Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 6

Victoria: Where’s my daughter?

Victoria’s mum: She went out.

Victoria: (Furious) What do you mean by she went out? How can you say Laura went out? How can a six year old girl go out?

Victoria’s mum: Eh, Nonso’s younger sister took her out.

Victoria: mummy you’re not serious abi? I went to the market and what you thought of doing was to give my daughter out to a complete stranger. Now, my anger is, I returned and you didn’t deem it fit to tell me till (looked at the wall clock) 8:30pm. No wonder, you sent me to the market by after 6:00pm and you’ve been lying all along that Laura’s asleep in your room. I see why, you didn’t let me in.

Victoria’s dad: Victoria calm down. Laura is fine.

Victoria: Calm down? I can’t believe I fell for this, so, I can’t trust that my daughter would be safe with my parents.

Victoria’s mum: Nnenna meant no harm, she just wants to take Laura out.

Victoria: If you both weren’t my parents, God knows, what would have happened here. If my daughter is not back in an hour, you’ll see the worst part of me. What am I even saying? One hour is too much, you have just thirty minutes.

Gbenga: Collect these gun now! or else….

James: Else what?

Gbenga: You’ll not see the break of dawn.

James: Come Gbenga, that joke is expensive. I just want to know why I need a gun.

Gbenga: Were you deaf when Oga was telling you about the person we need to retrieve some drugs from?

James: He did but, I didn’t know guns were involved.

Gbenga: Of course, they are involved.

James: Then, I’m not going anywhere with you guys. Where is Idowu?

Gbenga: (Cocked a gun and pointed it at him). (The other guys moved closer with vile expression on their faces).

James: (Terrified but decided to fake a little confidence as he was sure that Gbenga was bluffing). You’re pointing that thing at me.

Gbenga: (Brought the gun closer to his head). You think, Idowu can protect you?

James: Why not? (Tiny brows of sweat formed on his forehead).

Gbenga: Ask these guys the boss around here. I will murder you and no body will say anything. I will tell Idowu you wanted to betray us, that’s why, I killed you. Infact, I should do it now and tell Idowu the story.

James: (When did this goat become the boss?). Hahahha, no na, bring the gun. You don’t even know when someone is playing with you again. (He tapped Gbenga’s shoulder)

Gbenga: It had better be a joke. And I don’t like you, I’ve never liked you so, be careful. Try not to get on my bad side. (Handed the gun to James)

James: Yes, yes sir. (collected the gun).

Gbenga explained how their movement for that night would be. He explained that it was the debtor’s house they wanted to raid in order to bring out the drugs he couldn’t pay for. Of course, James suspected that the dead debtor would have been murdered by Idowu’s men, he wanted to ask why they needed a gun to visit a dead man’s house but, he kept his emotions in check to avoid Gbenga’s threats. Gbenga laid out strict rules for everyone to follow to avoid punishment but the scenario at the debtor’s house was not quite what they expected.

Victoria: Don’t you ever touch my daughter without my permission. Ever in your life.

Nnenna: I just took her out to have fun.

Victoria: You’re crazy, does this look like fun? (She pointed at Laura’s face). Can’t you see she has been crying.

Nnenna: Yes, she has, she said, she wanted to meet her mother.

Victoria: (Shook her head). Oh, I must be foolish to even talk to someone like you, she was crying for her mother and you still had the gods to say she had fun.

Nnenna: Yes, she had fun.

Victoria: (Maybe this girl is truly mad ooo). Are you alright?

Victoria’s mum: She only meant good for Laura.

Victoria: Mummy, you too?

Victoria’s mum: Yes, me too. Can’t you see this family loves us?, just marry her brother, he’s very rich, unlike that broke husband of yours.

Nnenna: (Chuckling).

Victoria wanted to keep the fifty thousand naira sent by her husband a secret but, she wasn’t ready to be put to shame.

Victoria: He sent money.

Victoria’s mum: (Laughed). Which money? Money?

Victoria: Yes, more than enough money to feed my daughter and I for two months.

Victoria’s mum: Eh eh, to feed you abi, if you don’t want to marry Nonso, I don’t want to see you here by tomorrow morning.

Victoria wasn’t ready to leave yet but, she was tired of her mother’s insensitive demands.

Victoria: (Furious) Fine.

she headed straight to her room furiously to pack her things for the trip to Lagos in the morning.

The six men arrived at the debtor’s vicinity, that is, Gbenga, James, two other bodyguards and the two other employees. Gbenga packed the car a mile away from the house. The initial plan was for one person to wait in the car, while the others go through the fence, to avoid neighbours interference, then, break into his house and search thoroughly for the drugs. They manged to go through the fence, they were lucky, the people living in the compound couldn’t afford a gateman. They climbed the stairs to the last floor where the flat was and Gbenga assumed the flat would be empty. Gbenga signalled them to wait, then, he sent one of the men to figure out a way to break it open. He got to the door, he tried to turn the door knob but as expected it was locked.

Gbenga: Fool, I said try to break the door, you’re turning the knob.

Guy 2: I know sir, I just wanted to try and see if it was open. Besides, sir, I can’t break this door.

Gbenga: Are you insane?

Guy 2: No sir.

Gbenga: And you’re talking back at me.

Guy 2: (He opened his mouth to talk but was interrupted when someone opened the door and pointed a gun at his forehead and pulled him inside.

James made an attempt to run away, but was stopped as Gbenga held him tightly. James was already shivering with the gun in his right hand. He didn’t even know how to fire a shot so, if something terrible happened, and no one defended him, he would be helpless.

Gbenga confidently stepped forward with his gun towards the room, the door was half open, which was direct entry to the living room, he signalled the rest to join him. He flung the door open, he was expecting just one person, the person that pulled one of his men. He flung the door open, he found a girl, six guys and the man that was pulled in earlier at gun point. By the time he realized he was outnumbered, his men had already joined him. James was sweating profusely. He remembered leaving his house that evening, he wished he could rewind time to warn himself about the predicament that would follow.

Gbenga: Who are you guys and what are you doing in this house?

Unknown: E be like sey you no dey fear Abi? You get mind dey ask me question. You dey craze? (pointed his gun at him)

Gbenga: You know who you dey follow talk?(pointed his gun at him too, causing every other person to raise their guns at each other, except James who was almost crying. Gbenga was dissappointed in James, he would have shot him at that moment but, they were already outnumbered, killing him would worsen the issue.

Unknown : Who una be, wetin una dey come find for my boyfriend house?

Unknown: Madam Tina, no stand up, no worry, we go treat their f–k up.

Tina: No, no tell me to sidon. My boyfriend got missing last night, the next night, I see people with guns trying to invade his house. Come, una dey sure sey, una hand no dey for the matter?

That’s when Gbenga realized that Tina was the girlfriend of the guy they killed. From the look of things, the girl was rougish seeing the kind of brutal guys with her so, if she found out the truth, they’d all probably die.

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