Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 29

Jarvis and Fang arrived to the cave

Priest joke: how was fight

Jarvis: it is extraordinary bad, it even saddened my heart

Priest Hator: but why did you say that

Fang: keeper show himself

( as they hear that, they were astonished and couldn’t move from their spot )

Jarvis: why are you shocked

Priest joke: you just said that keeper appear to you guys

Jarvis: yes of course, he even fought us

Priest jole: he fought you, can that be real

Fang: yes it is real

Priest kang: but he can’t fight, he can’t use magics or anything weapon but how can that be

Jarvis: did you remember when Hoxo force him said what the meaning of the words in the ancient language

Priest joke: probably yes

Jarvis: Hoxo now has extract him out of Darot then makes him pure evil unleashing him to fight we defenders

Priest Hators: were is him now

Fang: he his no more

Priest joke: oh no, you should’ve retrained him

Jarvis: we did, but Darot and his friends blast him then turn into vapor then vanished in the sky.

( they all silence for a while )

Priest joke: those villains must pay for this, they have to pay

( suddenly Jason arrived while they were all amazed on seeing him )

Jarvis: why have you come here

Priest joke: I think you don’t know where you are

Priest Hators: how did he get here

Priest Kang: he must be a villain, I think so

Jarvis: no he was my brother

( they all silence )

Priest joke: how can that be

Jarvis: why have you come,what come over you,why are you here

Jason: I follow your path and step, I am here by fate

Jarvis: what really happen because I can see on your faces

( asking him,while a tears rush out of Jason face )

Jason: the evil as destroy everything we have

Jarvis: did you mean it, did they probably come

Jason: yes, yes they came

Jarvis: how can that possible

Jason: you have to believe me,you have to believe since I never lied to you

Jarvis: I do, what of mom and dad and Uncle Frank

Jason: they are gone, the evil has take them, I could only escape the destruction and I find a possible way to run out

Fang: that must be Hoxo

Jason: yes, he called himself Hoxo, he his very cruel and has a fearful face

Jarvis: I think he need me.

( actually, a portal appeared while they could see Hoxo sitting on the throne in which it can communicate from their to him )

What did you want from me

Hoxo: I am Hoxo the great one, it is me yes it is me and it shall be me

Jarvis: I said what did you want from me

Hoxo: in my lifetimes I have been call many names like killer, assassin, anti-hero,villains murderer thief and the evil one, but in my perspective I do what is right and no one can challenge me for it because I have I am near omnipotent I am near omniscient also omni present even omnifarious and also omnidirection to everything, all evils works for me and now I am unstoppable, call me Hoxo the great one.

Priest joke: what was he saying, what does this brat saying

( Hoxo from where he was then striked Priest joke down then he give up a ghost )

Hoxo: that is what I hate

Jarvis: you can’t let me fear you and I will afraid of you

Hoxo: you may not, but I will make you one day one day when I begin my great revenge on your kingdom even to your planet as well, then you shall see

Jarvis: why have you arrest my peoples

Hoxo: I arrest them because no one want you, no one need you expect me but I want you for your amazing powers and abilities.

Jarvis: you must be kidding, I am not for you Hoxo I am not your guys I am different, and I can’t join your force to conquer earth

Hoxo: then prepare to have your family dead, if you don’t listen to me then I am going to rent them and also use them as my feast, it is better you here me I know that you don’t have a choice

( he then show him his family )

Jason: mom dad

( he shouted )

Hoxo: bye for now

( Hoxo then vanished while the portal vanished too )

Jason: this is really bad, but what are we going to do now

Fang: I don’t know, he has seen your ability.

Jarvis: I know what to do, you just enjoy your self

Priest Hators: now that Priest joke has dead now, he loved me and I loved him very much, we act as a twin brother we love each other since we are bounded and gathered by our late Keeper.

Jarvis: guys you have to know that we are in the end of the world, this battle is coming to an end, many people will lose there lives in the battle, but what Awesome let me was that we shall be victorious even if those calamities happened even destruction to destruction all I know was that we shall be victorious at the end.

Priest Hators: Priest joke as done many works on this kingdom just to makes it save and makes it well all what I know is that he his going to meet his ancestors and he will be blessed by them.

Fang: this makes me remember the story he like most, he recommend it to me

Priest kang: can you please summarize it for the memory of him

Fang: I can’t

Jarvis: please let us know what is all about, we have to remember our past friends for it.

Fang: anyway I will

( they all concentrate at him )

Did you mean I should said this

Jarvis: not only to remember his past but to wiped out my fear in battling Hoxo and his minions to the end

Fang: what I read from it was that.

( then begin his narrations, as he was narrating it Jarvis close his eyes then found himself in the spirit world while seeing Awesome in a form of a man but in Earth Fang continue his narrations while the priest could realize that he was in the spirit world this makes Fang to stop what he was saying in order to let him concentrate in the spirit world and the being he was having conservation with while Fang leave to prepare Priest joke funeral rite in order to burry him in honour while remembering that they have no opportunity to bury Keeper in honour, they all leave Jarvis alone with his brother telling him to watch over him in case of anything like range, they all go for it )

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