back and started sweeping and also avoiding eye contact with him.

I sweep and got to the side he is, the spirit of strapping and falling now came.

I strapped and landed on on top his body, he stared at me romantically and about to kiss me, I stood up immediately.

“Sir! What will you like to have for breakfast?

I asked facing my face somewhere else.

He breathed with a sound.

“I will like to have noodles with eggs and fresh tomatoes”

He said.

“Okay Sir!

I replied and parked the dirties and went out.

Why am I also strapping and falling on him?

Immediately I landed on him I felt his whole body around my body too and the feelings to kiss him came into my mind but I have to control myself.

Why did he want to kiss me?

Done with the breakfast and dished it out for him as he was waiting for me at the dinning table.

“Won’t you join me?

He asked as I was about to live.

“Thanks! Am full”

I replied and went out.

I went back to the kitchen sat down nothing to do mopping around the kitchen .

Few minutes later, he came inside with his plates.

“Sir! You could have call me to carry it”

I said as I collected the plates from him.

“I just want to bring it, Joyce why didn’t you come to work for three days?

He asked.

“I was not feeling fine that’s why I did not come to work”

I lied.

“Oh! Am sorry, how are you feeling today?

He asked feeling so sorry.

“Am better today”

I replied.

“I guess you need something don’t hesitate to inform me”

He said.

“I will sir”

I said and he went out.


I came to visit my handsome boyfriend James and let him know how I feel about him.

I worn a red short gown without bra nor pant looking s£xy for us to rock on the bed.

I got to the sitting room nobody was there so I decided to go upstairs to his room.

Am good at guessing so I guess very well the one that his room.

I knocked, “Yes come in!

He answered.

I opened the door and he was looking so surprise to see me, I know he will be because he was not expecting me.

“Good evening James!

I greeted with smiles.

“Lucy! What are you doing? who direct you to my room?

He asked surprisedly.

“I know you are surprise to see me, I miss you so I came to see you”

I said and sat beside him.

“You miss me?

He asked.

“Yes! See baby I love you right from the first day I met you, I have been thinking about you every night and day, I can’t take you out from my mind, am dying to be with you”

I said romancing him but he was removing my hand.

“What nonsense are you talking about?

He asked so surprise.

“I mean what am saying, I have not been myself from the first day I set my eyes on you, I have been having restlessness”

I said.

“Take those your dirty hands away from me, I don’t love you and I will never love you please live my room”

He stood up and shouted.

“No! Don’t say that to me, I love you and am dying to have you, what is it that you need from a woman that I don’t have, am s£xy and well package and am dying to have you, my whole body wants you”

I said.

“Lucy I said live my house! I don’t have feelings for you and I will not love such a girl like you”

He shouted.

“James please don’t do this to me, I love you so much and I need you badly”

I said and undress.

“What sort of nonsense is this? Are you insane?

He shouted with his face covered.

“James my body needs you, please come and have a taste of me., you won’t regret it, you will enjoy me”

I said coming closer to him.

He pushed me and shouted, “I can see your head is not working well”

He shouted and walked out.

“Please don’t live me, I love you James”

I shouted and got dressed.

I rushed down to meet him.

“Am sorry for behaving at that way it just that I want to prove to you how much I love you, please try and understand me”

I cried out.

“Live my house! You prostitute!

He shouted and pushed me out.

I walked out feeling so much shame, I know that something went wrong, nobody has ever turn me down while being n@ked in front of them but he did.

I can’t live him, he is the one I love and I will fight for my love and make him to fall for me.

I know that witch of bad luck must have tell him something about me that made him to react harshly with me.

I must deal with her, I got home with a broken heart.

“What is it Lucy?

Mother asked.

“Mother, am finished! My love for James is about to be broken”

I cried out.

“Come my dear! And tell me what happen?

Mother held my hands.

“Mother I went to his house and told him how much I love him and willing to give my body to him but he acted so harshly with me, he even told me that he did not love me again and he will not love a prostitute like me, mother you know how much love him and am not going to live him for anybody”

I cried out.

“Stop crying, James is all yours nobody will take him away from you”

Mother said.

“Mother am very sure is that witch told him something about me that’s why he behaved that way with me”

I sounded.

“You mean Joyce?

She asked surprisedly.

“Yes mother! Joyce is working for him and I know she has bad mouth about me”

I said.

“That stupid girl must hear me from me today, Joyce! Joyce! Come out here right now”

Mother shouted angrily.

She rushed immediately without waisting any seconds.

“Yes mother!

“What did you tell James about my daughter”

Mother shouted angrily dragging her ear.

“No mother, I did not tell Sir James anything”

She said.

“Tell me the truth right now before you will see the other side of me”

Mother shouted still dragging her ear.

“Mother am telling you the truth, i did not tell sir James anything”

She cried out.

“Mother don’t think to her, she bad talk about me to James and she must spill it out”

I shouted.

“You are testing my patience oooo! I said what did you tell James about my daughter”

Mother shouted and slapped her.

“Mother am telling you the truth beside why should I bad talk about my own sister”

She cried out.

“I can see you need to see the other side of me before you will tell me the truth, Lucy get me that wire”

Mother shouted.

I brought the wire and mother started flogging her mercilessly.

“Mother what is going on, why are you flogging sister?

Rita shouted.

“Please mother stop flogging me, I did not do anything, you know am your child”

I cried out and pleaded.

” God forbid you can never be my child, Stop calling me your mother, I will never have a child like you, go and look for your wicked mother who abandoned you at the river and stop calling me your mother”

Mother shouted.

We became so shocked on hearing that.

“Mother what are you saying to me”

Joyce cried out.

“Mother what did you mean?

Rita questioned being so shocked.

“You are not my child and you can never be my blood, your wicked mother abandoned you at the river side and my husband found you and brought you home and we nurse you so you better live my house and go and look for your wicked mother”

Mother shouted and pushed her out.

“I knew it, my feelings never lie to me, I know you are not my sister so you better live this house, you did not belong here”

I shouted at her.

“No mother! This cant be, sister Joyce is my sister”

Rita cried out.

“She is not our blood, father’s blood doesn’t run in her veins”

I shouted.

“No mother! You cant send me out, please mother”

She cried out.

“Live our house, you don’t have space in this house anymore”

I shouted and pushed her out.

And she ran out crying and I hope she never come back.

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