Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 26

Idowu was beaten to a pulp before he informed the inspector about the venue for the transaction of the drugs.

Idowu was reticent about revealing it because, that would put too many witnesses against him. Besides that, he had hoped that those several other clients who were influential would come to his rescue. If he started mentioning their names, they’d all rot in jail. He was sure not to leave Gbenga out of the picture. Gbenga was one of the causes of his calamity. If he had not taken over his house, the cops would have not found him at Tina’s place.

Inspector: Was that so hard?

Idowu exhaled heavily. He was out of breathe like, he had been running a race. He had never been beaten that way before, he was really weak.

The inspector shook his head in disgust.

Inspector: Don’t worry Idowu. I’ll see to it that, you’ll spend a lot of time in jail. It’s almost 5:00pm. We are all going to the club. In the meantime, we need to treat the bruises on your face. You’re the lead man, remember?

At 6:00pm, Gbenga’s guys had gone to their various positions at the club.

Gbenga had made lots of preparations for the plan that evening. He hadn’t the slightest idea of what was going on.

He was all hyped up for surprising Idowu, he’d collect the money from him and kill him.

Victoria returned from the motuary after being dragged out by the officer. Immediately, she was brought to the inspector’s room, Tina who was crying earlier started ranting.

While at the morgue, Victoria couldn’t control her emotions when she saw how her daughter was put in the morgue’s urn for preservation of her body, she busted out in tears, when she was asked to sign some papers.

She couldn’t give a response when, the doctor asked her when, she’d come for the body. It was her daughter, they were talking about. Her six year old baby Laura.

She hadn’t cried as much as that since Laura died. She cried so much till, she felt her eyes dry, he lips sour and head ache so, while Tina yelled insensitively at her in the inspector’s office, she said nothing.

Tina: This is all your fault.

James watched his wife ignore Tina. His wife was not someone to ignore a castigator, therefore, he knew, she was really hurt.

Victoria was the only on without cuffs. Tina and James were cuffed. Idowu was not with them, he was still with the inspector.

Tina: I’m talking to you Victoria. How on earth could you call the cops on us? I let you stay in my house and this is how you repay. Ungrateful b***h.

James: That’s enough Tina.

Tina: you can’t possibly expect me to calm down. You should be glad, I’m cuffed, else, I would have just murdered you, then, I would know I’m spending the rest of my life in jail for a cause….

Victoria tilted her head sideways, making Victoria know that, she heard all she said but, she was just been quiet.

James drew closer to Victoria. If there was one thing, he hadn’t done since he got his family involved was apologize.

James: Victoria, Vicky.

Victoria faced him, there was no particular expression on her face, that could explain how she felt.

James: I’m sorry. I never meant for this to happen.

Victoria saw the sincerity in his eyes but, she was too angry to forgive him. She stood up and walked to the other chair close to the inspector’s that had a table. She rested her head on the desk and requested not to be disturbed.

Inspector: They’ll get you good clothes for this evening. Be sure to play your part well. If that client so much as suspects that, you’re with the police. I will kill you myself.

Idowu: The marks on my face are more than enough to cause suspicion.

Inspector: You’re a thug anyway. The marks go with your face.

Uhm, I’ll give you few minutes, then, I’d be back..

Idowu: Am I the only devil?

Inspector: If you’re talking about Gbenga, don’t worry, we’re going to your house first thing tomorrow morning.

Idowu: Why not this night? The club we are going to, is directly opposite my house which is Gbenga’s house now.

Inspector: I know!

Idowu: Then??

Inspector: Your clothes are coming..

He walked out of the room and shut the door.

At seven pm, the inspector, Idowu and some officers had left the cell.

Idowu was cuffed in the car, in case, they tried to escape.

Inspector: Did you call this client earlier?

Idowu: No, my phone’s battery died. I couldn’t get in touch with him.

Inspector: Are you even sure about this meeting?

Idowu: I do know, he’d come because, we finalized everything.

Inspector: I hope, you’re not trying to lie to me. Cuz… If you are….

Idowu: Believe me, I’m not lying to you. I’m going to jail anyway and they all must join me too. Be rest assured, I will co operate with you.

At exactly, 8:00pm, the client arrived at the club. Idowu was not in sight. He refused to call Idowu as he had tried to call him earlier and his phone was switched off. He assumed, Idowu wanted him to call his bodyguard (Gbenga) instead.

Gbenga sat in the car packed in a position not too far from the club, with three bodyguards.

Gbenga sneered loudly, seeing the client’s name appear on his phone’s screen.

Gbenga: He’s probably calling, maybe because, Idowu’s not in sight.

Bodyguard: What do we do?

Gbenga: Let me talk to him first.

Client: (foreign accent)

Hello, where’s Idowu?

Gbenga: You mean, he’s not there yet?

Client: Of course, he’s not…….

The client seized speaking. Idowu was approaching him in the club.

Client: Oh, sorry, I found him.

Then, he ended the call.

Gbenga: Idowu is in the club.

Bodyguard: How long do we wait before, we go after him???

Gbenga: Till, he’s done and comes out with the money…..

The inspector parked the car at a distance from the club to avoid suspicion. If he was seen arriving at the club with Idowu, then, their plans might be altered.

After Idowu left the car with one of the officers not on uniform. The inspector impatiently left the car with the officers also not on uniform. They entered the club feigning roughishnes.

The plan was to watch Idowu and the client do the transaction before, any action would take place.

Meanwhile, one of Gbenga’s men, had seen Idowu walk into the club with a man. It was a face, he had never seen before. He left the very noisy club to make a call to Gbenga.

The client and Idowu were going to have a very brief conversation.

Client: This is not the bodyguard you’re always with.

Idowu: Yes…. I know

Client: So, where is he?

Idowu: I dumped him.

Client: I don’t understand.

Idowu: What do you mean by you don’t understand? I said, I dumped the bodyguard, you used to see me with.

Client: But???

The client held up his phone staring as if, he hadn’t seen a phone before.

Idowu thought the guy was going crazy.

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