What Goes Around (Complete Story)



Episode 4

My landlady went on a business trip for a few days. She returned not long ago and went to see her bereaved neighbours.

While we were talking earlier on, it occured to me that the said incident took place same day she traveled.

She attests to have seen Stella, Becky’s friend enter their house when she was about entering the cab that conveyed her to the airport.

How come no one ever mentioned this?

I know Stella, not so well but well enough to know she’s been friends with Becky for sometime and their boutiques were beside each others while Becky was still in business. One she quit shortly before putting to birth.

It’s been a while I saw her though, last I remember, they had a very serious fight and Becky asked her never to come to her house again. That should be about nine months ago. Ever since, I’ve not set my eyes on her again.

” When I told them that I saw Stella enter their house that day, Becky seemed surprised though she said she got two missed calls from her. Calls she didn’t bother returning” Landlady mentioned.

If they’ve been having a fight for months now and Stella chose to come to the house same day Jnr was killed, there are a lot of questions she needs to answer.

Jason has called the police and immediately they arrive, Becky will lead them to Stella’s house.

I just pray the police get to the root of this and whoever the murderer is, the person be made to face the consequences of their actions.

Except the culprit is Sewe I guess because she’s still a minor and may be spared the full wrath of the law.


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