Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 9

Victoria: What’s up with this man?, why isn’t he picking his calls?.

She dialled his number again.

Tina: She’s calling again, you better behave.

James: okay.

Tina: oya take, put it on loud speaker (she handed the phone to him).

Victoria: Hello. James.

James: (softly) Yes, dear, how are you?

Victoria: Ah ah, are you okay?. Why are you sounding this way.

Tina: (Gave James a dreadful stare).

James: No, dear, I’m just tired, I’m feeling sleepy.

Truly, he was tired but, not because of sleep.

Victoria: hmmmmh, okay oooo.

James: Okay dear.

Victoria: ah ah, you didn’t even ask of Laura.

Tina: (Whispered with a smirk on her face) so, you have a daughter?

James: (foolish woman, must you talk about Laura?). Errrm, how is she?

Victoria: She’s fine, nawa for you sha..

James: okay.

Victoria: Do you want to speak to her?

James: No. (He ended the call)

Tina: Are you mad?, why did you end the call?

Victoria: Hmmmm, James. That man is up to something.

(she dialled the number again)

Victoria was lashing out on him for ending the call when she called again.

Victoria: Oya, pick the call.

James: Yes, yes ma

He picked the call immediately.

Victoria: James, why did you end the call?

Ola: (whispered) On loud speaker now.

James: (Pressed the speaker button) errrm, Victoria, I thought you had finished talking.

Victoria: Hmmmm, James, is anything wrong with you, you sound awful.

James wished his wife would just stop talking once and for all.

Victoria: You don’t want to say anything. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that, Laura and I are coming tomorrow.

James: No, don’t come.

Ola: (Slapped James)

Victoria: What sound was that and what do you mean by we shouldn’t come?

James: (angry) Nothing.

Victoria: Nothing shey?, it had better be nothing, when I get there tomorrow, we’ll talk. Goodnight. (she ended the call).

Tina collected the phone and dropped it on the study desk.

Tina: Ola, that’s great news. His wife will return tomorrow, not just his wife, his daughter.

James: Please, just leave them out of this.

Tina: I will if you tell me where my boyfriend is.

James: Boyfriend?

Ola: Stupid question.

Victoria: Yes, of course. My boyfriend.

It hadn’t occured to James that Richard was her boyfriend. The guy he knew was dead. What was he going to tell her?

Idowu: Where is James?

Bodyguard: He needs to be treated sir.

Idowu: Gbenga tell me, what happened to James.

Gbenga: He was killed along with few other guys except this one you’re seeing here and I who was shot but, you couldn’t see that because you only care about James.

Idowu: Are you talking to me that way?

Bodyguard: (Rudely) Sir we need to treat him now.

Idowu: (Looked at them for a while). You know the normal procedure, he’s not to be taken to a hospital.

Bodyguard: Yes, sir.

It’s not that Idowu wasn’t worried about Gbenga but he felt bad about James. James was someone he had true intentions of helping, he thought about James’ wife and daughter. He vowed to help them, thinking that James had died.

Tina: So, tell me, where’s my Richard? Cus, I’m so sure, you know, due to what played out this evening at his house. Don’t you dare lie to me.

James: (grunts in pain and exasperation). I don’t know.

Tina: If you think, we can’t get to your wife, it’s just a matter of texting her from your phone. And see these guys, (Ola and the other guy). They are ready to kill you, if I leave you to them. So, reconsider. But, if you can be truthful, I can guarantee your safety and that of your family’s.

James knew she wasn’t bluffing. His life was the last thing on his mind. In as much as he didn’t have a blissful marriage, he didn’t want any harm to come to his wife, much more, his daughter.

James: I swear, I wasn’t involved.

Ola: Involved in what?

James: (stuttered)

Tina: You were not involved in what?

James: The thing is Richard is dead.

Ola: Eh, my guy?

Tina: What happened?

James: I sincerely don’t know.

James elucidated his discovery about Richard. Though, he lied about being a part of Idowu’s men. He claimed, he was deceived and didn’t know they were coming for such a deed.

Tina: I talk am. When I saw you, I just know sey, you no get mind.

Ola: But, how come he was with a gun?, how could you not be part of their gang and you had a gun.

James: Like, I said, I didn’t know, when we got here and Gbenga sensed danger, he gave me a gun.

Ola: Who’s Gbenga?

James: The one that wanted to bargain.

Tina: So, Richard is dead.

Ola: you don’t sound surprised, though, you’re trying to fake surprise.

Tina: You!, you! go get the drugs from the car. (Referred to Ola and the other guy).

Ola: (gave her a stern look). You will not kill this guy?

Tina: Of course, I will but, you know?, I can’t kill him in this house.

Ola: Hmmmmm.

James: But you said……(his speech was interrupted by Tina’s slap).

Tina: Shut up.

James: (Held his face looking at her angrily).

Few minutes later, they brought the drugs into the room.

Tina: Keep it there.

Ola: We have kept it here, must we keep it by the bed.

Tina: Yes. And after that, you both should leave.

Ola: what do you mean by that?

Tina: Surely, you were not thinking I’d let you crash here.

Ola: why?

Tina: Personal reasons.

Ola: So, we should take this guy?

Tina: No, leave him here. Do you want the gateman to ask me questions. Just leave him here. I’ll deliver him to you guys by 9:00pm tomorrow.

Ola: Na you sabi. Because, me, I go kill am as far as say Richard don die.

Tina: Whatever.

She saw them off to the gate. She had practically chased them away. However, Tina was not aware of the fact that Ola had taken James’ phone from the study table. Immediately she locked the gate behind them, she begged the gate man to follow her into her room, she said her friend had a twisted ankle and he needed help.

Gateman: Tina, Tina, wetin dey do you? You dey bring person wey wound come house.

Tina: Please sir, just help me.

Gateman: Get me an ice pack.

They went straight to the guest room. James was astonished to find another guy with Tina. He saw a cooler with Tina so, he figured, Calvary had arrived.

He didn’t know why Tina wanted to help him but, it was for his good, that question would be settled later. Not long after his twisted ankle was straightened, Tina discovered his phone was missing.

Tina: Did you take your phone?

James: No, I didn’t.

Tina killed off the issue, she needed to be really sure if the phone was missing or not.

Gateman: In the morning, I no wan see am here oooo.

Tina: Yes sir, thanks sir.

Gateman: I don tell you.

James: Thank you sir.

Gateman: You’re crazy.

James wondered if the new response to “Thank you”, is “you’re crazy”.

Gateman: (open the door) Tina, I don tell you sha and don’t remove your leg from that ice pack yet till after an hour.(then he left).

Tina: Are you hungry?

James: (surprised)

He was so sure, it was poison.

James: errrm, I’m hungry but, I want to know one thing. Are you this nice to people before you kill them?

Tina: I have no……

she was cut short by a phone call.

Tina: Just hold on, we’ll talk. Hello. Yes, he’s here. Okay sir. (handed the phone over to James.

James not wanting to ask questions, collected her phone.

James: Hello.

Unknown: Hello James.

James: please, who is this?

Unknown: Don’t you recognize my voice?, it’s me Idowu.

James: Which Idowu?

Idowu: Which other idowu do you know???

James was speechless. Why would Idowu call Tina?, how were they linked?.

James: Hello, Idowu, how come you called this lady?

Idowu: You mean Tina?

James: Yes, yes.

Idowu: She’s my girl. See ehn, there are a lot of things I’d explain to you when I see you. Hope you’re okay.

James: I’m fine.

Idowu: I wanted to confirm from Tina, you were not the one, I wanted dead. I was scared, I thought you were dead.

James was provoked hearing that statement of concern by Idowu. He saw it as pretense. If Idowu really cared for him, then, why did he send him to Richard’s house in the first place?

James: I’m not dead sir.

Idowu: Okay, that’s good.

Idowu: Tomorrow morning, Tina will bring you here, we need to discuss.

James: (discuss wetin?). As far as James was concerned, there was no meeting with Idowu. He was going to flee, if possible, to a totally different environment. He remembered his wife’s statement of coming to Lagos. He had to call her right away and stop her, no matter what. However, he was going to be wise this time. He wouldn’t just say no outright.

James: Okay, no problem.

Idowu: Good, take care of yourself. Give the phone back to Tina.

James: Yes sir. Take, he wants to speak to you. (referred to Tina).

Tina was absent minded, she was fidgeting as she was beginning to suspect that the phone was not misplaced but gone.

James: (yelled) Tina.

Tina: Okay. (collected the phone).

Tina: Sir?

Idowu: Bring him tomorrow, let’s talk.

Tina: Okay sir. I have something I need to ask you for ooo. It’s something concerning Richard’s guys, they are not happy oooo.

Idowu: Tomorrow, we’ll discuss, don’t worry.

Tina: And I need cash.

Idowu: Tina, I said tomorrow. Goodnight.

Tina: Goodnight sir.

James: Tina, where is my phone?

Tina: I don’t know, I’ve been searching for it.

Ola and the other guy went to Ola’s house, the compound was detestable. It stinked but, that was what Ola could afford. They had barely rested when, Ola requested for James’ phone from the other guy. The phone he stole.

Ola: Give me that phone.

Unknown: Take( he handed James’ phone to Ola.

Ola: Felix, this is what we’ll do.

Felix: What? You know madam Tina asked us not to do anything stupid.

Ola: You’re too fearful. I don’t even know what’s wrong with you and Tina. Richard is dead and you guys don’t want to avenge his death. There’s a scapegoat there that can pay for his death but, Tina’s hiding him so, his family would have to pay.

Felix: let’s just wait for her permission.

Ola: Since when did she become our boss? Richard was her boyfriend, that’s why we respected her, now Richard is dead. She doesn’t have that authority over me anymore. I just pity you. When I was a teenager, I was way smarter than you. You just sit around staring and nodding at everything been said to you. You’re too dull abeg

Felix: (bit his lips). I’m not dull.

Ola: Indeed.

Felix: (looked at the phone). What kinda phone is this?. Anyways, I just need his wife’s number.

He sent a text message, which read,

“Victoria, what’s the name of the bustop, in which you’d stop?”.

Felix: What are you typing?

Ola: see for yourself. (gave the phone to him).

Felix: Do you think, she’d fall for this?

Ola: Why not?

Victoria: Laura, your father has gone crazy oooo.

Laura: When are we going to see daddy?

Victoria: Tomorrow dear.

Laura: Oh, thank God, I want to see daddy.

Victoria: you will dear.

She looked at the text message baffled. How would James ask for the bustop at which she’d highlight?, when they had lived in that area for seven years. She concluded that something was probably wrong with James. Considering his reply that night when she called and now, a funny text. Nevertheless, she decided to call him.

James: The phone was here

Tina: I thought so too..

James: I need to call my wife.

Tina: use my phone. (she looked around for her phone).

James: thanks but, I need my phone.

Tina: I haven’t been able to find it.

James: What do you mean by that?

Tina: I think, Ola took it.

James: What do you mean by Ola took it?

Ola: The woman dey call ooo

Felix: What did I tell you?

Ola: She was supposed to reply the text.

Felix: The text was actually stupid.

Ola: Because, I don dey give you moral, that’s why you dey talk anyhow.

Felix: Sorry sir.

Ola: Ode, I just dey play. Anyways, I’m not gonna pick up.

Ola ignored the phone call thrice, Felix was pissed off. He was angry that Ola wasn’t thinking well.

Felix: if she calls again, pick up.

Ola: Why?, do you have something to say?.

Felix: Yes

Ola: And what might that be?

Victoria: So, this man is ignoring my calls. Could it be that James is cheating on me? But which woman is dumb enough to follow him.

She dialled his number again.

Felix: Hello

Victoria: James, what is wrong with you? what is your problem?

Felix: Sorry ma, this is not James.

Ola: (hands on his head), (whispered) wetin you wan tell am?”.

Felix: He is charging his phone here in my house, he went home. He said, he’ll get it tomorrow.

Victoria: Who are you?,

Felix: I’m his very good friend, Felix.

Victoria: (remembered when James told her his very good friend was behind the fifty thousand naira so, she assumed, he’d be the friend he was talking of.

Victoria: Oh, okay Felix. How are you?

Felix: I’m fine. Your husband said, you’ll be coming back to Lagos with uhm….. What’s your daughter’s name?

Victoria: Laura.

Felix: Yes, Laura. He said you guys are coming back tomorrow.

Victoria: (That means, James and this guy are really close, that’s why he knows of my arrival tomorrow). Yes, that’s true….

Victoria didn’t stop to think of how James would have a close friend that she didn’t know of.

Felix: So, I need a favour from. You.

Victoria: Okay, what is it?

Felix: Text me, the address of your house.

Victoria: Why?, just ask James.

Felix: I want to pay a surprise visit one of these days, so, I don’t want him to know yet.

Victoria: You’re his very good friend and you’ve not been to our house?

Felix: Yes, for some reasons, I’m a very busy man.

Ola: (chuckled softly), Liar, who dash you man?, nineteen year old boy like you.

Felix: (signaled James to shut up).

Victoria was reluctant at first because, the condition their house was in wasn’t really presentable but, he was James’ good friend. She didn’t want to be rude.

Victoria: Alright no problem.

Felix: I’ve gotten a book and a pen and please the name of your bustop, very important too.

Victoria: okay.

She gave every single detail of their house address to him.

Felix: Alright, thank you.

Victoria: Welcome.

Felix: goodnight. (he ended the call smiling).

Ola: You be devil, see as you deceive the woman.

Felix: Now, we have her address, what do you want to do?

Ola: (smirk) Kill one of them definitely.

Felix: I thought, you were kidding earlier. Leave that man’s family out of this and besides, the man had nothing to do with James’s death.

Ola: One person must pay.

Felix: Look for the right people.

Ola: you’ve grown too soft. Don’t forget, I give the orders, you listen

Felix: okay sir.

Physician: How are you feeling?

Gbenga: I’m much better now.

Physician: Are you sure.

Gbenga: The bullet has been removed right?

Physician: Yes.

Gbenga: Then, I’m fine.

There was a knock on the door.

Physician: Come in.

Gbenga: Who is that?

Physician: Your colleague.

Gbenga: okay (Got up slowly from the bed).

Physician: No, you still have to rest.

Gbenga: Are you insane?, are you telling me what to do?

Physician: No, but, Mr. Idowu said…………(interrupted)

Gbenga: Mr. Idowu can go to hell.

Physician: (shocked beyond words).

Gbenga: Help me with this. (referred to the bodyguard)

Bodyguard: Okay sir…….

Gbenga: Is oga there?

Bodyguard: Yes, I just got a call.

Physician: What is this about, what meeting?

Bodyguard: The meeting where Gbenga would become the new leader. Idowu has messed up this setting and has caused the death of some of our pals, so, we can’t be under him anymore….


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