What Goes Around (Complete Story)

Episode 3

Just as we’re expressing blind shock, Mr Ezekiel walks in. He took food to her this morning. Everyone is eager to know the recent development.

” She admitted to buying the kerosene but she said didn’t use it on the child”, He said.

” So why did she buy kerosene if they don’t use it at all in their house?” Dooshima, my landlady’s daughter asked.

” She said her white shirt was stained and in the village, when a white cloth is stained, they apply kerosene on that part of it, leave it in the sun for sometime before washing”

” Okay, so did they buy that?” I just enquired.

” Becky said she has thought the girl how to use hypo and detergent for washing white clothes and hypo has never run out in the house. She makes sure she stocks when it’s going down.”

We are here in our doubts wondering if truly, Sewe committed the said crime.

She looks so innocent and adorable despite all the hardship she has been through.

Could it be that her aunt’s character birthed a demon in the little girl and she wanted to punish her for all she had done?

I feel so bad right now. It would have been easier and better not having a single reason to think she could be the culprit.

Everyday keeps bringing more revelations.

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