What Goes Around (Complete Story)

Episode 8

Inspector Tersoo and corporal Godwin spent the past few days digging the roots of Stella, Becky and Jason. With enough information for a kick off, they left for Kaduna state, same place Stella grew up and schooled.

After meeting the VC of Kaduna state university, they were directed to accounting department to see the HOD. Two head of departments have passed their tenure since Stella “graduated” but it wasn’t so difficult finding her records.

It happens to be that she did not graduate after all. She was an average student who had no carry overs from inception but in her third year,she was rusticated for exam malpractice but didn’t return even after she was recalled much later.

The present HOD seems to remember her. He says she’s not a name to easily forget since he thought her in her second year and she was quite a presence in the school.

” Stella Agape” He smiled.

” She was one hell of a student. You see, when she first enrolled into this school, she seemed to be this quiet, harmless teenager. Along the line, no one knows what happened, maybe peer pressure, maybe wrong company but she deviated completely. A lot of lecturers and students had stories to tell about her. As a matter of fact, some were outrightly scared of her.”

” Can you remember any of her close friends? Anyone who knew her that we can see?” Tersoo enquires.

” Not exactly. It’s been a very long time”

” Okay, do you mind if we go through her admission documents? Maybe we can find a lead. Probably her residence while she was here, family, a relative’s contact, just anything helpful”

“Sure but that will be some work. You will have to come back in two days, I will have someone sort them out before then”

” That is fine. Thank you very much for your assistance, you’ve been most helpful” Godwin rounds up.

” It will be my pleasure at anytime, as long as crime is checked and justice is served”

Angwa Makama is a small settlement in Kakuri, a suburb located in the southern part of Kaduna. It’s environs raised Stella.

From the information she filled during admission process, it’s not difficult to locate her formal address.

A few questions here and there, they have found themselves before Ikenna, Stella’s teenage sweetheart. He’s now happily married with a couple of kids. Finding him wasn’t difficult as he didn’t relocate all the while. His nuclear family lives with his extended in same house he grew up.

” I hope all is well officers” Ikenna asks after the police men introduce themselves.

” We believe so, we are just here to ask you a few questions. Does the name Stella Agape ring a bell?”

” Stella, hmmm, yes it does. Is everything okay with her?”

” We would like to hear all you have to tell us about her”

“There’s really nothing to say, she’s in my past now. ”

” Young man, it may interest you to know that she’s under a murder investigation and it is against the law for you withhold information. ”

” I really don’t know what you want me to say. This is someone I’ve not seen or heard from for over six years now.”

” Tell us the kind of person you knew her to be. Any incident that you think is worth bringing to our knowledge. ”

” Hmmmm. She is actually a nice person or should I say was because I don’t know what she’s become over the years. ”

“Did she at any point act in ways to make you think she’s capable of murder?”

” She had her flaws and temperament was one of them but I can’t say to the extent of murder”

“Do you mean to say someone who had a heart to stab with a bottle isn’t capable of murder?”

“Eehhnn, well I can’t categorically say so but she has a good heart as well. She only allows her temper take control of her when she is angry.”

” By not being categorical, you mean there’s a possibility that she’s capable of murder?”

” With what she did, I can’t be fully in support of her innocence. The truth is, her anger issue is the reason why we couldn’t get married. My family insisted I drew the lines when out of her many attacks, she stabbed me that day. ”

” So they were other attacks before then?”

“Yes, she had a way of physically attacking me whenever we

misunderstandings. I loved her, we dated since teenage days, I honestly thought we were going to end up together but a violent partner is a death sentence. And if this will help your investigations in any way, she never wasn’t so until she started keeping certain friends while in school. She began smoking and doing drugs. Most of the times she misbehaved, she wasn’t in her right senses.”

” Any idea where we can find her family members? We were told they relocated”

” Yes, they did about four years ago. They retired back to the east.”

” We were informed that she had a problem with them before leaving. Any idea what it was?”

” Yes they did. She had a misunderstanding with her brother and sent some boys to beat him up. They were very brutal and that led to him being hospitalized for weeks. It also led to a very serious problem in the family, they were at each other’s throats and her father threw her out.”

” That’s to say she’s not only capable of instantaneous violence but also a premeditated one. ”

” That’s all I have to say officers. If you don’t mind, there’s somewhere I have to be right now. ”

Getting up, the police men extend their gratitude and leave for their hotel rooms.

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