Episode 24


Don’t be ashamed to weep, it’s right to grieve. Tears are only water, and flowers, trees, and fruit cannot grow without water. But there must be sunlight also. A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us.Pity those who don’t feel anything at all.Emotions, in my experience, aren’t covered by single words. I don’t believe in sadness, joy,or regret.” Maybe the best proof that the language is patriarchal is that it oversimplifies feeling. I’d like to have at my disposal complicated hybrid emotions, Germanic train-car constructions like, say, “the happiness that attends disaster.” Or: “the disappointment of sleeping with one’s fantasy.

I watched them as Sharon played soccer with the boys ,the boys couldn’t stop giggling ..my perfect family what happened ..

daddy come play ” malumbo said

no buddy am fine watching you”I said

come join us ” jr said

I shook my head no ..they continued playing ,I went inside and took a long nap .

I felt someone kissing me ,I opened my eyes it was Sharon my mood changed .

I miss you ” she whispered

leave my room” I ordered

Caleb I miss you ,I miss being in your arms” she said

I got out of bed ,she was wearing a sexy red lingerie,she knew that I loved red .

Caleb okay just today ,i miss my husband’s touch ” she said

when you were being scrolled by those men ,did you miss my touch ” I asked

Caleb you have punished me enough please ” she begged

punished you am not even punishing you baby doll ” I said

she got up and touched my chest.

please bashi jr ,it has been 8months and I haven’t felt your touch” she said

you have Andrew ‘ s line,call him before you start having cobwebs down there ” I said

who is she, that is making you forget me” she asked

my phone rung.

hey Natalie” I answered

hey handsome ,where are you ” she asked

home ” I said

I come over ” she asked

yes and i miss that ass ” I said

Natalie has been a good friend of mine ,she is doctor aswell we were at the same school ,I explained my situation with my wife and she was happy to help me ,make Sharon jealous ..

our plan was working ..

who is Natalie” Sharon asked

how is that your business “‘i asked

you are my husband ,I will not let you bring another woman here ” she said

watch me “I said

she held my leg and started crying. .

you can’t do this to me ” she wept

oh poor baby” I said

you are not going anywhere” she said

of course I am ” I said

she got up and kissed me ,it was a slow passionate kiss ,it reminded me of the reasons I loved this freak …

I pulled out when I saw Andrews face .

leave my room ” I ordered

she sat on the bed..

sir there is a woman looking for you “blessings said

let’s her in ” I said

this is my house ” she said

last time I checked it was in my name ” I said

Natalie walked in ,I grabbed her and kissed her .. Sharon got her rob and walked out.

I laughed

you can’t scroll that ass ” she teased

I failed ,I wanted to but every time I try I remember the pain she put me through” I said

don’t you think you need to move on ” she asked

I can’t do this Natalie,i have tried but it’s not working ” I said

she rubbed my hand .

I thought forgetting what she did was going to be be easy but Everytime I look at her ,I remember the betrayal” I said

come here ” she said

we hugged for a well and I pulled out. .

look it’s going to be okay ” she said making me look deep in her eyes

I don’t know what came over me ,I kissed her ,not a pretense kiss but a real on. ..the kiss was just different ,it made me weak in every part of my body . she got on top of me , removed her top ,she had this sexy bra on ,and it turned me on ..she kissed me ,the face of my wife came and I lost control. .I kissed her like my life depended on it ,I removed her Jeans ,she remained with her black pant ,I starred at her ,I thought it was Sharon ..

give it to me ” she said .

I removed my short and I wore protection though ,I f—-d her real had ,my eyes were closed and when I opened them ,it was Natalie ,I wanted to stop but it was already done ..

no wonder Sharon doesn’t want to leave you ,dude oh my goodness,you made me h—y while you are f—–g me ” she said

I faked a smile

let me take a shower ,I start going” she said

what was I thinking ,this was the first time I have cheated on Sharon ..I don’t know what got in me .

Natalie left and I went to work.

I felt dirty sleeping with another woman ..I worked .Elisha came in the morning .

I thought you would have been gone by now ” he said

am about to go ” I said

what’s wrong,isnt Sharon” he asked

I shook my head

than what ” he asked

I slept with Natalie. man I don’t know what came over me ,I thought she was Sharon ” I said

you slept with another woman thinking it’s your wife ” he asked

yes ” I said

you miss Sharon” he said

you think I don’t ,I crave for her presence every night ,every day but the minute am close to her ,I can’t control my anger. I feel like beating” I said

you love her and with time you will get over it ” he said ..

Elisha was a gynaecologist ..

I found Andrew pulling my wife’s hand. .I got out of the car ..

am going to kill people today ” I said to myself ..

Rose please” he begged

what are you doing here ” I asked

am here to claim what’s mine”he said .

I looked around,i only saw my wife around

what’s yours again” I asked

Rose ” he said

I laughed . I looked around and Punched him ..

come here next time ,I will get you arrested ” I said

I got in the car ,the gate was opened ..I was fuming with anger .

how did he know my house ” I asked

I don’t know” she said

I slapped her.

she screamed ..I removed my belt and started beating her ..

you will not embarrass me again ” I said

Caleb am sorry ” she screamed ..

I don’t know who held the belt.

Sharon go to your room ” mum said

Sharon got up and went to her room .

are you insane when did you start beating your wife ” she asked

mum just leave ” I said

Caleb beating her won’t change the past darling,you will just hurt her ” she said

let me beat her ,she is busy bringing her boyfriend here ” I said

Caleb I think ,you just divorce your wife cause your heart is still bleeding ,you are still hurt ,I doubt if you will ever forgive your wife” she said ..

maybe she is right ,I will never forgive Sharon come rain come sunshine.. especially when I see her with Andrew ,I will just end up killing her ..if you love someone set them free and if they love you they will understand your decision.

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