Episode 12

As Emma was still struggling to open the door, the light of the sitting room went off by itself and the whole house started shaking, Emma on seeing all that, fear gripped over him that instant as he started calling the name of Jesus,just then the window cracked and broke by itself as two phyton crawled in through the window heading towards Emma’s direction and making horrible sounds, Emma on seeing the two phytons gets scared but managed to stands on his ground with tears on his eyes, the death of his brother was a very big shock to him, immediately the two phytons gets to where Emma was, they stopped and turned to Jessica and Tamara

”oh u really are not afraid? I thought u will run for ur dear life? Jessica said smiling devilishly but got no response from Emma who was seen crying ”anyway I don’t have time for ur crocodile tears, we are here to end ur life for once”, Jessica said as Tamara gave out a loud laugh

”i am not scared of u both u daughters of the serpent, daughters of iniquity! go back to ur master and tell him or her that my blood is too tough and hot for u people to get! so go back and stop wasting ur time”, Emma boldly said with tears on his eyes ”just look at this small boy o! don’t u have fear? anyway let’s see wat u can do? Tamara said ”i am not scared of u both because I know the God I serve can never forsake me”, Emma said and opened his bible in the book of Psalms praying silently in his heart

”Jessica! wat are we still waiting for? let’s end this boy life immediately”, Tamara said ”lets see how that God of urs will stop us from killing u? hahahaha”, Jessica said as they both turned into their phytons form and makes a horrible noise, Emma on seeing them on their phytons form closed his eyes immediately and started praying, binding and casting them, sweating real hard, Jessica and Tamara both opened their mouth to eat up Emma but God shows that he is the God of vengeance, something miraculous happened, just immediately as Tamara and Jessica were about to eat Emma’s up, thunder from nowhere strikes making them both to scream and moved backwards

”tamara I told queen mother that this boy is not an ordinary person, but she will never listen to me”, Jessica said on her phyton form, ” we must bring him down! let’s try again”, Tamara said as they both crawled were Emma was and opened their mouth wide again to eat him up, but this time, Tamara turned into dust instantly, while Jessica screamed hard holding her eyes ”aaaaaaah!! aaaaaaaah!! aaaaaaaah!! my queen mother of the phyton world, pls come to my rescue! aaaaaah!! my eyes”, Jessica screamed, screamed and fell to the floor still screaming, Emma on the other hand was seen praying seriously with his two eyes still close,…

after Emma was done praying, he opened his eyes and saw Jessica lying unconscious on the floor ”thank u Jesus! thank u lord! I know u will never fail me because I know u have never failed me before! may ur holy name be highly exalted! thank u father”, Emma said, closed his bible and was about heading towards the door when the whole house started shaking seriously, the curtains on the windows started falling off, the ceiling opened by itself, this got Emma frightened as he started looking around the sitting room

”oh God wat is happening? wat is really happening here? I am covered with the blood of Jesus, no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper, whoever u are, show urself am not scared of u because I know, the most high God I serve will always interven!! the blood of Jesus”, Emma said still looking around the sitting room, just then the queen mother appeared on her human form, her eyes red with anger ”u have bitten more than u can chew u little boy! enough is enough”, the queen mother said.



”who are u? Emma asked looking at her ”i am the queen mother of the phyton world, the greatest woman on Earth,.. there is no power greater than the power of the queen mother of the phyton world”, the queen mother praised ”u lied! ur powers are worthless! there is no power greater than the power of the most high Jesus Christ”, Emma said and stretch forth his bible

”shut up ur mouth u little thing! don’t u dare compare my power! because if there is only one greatest person, that person is me and no other person”, the queen mother said, looked at Jessica who was lying unconscious on the floor, stretch forth her hand as Jessica opened her eyes and stood up from the ground ”i saw wat u did to my girl Tamara! don’t think that u have won! because am here to conquer and defeat u little boy”, the queen mother said as Jessica smiled

”i am not scared of u all! so do ur worst”, Emma said still stretching forth his bible ”receive this”,the queen mother shouted and blew out a red bead from his mouth which bounced on Emma’s legs as he screamed and fell to the ground making his bible to fall from his hand ”call upon ur God let me see wat help he can render to u!! there is no power greater than the power of the queen mother of the phyton world! this is just the beginning, am waiting”, the queen mother said

”hahahaha!! wat more can u do u fellow of a nobody”, Jessica said and burst into laughter ”oh Jesus!! father pls come to my rescue, I can’t fight this battle alone! Jesus! come and intervene”,Emma cried holding his legs which was bleeding heavily ”it time to end ur life”, the queen mother said and raised her hand up as Emma started going up the air holding his neck ”wat more can ur God do? call upon him! hahahaha”, the queen mother said still raising her hand up, choking Emma to death,

”fa…fath… father I commit my soul into ur hand”, Emma managed to say loosing his breath, just then the door flunged opened and pastor Eric walked in with two of his prayer warriors ”touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm”, pastor Eric said coming towards the queen mother.

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