Episode 2

Emma returns back from church looking worried, he met Fred his elder brother sitting on the couch, chatting with his laptop smiling, Fred who was carried away with chatting didn’t notice Emma’s presence until Emma cleared his throat

”oh u are back already? Fred asked, still chatting ”yes am back! big bro when will u do away with social media! every minute and second u are always on ur laptop”, Emma said and made a face, not until Fred dropped his laptop and looked at Emma’s face and noticed the worried expression on his face ”u looked bothered, wat is the problem? Fred asked in a concerned tone

”yes I look very bothered o”, Emma replied and sat beside Fred on the couch ”wat is the matter? Fred asked ”big bro! when I was at the church, I started having this strange feelings about u”, Emma said worried ”wat feelings? Fred asked with seriousness on his face

”i really don’t know the meaning of the strange feelings! I saw a strange lady turned into a phyton strangling u on the neck, before I could do anything to save u, u were already dead! this feelings keeps coming over and over while I was at the church, so I can’t take it anymore, I have to meet my pastor after closing hour and explain the strange feelings to him, so he asked me to tell u to see him at Bible study tomorrow”, Emma said looking at space

”hahahaha!! Emma Emma! u worried too much, maybe u were just imagining it, nothing will happen to me ok? stop thinking negative thought ok? Fred said smiling ”that is the problem with u! u take everything for granted, I advise u go see pastor tomorrow”, Emma said ”i won’t be chance tomorrow, I will be going to the office! tell pastor that I will see him some other time but not tomorrow”, Fred said and carried his laptop ”but bro Fred, u just have to se….”,

”i said I will see pastor some other time and not tomorrow, that is final! now go to ur room and change ur wear”, Fred shouted while Emma stood up and angrily walked to his room.


The following day evening, Fred has returned from the office, took his shower,ate his meal and comes out to the garden to have a cool breeze, he was holding a glass of wine with him as he sat down on the chair, he was also holding his laptop and tablet phone with him as usual, not too long, he heard a hard knock on the gate ”Akpan! akpan”, he shouted his gateman’s name,

”yes oga”, Akpan respond running up to him ”were are u running to? can’t u see someone is knocking at the gate? my friend will u go and open that gate? Fred said to Akpan who ran immediately to the gate and opened it, Akpan jaws dropped on seeing the beautiful damsel standing at the gate with two big bags. ”akpan who was that? Fred asked ”oga na one fine aunty”, Akpan replied ”which aunty is that? Fred asked confusedly ”i know know her name o, make I asked her”, Akpan said ”fine aunty! who u dey find and waiting be ur name? akpan asked smiling, looking at her boobs

”i guess this is Fred’s house? anyway tell ur boss Fred that Jessica is standing at the gate”, Jessica said smiling ”ok!! oga she say her name na aunty Jessica! akpan shouted ontop of his voice, Fred on hearing the name Jessica almost fell from the chair ”pretty Jessica! but how come she knows my compound? I only gave her my estate address and asked her to call me when she gets there! I never gave her my compound address! but how come she knows my exact compound? this girl must be a magician”, Fred said in a confused and surprised tone.

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