Episode 11

*continued from the last scene

“D–n” I said while hitting my leg with the bed, I noticed cowgirl still bleeding out and rushed to her tearing up part of the bedspread and use it to cover her wound.

“Stay with me girl” I said with a teary eyes, cowgirl just coughed and was about to close her eyes

“Stay with me dammit” I shouted shaking cowgirl for her not to close her eyes while steel Dragon was looking at me in a “what now look” while I just look away confused.
Steel dragon was about to remove his gloves when we heard gunshots outside

“what the hell” I said as i rushed to the window and saw my captain and about ten other privates firing shots at Malik’s men
” Steel dragon” I shouted and saw him already assembling his riffle, without wasting i quickly assemble mine with a silencer and started firing shots from the inside, living Malik’s men confused where the shots was coming from.

I reloaded my HSVI now with a bi-set and zoom it to see if Malik was inside any of those van.
” got ya” I said pressing my trigger and sending a shot to Malik’s head.

‘hallaukbir hallaukbir” the men started fleeing and steel dragon did not hesitate to send bullets into their skulls. Some of Malik men escaped but without the van.

” D–n no pulse” the Captain said while i was busy dissembling my riffle

” get the ambulance he said” as he rushed upstairs to check how many of our private is gone. Well lucky me and steel dragon probably cowgirl only time will tell.

“what the f–k did you do private Jackson” the DI yelled at me, while i stood at attention. ” you kill the only suspect we have against the Chahell group, why? what were you thinking? we need that b—–d alive you know” he continued still yelling. It’s obvious he is angry that i kill Malik but why?, that i don’t know What is wrong with this man? firstly he sent me on a suicide mission, secondly he he here blaming me for killing someone who took the life of more than ten privates and almost took mine too.

” d–n d–n d–n” he kicked his Table while i keep looking down confused.

“drop your badge” he said
“sir” pretending i didn’t hear him
” I said drop the god d–n f—–g badge” he repeated while i reluctantly remove my badge and put it on the table.

” now go to your basement”, he said
” am sorry sir” I said in a depressed tone.

“geeeeeet ooout” he yelled while i quickly ran out without any word or looking back.

to be continued

Now that Juliet has been suspended from Army, what do you think her faith will be especially her revenge for her father’s murderer.

Watch out as you read the next episode…

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