Episode 12



We are still in the stage of shocked and confused about what she said.

What is she talking about? That am her daughter, no she don’t know what she is saying.

“Mother what did you mean?

James asked still shocked.

“Yes Madam! How am I your child?

I asked still weak.

“You are my daughter, I gave you this mark on your neck?

She said.

“No mother, this can’t be”

James shouted still confused.

“Madam how am I your daughter? And if truly am your child as you said why did you abandoned me?

I asked.

“My child it was not my intention to do that, my whole life was tied that I don’t know what to do at the moment you came to the world”

She said feeling so sorry.

“Then you thought of abandoning an innocent baby will be the right thing?

I said feeling so sad.

“How did it happen mother?

James asked.


I breathed, and cleard my throat, it happened 27 years ago.


“Obinna I have not seen my period for month now and I have been having the symptoms of pregnancy”

I said.

Obinna Is the man I love so much with all my heart, our love started from our childhood, we love each other so much that nobody or anything will separate us expect death.

Even due my mother hate him and call him all kinds of bad names and have warned me to stay away from him but our love keep on growing so strong.

Obinna was only apprentice in a carpenter shop.

“Why now? What are we going to do?

He asked being so worried.

“I don’t know that’s why I came to you”

I said crying.

“Have anybody know about it?

He asked.

“No! But my mother is being to suspect oooo, you have to come and pay my bribe price ooo”

I cried out.

“Obim! You know I can’t pay your bribe price now am only apprentice I don’t have money now and you know how mother is, she will not accept me as her son in law”

He said.

“Then what are you saying we should do?

I asked.

He hold my hands and said,

“My love we can’t keep the baby because we don’t have anything to giveto the baby”

He sounded.

“What are you saying? I should abort the child?

I sounded.

“Yes my love! We have to abort the baby because we have nothing to offer her and we can’t bring her into this world to suffer”

He sounded.

“How can I abort my baby? I don’t think if I can do that”

I cried out.

“I know it will be hard for you to do but you have to do it for the sake of the baby coming into this world to suffer, I know i will make it if I leave this age-wife/”>village to Ontisha and I will come and pay your bribe price”

He said.

“I have to think about it”

I said.

“Please Obim it is the better option for us to do”

I said.

“I will be going home now”

I said and stood up.

“Please think about it”

He said and hugged me.

I went home and I met mother peeling cassava.

“Mother you have started ready”

I said.

“You know tomorrow is market so we have to finish on time so that we can sell tomorrow, go inside and bring kinfe and join me”

Mother said.

I went inside and brought kinfe and started peeling the cassava.

I rushed out to throw up.

“Are you okay Nneka?

Mother asked.

“Yes mother am fine”

I said cleaning my mouth.

“I don’t think so if you are, I have been observing you for sometimes now and you are not okay”

Mother said.

“No mother! Nothing is wrong with me”

I sounded.

“Come here Nneka”

She said.

I went closer to her, she checked my eyes and touched my bre@sts.

“Nneka you are pregnant”

Mother shouted.

“Pregnant! No mother am not”

I said knowing fully well am pregnant.

“Don’t lie to me! Nneka who is responsible for this pregnancy? Don’t tell me is that bush man that got you pregnant?

Mother shouted.

“Mama! Obinna is not a bush man and he is the one responsible for my pregnant”

I said.

“Am I finish! Nneka how could you allow this to happened to you? How could you allow this”

Mother shouted and beating me.

“Did you know the implication of what you have done”

Mother shouted still beating me.

“What implication?

“You have finally destroyed my life especially your life too, don’t you know that it is a taboo for a girl to get pregnant out of wedlock? Did you know the implication behind that?

Mother cried out.

“What is it mother?

I cried out.

“You have destroyed our whole lives, if the villagers find out about this, they will banish us from this land”

Mother cried out.

“Am I finished!

I cried out.

/> “You have to abort that pregnancy before the villagers will find out”

Mother said and took me inside.

I cried and cried thinking how life will be for us if the villagers banished us from this land.

I made up my mind to abort the baby.

Mother bought concoction for me, I drank but the baby refused to go out.

I drank all the concoction but still nothing happen.

Mother decided for me to have the baby by staying in door, when I due she took me to a mid wife house not In our village, we sneaked out in the night.

I was so much in pain, crying until we got to the mid wife’s house and I had my baby girl.

The woman cleaned me up and very early in the morning we made our way back to the village.

“You know this baby is not going with us to the village”

Mother said.

“What will happen to her?

I asked looking at my beautiful baby.

“We will drop her at the river side instead of killing her”

Mother said.

We got to the river side, I dropped her beside the river, I looked at her feeling so hurt that I will abandon my own baby.

“Come start going!

Mother said.

“Am coming”

I collected a sharp object and gave her a mark on her neck so I know that she will not die, a good person will pick her and nurse her as her own and also hope to see her one day.


“So because of customs and tradition you have to abandoned your baby?

James said.

“That’s it, I couldn’t have done it if customs and tradition was not involved”

I said.

“What of Obinna? Why didn’t you marry him?

James asked.

“When he went to Ontisha for green pastures, he had a fatal accident and died at the spot”

I said.

Joyce has been so quite, I know it is still diffcult for her to believe that am her mother.

“I still find it diffcult to believe that I have a mother”

She sounded.

“My child I have been praying and hoping to see you one today and apologize to you, am so so sorry for abandoing you, please find a place in your heart to forgive me and accept me as your mother”

I pleaded with my two hands folded.

She breathed and said,

“Who am I not to forgive you? What happened in the past was not your fault and I have forgiven you, am so happy that I have a mother”

She said.

“Thank you my daughter, I promise to give you the future you deserve”

I said and hugged her so tight.

“Who could have imagine that I will fall in love with my own sister, it is painful to love you as a sister not as a wife”

He sounded sadly.

“Who said you won’t love her as a wife?

I said and they became confused of my statement.

“What did you mean mother?

James asked.

“See son! Am not your biological mother, your mother died after given birth to you that’s when I met your father and got married to him”

I said.

“Are you being serious?

He asked with so much excitement.

“Yes son! You can marry your love”

I said with smiles.


Am so happy that I now have a mother not just a mother a rich mother, it first it hurt me to find out that she is the woman that abandoned me as a baby but when realizing the whole truth I forgave her.

Am so happy that my love for James will not end but continue forevermore.

Rita came inside and told us that mother and Lucy are now in the police custody.

I introduced her to my real mother and she was so happy for me.

James came towards me and knelt down.

“Joyce now that everything is setteled, I hope you will accept my proposal to make me the happiest man in the whole universe, Please Marry Me Joyce?

He said and presented the ring to me.

I looked at mother and Rita they were so excited.

“Yes I will marry you”

I said with smiles.


He shouted as he put the ring on my finger and carried me up.

“I love you Joyce”

He shouted even Rita and mother joined him in the shouting.

“This cause for a celebration”

Mother shouted.

He brought me down and kissed me on my cheek, he went and get the wine for the toast.

We toasted for life and merry to the whole day.

Mother and Lucy was given 12 years of imprisonment.

Rita cleared her wasc papers in a flying colors.

The day of our wedding was fixed, we got married and fly to Mexico for our honeymoon.

“I m feeling happy, do u know why?

Because I am so lucky, do u know how?

Because God loves me, do u know how?

Because he gave me a gift, do u know what?

Its YOU my love, Ur precious love has

turned my life completely around,

I feel like I’m walking but

my feet don’t seem to touch the ground”

She said and kissed me.

“How long will you be so special to me?

I said with smiles.

“As long as the stars twinkle in the sky,

As long as angels are there up high,

Till the ocean run dry and till the day i die and Flowers will die, sun will set..

But you are my love that i won’t forget..

Your name is so precious,it will never grow old..

Its engraved in my HEART with letters of Gold!

He sounded so sweet and kissed me.

We kissed passionately and the kissing lead to the other thing, you know nah.

After our honeymoon, I decided to stay at mexico and further my education.

Rita came over for her education too.

I graduated as a lawyer while Rita graduated as a Banker.

We decided to live at mexico for the rest of our lives.


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