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The Genotype Test Episode One

Remi, a little girl of two years old has been in and out of the hospital almost every month. It doesn’t take long before she falls sick. Each time she is taken to the clinic, doctors would test her for malaria and typhoid and then treat her with some antibiotics. Many times, she would get better easily and bounce back to her normal self. But a few weeks, Remi would break down again and she would be rushed to the hospital. It was becoming a monthly affair and her parents were spending so much money to pay medical bills.

One day when she was rushed to the hospital by her father, a doctor recommended a different kind of test. The doctor said it was unusual for a child to be falling sick every now and then. He insisted that it was not normal for Remi to be coming to the hospital every month.

“It is not good for a child to be taking medicine like food. We have to try a different approach to this problem. Let us properly investigate the root of this problem. We will start by testing your child’s genotype. Let us know his genotype first, then we can continue the investigation from there.” Doctor Nat said to Luke, Remi’s father who was the one who brought her to the hospital for the third time in one month.

Luke agreed with the test proposed by the doctor because he too was becoming tired of running to the hospital every time. Initially when the problem started, he thought Remi was suffering from childhood diseases. He also thought it was malaria and typhoid, so they made her sleep under a mosquito net, and also made sure she drank only treated water but the problem only got worse. Now, Luke was spending all his earnings in the hospital to treat his only child.

“I agree with you doctor, please let’s go ahead with the test. I want to know exactly what is wrong with my daughter. Please, let’s proceed.” Luke said to Doctor Nat who was writing instructions for the laboratory department.

In a short while, Remi’s sample was taken at the hospital laboratory and the genotype test was carried out. It did not take long before the test result was ready. The result was taken to the doctor to announce to Luke who was waiting anxiously.

“Your daughter is genotype SS.” The doctor said to Luke.

“Did you carry out a genotype test with your wife before the two of you got married? Are you sure you were compatible before the two you got married? What is your genotype and what is your wife’s genotype?” Doctor Nat asked Luke.

“My genotype is AA, but I can’t remember that of my wife. But we went to the lab together when we were about to get married and we were told we could go ahead since we were compatible.” Luke said to the doctor who was busy writing down all he was saying.

“I’m confused here. If you and your wife are compatible, why is it that your daughter is having a different genotype? The genotype your daughter has is a sign that she might be a sickle cell patient. I’m going to order another test on her just to be sure she is a sickle cell carrier. Then, we shall know what to do.” Said Doctor Nat who called in the lab technician and ordered a new test meant to detect the possibility of Remi being a sickle cell patient.

After a few hours of waiting, the test result was brought to Doctor Nat’s office where he announced it to Luke.

“It is confirmed. Your daughter is a sickle cell patient. This is why she has always been sick. I’m sorry to announce that this would continue.” The doctor said.

“This is bad news! Where is this coming from?

We did all the tests before getting married and we were asked to go ahead. Why then are we having a child who has sickle cell? No wonder we have been in and out of the hospital all these while. All along, I was thinking it was malaria and typhoid, not knowing that something serious was wrong with my daughter. This is a terrible news.” Luke said tearfully.

“Take it easy Luke. Just go home, ask your wife to confirm her genotype to you. You people can come back to the hospital for another test. Let us be sure of your genotype and that of your wife. Then we can know where the problem is coming from.” Doctor Nat said.

Later in in the evening when Luke got home, he informed his wife of all that happened at the hospital.

“What is your genotype? I have forgotten. Please can you remind me?” He asked Agnes his wife.

“I’m AS.” Agnes said to her husband. She was cooking in the kitchen when Luke came back from the hospital.

“Why then is our baby SS? Why then then does she have sickle cell? The doctor has asked me and you to come over to the hospital tomorrow for a confirmation test. Let us know why the baby came out with sickle cell.” Luke tells his wife.

“That is terrible. How can this happen to us?” Agnes asked her husband. Her heart had jumped into her stomach when she heard the news.

“I can’t wait to know exactly where this is coming from. I’m tired of spending money on medications.” Luke lamented.

Watch out for episode 2.

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