Episode 26

I looked at my step mother in pools of blood, a lot of questions were on my mind to ask but I couldn’t help the situation. The bullet has pierced her body mercilessly and she was struggling for her last breathe.

“Julliet a a am Sorry” she said in tears, I felt like crying but that’s not the answer right now
“why don’t you tell me” I asked her trying forcefully to hold back my tears.

“J Jul Juliet” she was forcing out trying Hard not to give up but she couldn’t help it “yo ur f father is” she swallowed hard “a a g ood man” she finally say

“Cramp Biscuit” was the last word she said before giving up”

dahm I was angry hitting the front sit hardly. It’s obvious I can kill anybody that comes my way that moment. Steel dragon moved closer to me to persuade me but I yelled at him and told him to back off. I started hitting the tyres hardly as they they are the ones responsible for my agonies. I was angry not because she didn’t give me the chip but becuz I have a lot of questions for her which she was unable to answer before she passed away and also I don’t get to know who she really was.
“Julliet” “hey julliest” we need to get out of here” I heard steel dragon
I gave him a devilish look

“yeah you are right, you need to get away from me, get off, get lost” I said yelling and screaming at him. I broke down and started crying. Steel dragon moved closer to me, he lifted my head up and look at me in the eyes.
“it’s okay baby, we’ll get over it”
I was so stunned, I don’t know what to say or do, all I could do was to gave out a slight nod.
“I promise to be by your side always” he continued while i just sniffed

He placed his wet soft lips on mine and kissed me passionately, I wish the kiss never ended, it was indeed a relieved one.

“we need to go now he said” breaking free from me.

“Hunn well yes yes we need to go now”
We hooped inside the car and zoomed off living my step mother in cold blood.

My step mother last word keeping pooping into my head, “cramp biscuit” what the hell does that mean? should I buy cramp biscuit or start eating it? mehn I don’t get it
wait “cramp biscuit should be in her store,
“steel dragon we are heading to my step mother’s store” I said without looking at him
“what it’s dangerous, I mean your step mother just died and you want us to go to her store, dont you think we will be suspected or something” he said in a serious tone
“just head towards the store when we get there you will understand” I said ignoring his preaching.

Steel dragon drove as fast as he could and no time we got to my step mother store. A black jeep was packed some metres away from the store, I noticed the car but steel dragon didn’t. I went straight inside the store, greeted the store girl unchalantly and headed for the biscuit and beverage corner. I was checking the buscuit with the name cramp and I couldn’t find it.

After about 30 minutes of proper searching I spotted a biscuit, it looked old enough to be there, I carried it and turn it round there I saw a detonation “it’s crampy and yummy”, I quickly opened it and saw a tiny Device that looks like a chip

“jackpot” I got it” I said to myself and packed the buscuit back. I was heading towards the store girl then I bumped into a strong man
“sorry” he said and moved forward, I didn’t reply him, I just kept moving. I paid for the buscuit and headed outside only to find steel dragon missing from the car. “I knew it” I said and started running towards another direction, I was running as fast as I can knowing too well something is not right.

I turn around as saw the black jeep coming towards me now I know I need to act fast before I go killed.

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