What Goes Around (Complete Story)



Episode 13

” You all are welcome. Without wasting our time, Dooshima, I would like you to repeat same thing you told me a few days ago”

Dooshima is calmer than when she got into the room initially. She turns and looks at her sister and seems lost in thought for some seconds.

” We are waiting”

Taking a deep breath, she clings unto Sewe and moves her gaze from her to Becky.

” Sorry sir, what I said to you was out of anger. It’s not true”

” I understand that your words spurred from an angry heart and you’ve probably thought of how weighty this case is and you’re now trying to play out the bond thing but it may interest you to also know that all you said is on record and we also reached out to Dr. Stephen before calling you all here. We have our facts right. Now I say again, repeat all you told me here some days ago” Inspector Tersoo cautions her.

” Becky and I loved each other so much we were the envy of other parents. They wished to have daughters like us. Personally, I didn’t even know she was begrudging me until my last visit to her house.

The incident she spoke about happened to be one of those I was trying to save a sister. I was worried and didn’t know what to do. My mind wasn’t settled. I needed to get her help. Calling our parents was the only thing that crossed my mind. They had to know what was going on and find a way round it.

She was pregnant for Jason here and at the moment, he wasn’t ready for marriage and convinced her to get rid of it. She never wanted to but his persuasion coupled with the fear of what my father was going to do won the battle.

He took her to a quack and things didn’t go well. They returned to his place same say but she was bleeding heavily and was also in severe pain. I had no idea until the next day when she came back to the apartment we both shared after he had gone out. I was scared. I had to do something, anything to save her. She may blame me today but if I were in that position again and calling our parents is an option, I will do it all over.

She was rushed to the hospital and treated. Her uterus had to be removed due to the extensive damage.

Dad developed hypertension which led to his death. Now she blames me for everything. I was only trying to help.”

” No one asked you to call father. If I wanted them to know, I would have gone to the family house”

” Please don’t interrupt her” Godwin chips in.

“That’s all I have to say.” Dooshima says conclusively.

“Stella, does this confirm what you told us?”

“Yes sir.” Stella replies.

“Now the question is, if your womb was removed Becky, how are you Jnr’s mother? And Please, everyone should be very mindful of their words, this is being taped.” Tersoo turns to face Becky.

” I, he’s my son. Maybe not biological but he was every bit a son to me.”

“How did he become your son?”

“We adopted him”

“Okay, did you at any point have any quarel or fight with your husband because of him?”

“I don’t remember any”

” Okay, now Mr Jason, how’s Jnr related to you?”

“He’s my son”

” Biological or adopted?”

“You heard her say we adopted him. ”

“Where did you adopt him and can we see the legal documents?”

“The documents are at home.”

“Does the name Doris ring a bell Mr Jason?”

” Errnn, yes it does.”

“Who’s she to you?”

” She’s someone from my past”

“Please be precise, how was she part of your past?”

” She is my ex”

“Ex and baby mama you mean?”

Everywhere goes silent, one can hear a pin drop on the floor.

“That question is not rhetorical.”

“Yes, she is. ”

“Fine, Becky, at what point did you know the son you so much loved and had accepted to be yours was your husband’s biological son?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“Very well then, maybe this will help jog your memory”

Inspector Tersoo plays a record for all to hear. It’s a heated argument between Becky and Jason.

“You are heartless Becky, how could you? I know I wronged you but you took it to the extreme. How could you?” Jason is heard yelling.

” How couldn’t I Jason? I trusted you. I’ve given you years of my life, I gave you everything and you decided to pay me back that way?”

“Even if you were angry at me, why didn’t you fight me? Why didn’t you bring it all on me? I was the one who offended you”

” I was getting to it Jason. Hell yes I was. What were you thinking? You forced me to have an abortion which claimed my womb then you impregnated my reckless friend and had the heart to still bring the baby into this house in the guise of an adopted child? Did you think I was never going to find out?

” I never intended to Becky. It happened once and it was a mistake. When she told me she was pregnant, I didn’t want her to take it out knowing both of us couldn’t have a child together. She really wanted to. Oh you know Doris, she is never the kind to feel trapped by a pregnancy, especially after I told her we could never be together. She only kept it when I stroke a deal with her. I paid her handsomely for her to keep the baby and when she delivered, she handed him over to me and left.”

” Perfect Jason, so perfect. I should give you an award or probably kill a chicken for you because you wanted us to keep a child. ”

” I never knew it will surface someday. I didn’t bargain for it.”

” Oh how were you supposed to know Mr. randy husband? The day I overheard you speaking on the phone with a supposed Doris concerning Jnr, I knew something was wrong. Everything began to fall in place. We had visited a lot of orphanages looking to a child but the day you went to adopt him, you went alone but somehow I didn’t think of it, maybe because you showed me those fake documents and I loved you too much to doubt you.I went through your phone when you dropped it and behold her number was there. You started acting really strange, hiding to receive calls, lying about your location and all. I had to secretly run a DNA test with your samples and it confirmed my suspicious.”

“That was not enough reason to kill my son. I apologized to you. I told you I was sorry and I was going to make it up.”

” What happened Jason was the fury of a woman who lost everything. A woman you stole everything from. Because of you, I lost my womb (she begins to cry) because of you Jason, my father died, because of you, I’m never going to have a child anymore. Then to crown it all, you impregnate my friend and bring the product of your infidelity into my house to spite me? Right now Jason, I wish it was you who died”

“I never knew you to be this heartless”

” This heartless woman is the person your actions begot. I hate you Jason. I hate you for all you’ve made me do and I will never forgive you.”

At this point, the Godwin stops the player. Becky bows down her head and sheds uncontrollable tears.

” I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t mean to do it.”

“There’s one question my curiosity has really been wanting to gain satisfaction from. If you gave him the rodenticide knowing so well it was going to kill him, why did you gave him kerosene as well?”

Sniffing amidst tears, she responds ” I knew Sewe had bought that kerosene and I wanted to rope the murder on her to punish her mother for her betrayal years ago and also because since she’s a minor, I knew she wasn’t going to get a really severe sentence for it.”

“Becky, Becky you are evil. How could you?”

” I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.”

” I know you all are wondering how we got this” holding the player, Inspector Tersoo continues

” On our second visit to your house, we noticed the five star hotel that shares a boundary with it and dropped in to see if they have any security cameras. Luckily, one outside has an overview of your compound and retrieving the record, we saw that Stella as a matter of fact did not enter your house when she visited. Jason left the house early that day and had not returned and no one asides you Becky and Sewe was there. We had to plant a recorder that sat in your chandelier which I got back when I asked you to get water for me yesterday. We invited you and Becky because we wanted to ask you questions concerning Jnr’s paternity after we had spoken to Dooshima and the doctor but when we listened to the record yesterday, we knew there was a turn of events that had brought this case to an end.” Godwin rounds up.

“Becky Jason, you are under arrest for the murder of master Jason Jnr, for false allegation and child abuse. You have the right to remain silent for anything you say may be used against you in the court of law. You also have the right to a lawyer, of you don’t have any, the state will provide you with one. ” Inspector Tersoo reads her right.

Becky and Dooshima burst into tears. Inspector Tersoo turns to Jason.

Mr Jason, you will also remain with us for trying to stand in the way of justice and when you clearly knew who the culprit was and for forgery.

Sewe and Stella are finally set free. Stella may have been a terrible person but nemesis was still asleep.

Dooshima has mixed feelings. She’s glad her daughter has been vindicated but knowing the gravity of what awaits her sister, she feels like the world is on her shoulders.


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