Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 10

They were all seated at the meeting place at exactly 9:00pm. They waited for an hour before oga (Mr. Johnson) accompanied by very mean looking bodyguards, joined them with a glass of wine in his hand and a cigarette in the other, smoking and drinking like his life depended on it. They all stood up as a sign of respect in the like manner subjects reacted when their king entered a place and he asked them to sit down after he had settled down like a king to his subjects. After all the necessary formal greetings, Gbenga started.

Gbenga: Good evening everyone. As you can see, my arm is injured. (Pointed at his bandaged arm).

Mr. Johnson: (sipped wine) What happened?

Who is in charge of your team?

Gbenga: Mr. Idowu.

Mr. Johnson: (smoked and inhaled deeply). So, you’re one of Idowu’s boys.

Unknown: Not anymore sir. We have been asking for this meeting for months because, we don’t need him anymore. We know, you’re a busy man. Thank you for taking out time to meet with us.

Unknown: Mr. Idowu has gone against all our rules and regulations.

Mr. Johnson: (Dropped the wine on the table). So, what’s going on?

Gbenga: Everything is going on, he’s now involving strangers into this organization, endangering our lives and giving us instructions without thinking.

Mr. Johnson: (cleared throat) As you can see, I’m a very busy man but, seeing that you all of you have decided to gang up against your leader, I’ll give you five minutes more to speak your mind.

Unknown : We just gathered here today to please beg you to give us another boss.

Mr. Johnson: Is that want you want me to do?

Unknown: Yes, that’s what I want you to do.

Mr. Johnson: How do you want me to do it?

Unknown 2: Sir, you’re our leader, what do you mean by we should tell you how to do it.

Mr. Johnson: (Collected a gun from his bodyguard and shot the man immediately).

Everyone: (gasped)

Mr. Johnson: Clean that up.

Bodyguard: Yes sir. (immediately went over to his body and dragged him out like a sack of rice making his blood paint the tiled floor)

Mr. Johnson: (furious) Nobody, I mean nobody has the right to talk to me that way. So, what do you guys want me to do?

Unknown: (shaky voice). Errrm sir, we have picked a leader already that we want you to approve.

Mr. Johnson: And who is that?

Unknown: It’s Gbenga sir. The man with the injured arm.

Mr. Johnson: (looked at Gbenga with a smirk). So, you want to over throw your leader?

Unknown: No, no sir, it’s just that……(interrupted by a vile look from Mr. Johnson).

Mr. Johnson: Let the man speak for himself.

Gbenga: Okay, sir. I have been selected to be their leader and I also want to be their leader.

Mr. Johnson: Are you sure, they won’t try to overthrow you too when you pass a wrong judgement.

Everyone: No, no sir. We trust Gbenga, that’s why we are rooting for him.

Mr. Johnson: (Took his wine from the table). Fine, he’s your leader then.

Everyone: Thank you sir.

Mr. Johnson: can I go?

Gbenga: But, how do we get him to step down?

Mr. Johnson: I don’t know, whichever way, you’d want.

Gbenga: (Smiled). Thank you sir.

Mr. Johnson: that’s all. Goodbye everyone.

Everyone: Goodbye sir.

After he left, a maid in lingerie and a bra top arrived to clean up the blood. They all wanted to talk about their colleague who was just killed brutally by him but for fear of hidden cameras, they all pretended not to know about it.

Victoria boarded the bus as early as 6:00pm. She had to do that, if she didn’t want to arrive very late. She called James’ phone, nobody picked up. She assumed his phone would still be in his friend’s house.

James: you still haven’t seen it?

Tina: Yes, I haven’t.

James: where is it?

Tina: See, I searched all night. I can’t find it.

James: But, it was here.

Tina: we both saw it.

James: What if one of your guys took it?

Tina knew that was the case but, she wouldn’t just tell James. If Ola had really taken that phone, it meant his wife and daughter were in serious danger.

Tina: No, they can’t try it.

James: How are you sure?

Tina: I know them too well.

James: But, there was one always opposing you.

Tina: Who? Ola?

James: I don’t know his name.

Tina: Well, he’s Ola and he is powerless.

James: Then where is the phone.

Tina: Just hold on..

Tina brought out her phone to dial Idowu’s number. It didn’t ring for long when he picked up.

Idowu: Tina, watch the news.

Tina: What’s going on?

Idowu: The crime that went on in Richard’s house.

Tina: Richard’s house?

Idowu: yes.

Tina: D–n it.

Idowu: You know, your house is not too far from his. I hope people didn’t know you were his boyfriend.

Tina wasn’t sure of that but, she till had to say something.

Idowu: Tina!

Tina: No, they didn’t, I was very careful.

Idowu: In fact, you guys should start coming now.

Tina: Yes sir.

Idowu: Now, I mean now!, don’t forget my drugs.

Tina: Yes sir.

Idowu: And, I just got a report that you shot one of my men first.

Tina: He was trying to attack me. I didn’t it in self defense.

Idowu: But, Gbenga said, the guy was defenseless when you shot him. I told you to just take those drugs and leave. I didn’t want it to be with my men, else, if it gets to our oga, my share of cash from the sales of the drugs would be little.

Tina: I’m sorry sir.

Idowu: Simple instruction. Now I might lose a lot because of you.

Tina: (rolled her eyes). I’m sorry sir.

Idowu: Anyways, you know it’s not my house you’re coming to, you know the usual place na.

Tina: Yes, sir

Idowu: Start coming now. (ended the call).

Tina was scared and angry at the same time. Scared because, if the cops came looking for her with evidence, there would be trouble. Angry, because, Ola had disobeyed her by stealing that phone.

James: so, what about my phone?

Tina: Let’s get to Idowu’s house.

James: I’m not going anywhere till I get that phone. My wife may already be on her way. I want to tell her not to go to our house for today. So, where is it?

Tina: you will not stay in my house and order me around. Get dressed, we’ll leave in twenty minutes. There’ll be no breakfast here, we’ll have breakfast with Idowu.

Victoria hissed and sighed in the bus when her phone rang and it was her mother. She had hoped it was James.

Victoria: Hello mummy good morning ma.

Victoria’s mum: You’re crazy, you know right?

Victoria: What do you mean by that?

Victoria’s mum: You left the house without telling anyone. What sort of act is that?

Victoria: I didn’t want you guys to try and stop me.

Victoria’s mum: You’re a very silly human being.

Victoria: Mummy, we’ll talk later. (ended the call)

After two hours drive, James and Tina arrived at Idowu’s crib. A crib where Idowu held secret meetings. Besides Gbenga and Tina, nobody else knew the location of that crib except James who was visiting for the first time.

James: This is not Idowu’s house. (got down from the car)

Tina: I’m aware of that.

James: so?

Tina: This is where we’ll meet him.

James: Okay.

They walked into the compound. The house was at the far end of the compound, occupying a very small space. The structure of the house, made it look very creepy

James: What kind of building is this?

Tina: When you get in, you can ask Idowu.

Walking on the sand from the gate to the main door took more ten minutes. James was getting impatient, he was really worried about his wife and child. It was already late to warn them about not coming but he wanted to go home. He couldn’t wait for the meeting with Idowu to be over.

Idowu: Ah, James, come in, sit down, sit down.

Tina: Good morning sir.

James: Good morning sir.

Idowu: Come over here, come and sit down. (Directed them to the sofa).

Tina: sir, the bags are in the car.

Since, I’ll be the one supplying it, I decided to leave it there.

Idowu: That’s your business, I don’t just want anything to happen to it.

James: sir please, I need to go immediately, I can’t find my phone and she is on her way home by now.

Idowu: You’ll go home when we are done.

James: I’m sorry sir, I can’t.

Idowu: Why not?

James: As I said, my phone is missing.

Idowu: How come?

James: I think one of Tina’s guys collected my phone.

Idowu: Tina, how on earth could you let that happen?

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