Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 19

Victoria: Tina, can you please drive faster?

Tina: I’m driving as fast as I can.

James: please, can you just try and be calm?

Victoria: Oh, James. I’m sorry, I can’t be calm.

Tina: It’s quite far. In an hour, we’ll be there.

Ola took a bag, packed few things and left the building, abandoning Laura’s lifeless bloody body. He drove right back to his own apartment. A rented apartment though.

In Ola’s compound, neighbours were suspicious of his movements but, to avoid trouble, they pretended not to know. He had no friends there, he lived at the secluded extreme of the compound.

Ola entered his room and reflected on what happened. He remembered the way at which he murdered Laura.

Ola: I for no kill that girl ooo. I for just use am collect money from her parents. Ah, Ola, you’re stupid. Now I’m so broke.

He also recalled Victoria’s statement of Felix’s death. His body was still in that house. Getting it out of there, was an impossible task. He was not the owner of the room and as such, he didn’t have access to the room. Even if he had access to the room, would he drag a body out in front of all the neighbours?

Ola: Abeg Jahre. After all, I have avenged his death. There is nothing, I can do with his body.

Ola went out, bought an alcoholic drink, took out one of Felix’s shirt, threw it to the ground and poured the whole drink on it.

Ola: Felix RIP

An inspector and an officer arrived at Tina’s house, seeking Tina.

The gateman heard a knock on the gate, he came out from his crib sluggishly as he buckled the hook of his belt.

Gateman: Who be that?

Inspector: come out and see first before, you start asking insensitive questions.

Gateman: I’m asking, who you are and you’re telling me rubbish.

He opened the small opening at the gate and saw, two mean looking faces. One on uniform and the other on casual clothing. He sensed trouble.

Gateman: (calmly) good afternoon sir.

He greeted and opened the gate immediately. The inspector and the officer walked in without hesitation.

Idowu heard the gate shriek, he thought James, Tina and Victoria had returned.

Idowu: So soon.

He hurried to the door. He opened it and shut it as soon as he figured out it was unfamiliar faces.

He decided to view from the window in the parlour. He pushed aside the cotton a bit and took a peek through the small opening he created.

Inspector: I’m inspector Collins and this is officer Chima.

Gateman: Good afternoon, welcome. Any problem?

Inspector: Not really. We were made to know that, this is Miss Tina’s house.

Gateman: Yes, this is Tina’s house.

Inspector: Okay, can we see her?

Gateman: Errrm, no sir. She commot since over one hour now.

Inspector: Who opened the door few minutes ago?

Gateman: Ah, nobody ooo..

Inspector: Who else is in that house?

Gateman: I no know if anybody dey, because she bring some of her friends come here two days ago so, I no know if all of them commot.

Inspector: We will have to search your house.

They didn’t have a search warrant but, the gateman was unaware.

The gateman couldn’t say no, he was scared. He had phobia for the police, he didn’t want any association with them. He was for them and he wasn’t against them either. He didn’t want any trouble.

Gateman: No problem.

Idowu saw them coming towards the house. He sat down on the sofa pretending to read a magazine he just took from the table. To Idowu, there was no need hiding. They had probably seen him, when he tried to play smart with the door.

He crossed his legs to make his act look more convincing.

The inspector opened the door, he wanted to tell the officer, “search now”. He changed his mind when he saw Idowu sitting on the sofa.

Still staring at the magazine, Idowu questioned.

Idowu: Who are you?

Inspector: I’m inspector Collins..

He entered the living room, ushering the officer in.

The gateman stood by the gate to shut

it whenever they left. Staying inside his room was giving him the creeps. Staying inside with the knowledge, that the cops were in the compound was not something he could do.

The gateman had killed Tina a thousand times in his heart. The reason the cops were around was probably because of her because, they had said they were looking for her.

Gateman: Wetin this girl don do now?

Inspector: This is officer Chima.

Still with crosses legs, Idowu adjusted the magazine a little from his face, trying to act natural.

Idowu: Okay, so, what can I do for you?

Inspector: Nothing much. We wanted to search the house before because, the gateman said no one was in but, obviously you played with the door when we came in so, we had to check.

Idowu: Okay, yes, you have seen me. Is there a problem?

Inspector: not really. We need to see madam Tina.

Idowu: Tina is not in.

Inspector: The gateman told us that already.

Idowu stopped the magazine on the chair.

Idowu: Is anything wrong?

Inspector: That’s left for Tina and I to decide.

Idowu: Is she in any trouble?

Inspector: What kind of relationship do you have with her.

Idowu: We are just friends.

Inspector: Friends Huh?

He looked round the house.

Inspector: What is a grown up man like you, doing at home on a Thursday afternoon, your mates are out there, you’re sitting in your friend’s house.

Idowu: (cleared throat) That’s not your business. As I said, Tina is not home.

Inspector: Oh, yes, she’s not home but, she won’t sleep outside.

The inspector brought out a card from his jacket.

Inspector: Here is my card. Be sure to give me a call whenever she returns.

He moved closer to Idowu, stretching his hand in an attempt to give Idowu the card.

Idowu: What makes you think, I will call you?

Inspector: If you don’t, I promise you, I will come for you.

Idowu didn’t want to show signs of fear. He collected the card as calmly as possible, giving an inept smile.

Idowu: I will call you.

Inspector: That better.

He turned to the direction of the door.

Inspector: Let’s go.

He referred to the officer.

As they left the compound, both Idowu and the gateman, heaved a sigh of relief. They were certain that, there was trouble coming but, in the meantime, all was well and it was time for Idowu to come up with strategies.

Tina: that’s the building.

She pointed at an incomplete building in sight. The same building where Laura’s body was.

James: Are you sure?

Victoria: Why would you ask her that? She used to come here before. Didn’t you hear her explanations before.

James: I know, I just want to be sure.

Tina had hardly halted the car, when the Victoria opened the door and went out.

James: Oh my God. Victoria.

Tina stopped the car, after she busted out in laughter. The manner at which Victoria jumped out, was amusing to her.

James got down from the car and rushed towards his wife going towards the building.

James: Victoria, for God’s sake, calm down. You can’t go in there alone. We have to have a plan.

Victoria: What kind of plan? It’s just one man in there. I can take him on.

James: (softly) You mean, you can kill him.

Victoria: I heard you and yes, if it comes to that, I wouldn’t mind killing him again.

Tina wore her cap to shield her face from the scorching sun.

Tina: Just wait for me!

She yelled as she tried to catch up with them.

Victoria: Tina, what are we going to do?

She asked Tina who was approaching them.

Tina: We’ll just walk in.

James: Just like that?

Tina: Yes, he is alone now and I don’t think, he’s expecting us.

Victoria: What are we waiting for? Can we go now.

James: Victoria wait.

Victoria: Why should I wait?

Tina: Your husband is right. You probably don’t know your way around here. I will lead the way.

Tina slow steps got Victoria angry. She wished, she would just push her away and locate Laura by herself.

They came into the view of a door and they all stopped walking. It was obvious that they had gotten to the room.

Victoria was prepared for whatever, she would have to face.

Tina knew Ola was not in there but she didn’t know he had killed Laura and left her there.

James was looking around the environment for any object he could use as a weapon.

Victoria: (whispered) Let’s go in already.

She moved to the front going towards the door.

Tina followed suit.

James: Victoria wait.

Victoria deliberately paid to attention to his faint calls. She turned the door knob. She smiled faintly when she realized the door wasn’t open. At least, they wouldn’t have to struggle. She pushed the door open with force, like she was about to attack someone.

Victoria saw Laura in her own pool of blood. Despite recognizing the dress, she didn’t want to believe it was Laura.

James stood at the door dumbstruck. The was this familiar pain, that found its way up to James throat. The sight of Laura was frightening. He began to imagine the way at which she must have been killed. He stared at his wife, already behaving like a psycho besides the body.

Tina was not surprised at all. She expected it, she just didn’t know, Ola would kill her there.

Victoria sat on the floor besides Laura, not minding the blood soaking her dress. Although, the blood was getting dried as it had been there a while.

She held her daughter her up to her chest.

Victoria: Baby, wake up. Mummy’s is here.

She wanted a response, despite knowing the obvious.

James went towards Victoria, in an attempt to lift her up.

Victoria: Leave me alone.

James: She’s…….

Victoria: (amidst tears) Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare say those words.

James felt his eyes get hotter. He wanted to bust out in tears but, that would make him less of a man.

Victoria: Let’s take her to the hospital.

Tina: The hospital can’t bring dead folks back to life. I’m sorry, Laura is dead.

Victoria held Laura tighter than ever.

Victoria: You’re sorry. No, don’t be yet. But, you will be sorry, if I find out anything happened to my Laura. You and James.

I told you guys to go to the police, you all said no. We would have rescued my daughter since, now, she’s….

No, she is alive, she is just injured. Help me, let’s take her to the hospital.

Tina looked at James signalling him to talk some sense into his wife.

Victoria held her daughter’s hand, it was extremely cold. Not just her hand, her whole body was cold. Victoria screamed like a banshee. She would deal with everyone. Not just Ola, she would deal with James for involving she and Laura into his new business s**t. She would deal with Idowu for involving her husband. She would deal with Tina for not warning her earlier about how brutal Ola could be.

She wasn’t just thinking of death for them, she was thinking of exposing them all.

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