Episode 11

Jessica was seen in their phyton world still holding Fred’s manhd smiling, while their queen mother was also seen sitting on her golden chair smiling on seeing Jessica with a manhd, the rest of the members were also present there ”greetings to u my queen mother”, Jessica greeted and bow her head

”greetings to u my beloved daughter”, the queen mother responded smiling ”greetings to u my fellow members”, Jessica greeted the members ”greetings to u our second in command”, they all response ”welcome back home my beloved daughter! I guessed ur mission has finally been accomplished successfully”, the queen mother asked, stretched forth her hand and a red bowl appeared

, ”now my daughter put the two brothers manhood here”, the queen mother said still stretching forth the bowl ”am sorry my queen mother! I have only one manh*d with me and it belongs to Fred, but I promise to go back for his brother”, Jessica said ”wat?? after wat I told u! wat happened? why didn’t u bring the younger brother’s own together with Fred’s own? the queen mother asked

”that Emma of a boy is not an ordinary boy like I told u before! I really don’t know who he is serving that is protecting him! I have tried so many times to kill him but all to no avail! that little boy is really tough to get”, Jessica complained

”no prob! in that case, u and Tamara shall go for the mission to get that Emma of a boy killed and bring me his manhd, if the mission still gets tough for u guys, then I will show myself! there is no power greater than the power of the queen mother of the phyton world, not on this Earth,..that Emma of a boy must be killed, very important! now put the manhd here on this bowl and get urselves prepared for the next mission”, the queen mother said as Jessica dropped the manh**d on the bowl, bow and joined the others

”daughters of the phyton world”, the queen mother hails ”facebook is our goal”, they all chorused ”daughters of the phyton world”, the queen mother repeated ”facebook is our goal”, they all chorused again ”now u all should listen to me! the rates of the manhds u guys are bringing to me these days are not satisfying at all! or does it means the whole men on Facebook is finished? I know u guys are trying but keep trying harder,.. I want u all, I mean all of u to log into Facebook the next day morning, reply whoever men that chats with u guys, be it short, be it tall, I don’t care, wat I care is their manhds! Jessica and Tamara will not join u guys because they have assignment to carry out! u guys should be very careful”, the queen mother said

”we will our queen mother of the phyton world”, they all chorused ”tamara and Jessica step aside”, the queen mother ordered as they both came out standing in front of her ”once it is 6am in the morning, I want u guys to carry out ur mission! like I said before if that little boy gives u guys tough time, I shall show myself!! so fear not”, the queen mother said

”ok our queen mother of the phyton world! we’ve heard wat u said”, Jessica and Tamara said at the same time ”good!! now u all should go back to ur various places, I want to hear and see goodnews tomorrow”, the queen mother said ”we will never fail u our queen mother”, they all chorused,turned into a phyton and disappeared ”hahahaha! hahahaha! hahahaha! men on Facebook are in trouble”, the queen mother said, turned into a very huge phyton and also disappeared.



The next morning, Emma woke up as early as possible and went to his brother’s room to greet him as usual, on reaching there,he knocked but got no response, so he pushed the door and met the shock of his life, Fred was lying lifeless without a head and his manh**d was gone, Emma on seeing that screamed and rushed to his brother’s lifeless and headless body crying and shaking him

”so that daughter of a serpent has finally succeeded in her evil mission! bro Fred why? why? I warned u about her but u payed deaf ears to me! aaaah my brother! bro Fred pls wake up! who will take care of me now? aaaaaaaah my brother”, Emma cried and puts his head on Fred’s body, after some minutes of crying, he stood up went to his room, grabbed his bible with tears in his eyes he left his room

”and pastor Eric is not around! he travelled for evangelism and would be coming back tomorrow! aaaah bro Fred why u? I warned u about that evil girl but u payed deaf ears to me! aaaaaah my only brother! oh God! wat do I do now? let me go to the pastor’s house and tell his wife about my brother! bro Fred why u? who will look after me now? such a miserable death, I warned u”, Emma cried heading to the sitting room, he gets to the door and was about opening it but found out it locked, he tried opening it again but all to no avail,

as he was struggling opening it, the light of the sitting room switched off by itself and the whole house started shaking, Emma on seeing all that, fear gripped over him that instant as he started calling the name of Jesus, just then the window cracked and broke by itself as two phyton crawled in through the window heading towards Emma’s direction and making horrible sounds.


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