Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 32

Jarvis find himself in Hoxo lair for the first time, everyplace was dark and quite, he begin to move in the darkness until the place light seeing Verta and Morgana standing on his way

Jarvis: now get out of my way

Morgana: his he ordering or demanding

Verta: I don’t know too

( they laughed )

Jarvis: am not playing this time around, not out of my way

( he said with rage )

Morgana: you must be joking

Jarvis: am going to start from you

( Jarvis close his eyes, immediately his power come to him, his claw turn into golden claw with his sneakers and hand while he unleash his fury at them )

Morgana: come on friend let use this as a feast

( they all run to him fighting him but they beat him up while they begin to laugh at him, mocking him, he become furious indeed while remembering what he had saw in the portal seeing his dead parent, he become furious indeed then rise up as his nail become sharpened indeed while he furiously move to Verta, he use his claw to pierce him, releasing a great amount of poison to him, he turn to Morgana then fly up, while Morgana look at him as he was coming down, suddenly strike her on her skull while she begin to paint, Jarvis run to him then use his claw to cut her throat while she fall down them give up ghost along with his brother )

Jarvis: now that you are gone

( Jarvis leave their dead body as he move to Hoxo place seeing him sitting on a big demon throne, while seeing his physical changes, he was afraid but he summon himself with courage )

Jarvis: I have come to have my revenge

Hoxo: welcome to my lair of darkness, I am Hoxo the great one, that is what peoples call me

Jarvis: I said I have come to have my revenge, now rise on your feet and fight me

Hoxo: funny, I can see that you are angry indeed o son of man, I can see in your faces how furious you are, actually you should have not kill my warriors, you should’ve not kill them with your wondrous renting claw, I have prepare a wonderful place for you, you have to consider that, I have prepare a wonderful mysterious place for you that you and I could dwell in, I have see through my vision how I am going to devastate and erased mankind out of existence and turn my worlds to your world, and I need you for my formation, I have see many crying for help in future I have seen many peoples pleading for protection,lastly I have seen many peoples pleading for a new defender from Awesome.

Jarvis: so you know who Awesome was

( he said with fury in his face )

Hoxo: yes yes yes,I knew him long time ago, he can’t stop me, he can’t blocked my way in destroying your world

Jarvis: but I will

Hoxo: if you dream to stop me, then your dream can’t come true,dream will fight dream and I will know which dream that is going to win.

Jarvis: you can’t succeed at the end, have you seen what that is going to happened at the end of yours ?

( Hoxo was silence for a while )

Hoxo: I have seen it, I have seen it, all what I know was that it can’t come true, it has to pass over me when I begin my great destruction and I shall change the future.

Jarvis: have you see anyone that did it

Hoxo: yes, yes, The Sovereign as, and I am going to do it, when i will start my great destruction in your kingdom, many peoples will lost home, wave after wave will attack them with a ferocity never seen before, and know one his going to released them from my bondage.

Jarvis: let your story end that way, now rise up and fight me.

Hoxo: I won’t now

Jarvis: then am going to fight you

Hoxo: if you like,but I will makes you know that you still have a better chance

( he said has he released his parent, while two guards bring them to Hoxo, Jarvis was astonished on seeing his undead parent, thinking that did they refused to die )

Jarvis: mom, Dad

Mr James: Jarvis

( he shout on top of his voice )

Hoxo: now surrender yourself an I am going to released them to the world

Jarvis: no

( Jarvis was silent, he bow his head while thinking of what he could do only he couldnt know what to do, while Hoxo read his mind while it revealed that he as agreed, he use his teleportation power to teleport his family to Razia )

Hoxo: now give me what I want, give me what I need

( Jarvis cried, thinking of how a person saving the whole kingdom, now turning to destroyer of his kingdom, he think all things as he rise up )

Jarvis: you force me in doing what I don’t want to do, all what I know was that I will be recovered when it is time and I am going to destroy you for real.

( Hoxo on hearing those words, he become so furious then cast his spell in him, making Jarvis to yelled in pain, while his system change, he was brainwashed and also mend with evil spirit, his eyes turn red while smiling )

Hoxo: now what it your mission for me

Jarvis: to help you accomplished your mission, I shall help you to devastate everything that existed in human world, many will praise me in your name, and you shall be the conqueror of the world, not only that.

( he paused )

We shall destroy and crush everyone to dust, and all existence will be yours.

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