Episode 6

”Emma u have bitten more than u can chew, before u exposed me,I will have to kill u first and ur manhood shall be giving to our queen mother”, Jessica said, stood up from the bed and left the room heading towards the sitting room where Emma was seen struggling to open the door, it obvious, Jessica is at work,..

As Emma was still struggling to open the door, he noticed the light of the sitting room went off itself and everywhere became a bit dark, with fear Emma turned back and was surprised to see Jessica coming towards him smiling devilishly ” stop wasting ur time in struggling to open that door because it will never open little boy”, Jessica said still coming towards him, ”stay away from me u daughter of iniquity! daughter of the serpent”, Emma boldly said and moved a bit from the door

”hahahaha!! and wat makes u think I will stay away from u, u disciple of a nobody”, Jessica said and smiled devilisly ”i am not scared of u, u daughter of the serpent because am serving a living God”, Emma said looking at Jessica ”well well well! that’s good! I think this battle is going to be tough? let me see wat that so called living God u claim u are serving can do? hahahaha”, Jessica said and immediately turned into a very big phyton but still with a human head, ”blood of Jesus”, Emma shouted on seeing that,

”i will make sure I destroy u now and take ur manhood to my queen mother”, Jessica said but still on her phyton form ”i am not scared of u, u daughter of iniquity because I know the God am serving can never forsake me, he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world! I command u to go ba…..”, ”shut up! don’t u dare mentioned that u fellow of a nobody”, Jessica shouted and blew something out of her mouth which bounce on Emma’s leg, as Emma fell down and started screaming but still shouting the name of Jesus, ”this is just the beginning! wat more can u do? am coming right now to kill u”, Jessica said crawling to where Emma was sitting on the floor,

immediately Emma saw her coming, he managed to stood up,struggled and ran to his room holding his injured leg, as he was struggling running to his room, Jessica was also crawling after him, Emma got to his room, entered and lock the door, ”do u think u can escape me? no way! am coming for u”, Jessica said outside the door

”Father pls come and fight my battle! I can’t fight it alone, am very weak! father I know u have never failed me before and I know u can never fail me now! father pls show me mercy and come and rescue me from this daughter of the serpent”, Emma prayed silently, grabbed his bible, opened it and started reading psalms, as he was busy reading psalms, he heard a strange sounds and immediately turned back, to his surprise, standing before him was Jessica with her serpent form, but this time with two human head, Emma on seeing this screamed and stretch forth his bible

”why wasting ur time? why not just surrender? Jessica said and gave out a loud laugh coming towards Emma but this time, Emma holds on to his ground, still stretching his bible and praying hard with his two eyes closed ”aaaaaaaaah!! aaaaaaaah”, Jessica screamed and disappeared,.. after Emma finished praying, he opened his eyes, look around the room, fell down and collapse, with his injured leg bleeding heavily.

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