Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 8


He begin to think of what to do, he then move near the gate knocking it, but could not here any anything neither stranges of no one

Jarvis: I have to phase

( he step back, then phase inside, seeing himself in the cave while everything was dark he could not see nothing )

Anyone here

( a voice then utters )

Voice: go back this place is forbidden

Jarvis: you should have ask how I have get inside, I am not an enemy I just come to help.

( the voice begin to laugh )

Voice: protect yourself first,before you can protect anyone

Jarvis: are you joking, Awesome sent me here.

Voice: Awesome

( the person speaking was amazed )

You can’t trick me with that oh man

( actually the person throw an arrow in the darkness, Jarvis could sence something coming toward him then hold it on )

Now that you are dead,you can’t trick me with Awesome, you must be surely lair.

Jarvis: did you still need evidence that will surely proof that i am not an enemy,because if I am, I should send the arrow back.

( the person was surprised, unfortunately the dark cave turn light, while Jarvis could see the person challenging wearing an ancient garment, looking like a priest )

I am Jarvis the Golden claw

Keeper: called me keeper

Jarvis: first time.

Keeper: I hered about you,I here about the new chosen one, I don’t know that it is you, even I have go through the ancient prophecy about you.

Jarvis: thanks for that.

Keeper: what actually bring you here.

Jarvis: what bought me here is about the upcoming prophecy.

Keeper: so you have hered about that.

Jarvis: yes I have hered.

Keeper: come on priest

( The priest all come out from each different places surrounding the book that was in the middle and was on a magical pillar )

What did you want to know about it

Jarvis: nothing

Priest Thara: you said nothing, then while have you here

Jarvis: just to ensure that it was save

Priest Earl: no it can’t take it from us.

.Priest Camme: even if he stole it from us, he will find it useless because he his not familer with it, I don’t think that he can read and understand the language of the ancient.

Jarvis: what hell is this,have you never hered of the villain mutant and the minions, they also are searching for it, because the next prophecy is all what is about Hoxo.

Keeper: their is no way Hoxo can have the it,i he can’t understand the language in it.

Jarvis: please don’t joke with this,the villain might come at anytime.

Keeper: listen, Golden claw no one has taken it from us our forefathers have guard it and has protect it ,it has been here for about billions of years ago,nothing has come for it, and I believe that it will not come

Jarvis: but you have to mark my word,this time around, everything has changed the evil are coming for it.

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