Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Chorus had been trying to convince

his parent,ever since onihaxy had

came to his house, its been 5days

and his dad is not helping matter at


His dad had disapproved him from

going but chorus was not ready to

lose hope.

Chorus had went to visit onihaxy to

tell him about the recent

development. Luckily for him his

crew were all there. They were:

onihaxy, afolabi,coded and mc jokaz.

Chorus shook hands with all of them.

It seemed that they were talking

about the sponsorship programme.

The 5 of them including chorus, are

the best writers in their province.

Fate had made all of them to become


Chorus took a chair and went to seat

with his guys who were busy talking

on the issue. Mc jokaz was the one

given the rest of them orientation,

he was probably the one that gave

the rest of them the news.

Uhmmm, weldone everybody”

chorus greeted and sat down.

Chorus chorus, you dey look thin o,

what is happening.” mc jokaz

asked,scanning chorus body.

Bross, na im papa they frustrate am

o, im papa say he should stop writing

and worst part be say im papa no

gree make im attend the

sponsorship programme o.” onihaxy

explained, looking sad.

Hnmmm, this one is too strong o, you

sure say your village people are not

monitoring your movement” coded

said looking displeased.

Eh, coded you make sense o, you

sure say your case never pass

ordinary case, how will your parents

be depriving you of your talent

when they know you are

capable”afolabi added, looking at


See you people are right o,My

parents are trying to frustrate me i

swear, the worst part is that its only

this writing issue that i have

problem with them o, they allow me

to do any other thing. My dad is bent

on making me a lawyer, not that i

can study law o, but writing is my

passion, i love writing and i will

write always wether he likes it or

not. I am even tired, if my dad wants

to kill me, he should just do instead

of making me to commit suicide”

chorus poured out his sorrow to his


Mc jokaz who had been listening

attentively, began his speech: no o,

this is not fair at all, your dad is not

supposed to choose your career for

you, you are old enough to know

what you want and what you can do

now. Talking about making money, it

seems your dad doesn’t know the

importance of this upcoming

programme. The host of the

programme had invited all the

authors from different geographical

territories, the top notch and the

least authors are all invited to this

first meeting coming up in 4days

time which is on Saturday. I dont

know what they will do but i got the

information that at the end of this,

the overall best will be awarded

with 100million naira, he will be

given a mansion at America and he

will be sponsored througout his

education, they had also said that if

the winner is a graduate, then they

will give work to the person

instantly and it wont be a minor

work but rather a company might be

build for him to control self. This

programme is really going to change

the life of the winner o, we never

know who might win, its better we

all try our luck and pray against it”

mc jokaz concluded and sat down


Hmmm, this is really great o, seed

free gift of nature o. I swear either by

crook or hook, i must attend that

programme o” chorus said looking

very angry.

Onihaxy cleared his throat: i think i

have a plan,

let us hear the plan” the rest of them

chorused together.

Onihaxy smiled and began: how

about we use bross ownet as your

cover, lets pretend that you are

going to visit bross ownet since he is

in abuja and the programme is at

abuja too. When you go home, just

call bross ownet and tell him you

want to visit him on Friday,i know

your brother very well, he will agree

that you should come, me and the

rest member are coming on Friday

too. We will meet you on Saturday

then we will all go to the

programme and know the full gist

about it. ” onihaxy concluded and

looked at his friends who were


See,Your brain is very intact o. This is

a great plan, i think the plan is very

easy or is it not?” mc jokaz asked

looking at chorus.

Yes o!!! I never thought of this

o,Thank God i consulted you guys, i

was planning of running away from

home” chorus said and the rest

members laughed.

Oya its time for me to go home o,If i

really want the plan to work,Then i

will have to act fast. We will chat on

the social network” chorus said and

stood up. He shook hands with all his

friends again before he proceeded

out, heading towards his house to

begin his plan.

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