Episode 17

continued from the last scene**

“Are you going to kill me?, please don’t kill me, I wanna go home.”

This words make my heart pound it’s obvious the girl is very innocent. Part of me says i should while part of me reminds me of the rule “don’t spare anyone” I wanted to pull my trigger when the voice of my dad began to speak in my mind “Juliet you are a good girl, this girl is innocent she wants to go home just the way you want to right now” the voice kept saying. well nobody is watching me guess. I quickly carry the girl and open the door to the car i was standing with and put the girls inside.

“stay down and remain quiet” I said while she nodded.

The whole place was down in a jiffy living not single soul alive. Few minutes later I went back to where i kept the girl for me to make her escape through the other route but she was no where to be found. I was shocked

“did this girl escape was she shoot, I couldn’t figure out so i concluded she made way herself.

“Good job guys” the commandant said
“Thank you sir” we all chorused.
We were about to live when the commander called me

“hmmm Laura”
“sir” I replied
“I need you to get to my office right now” he commanded
“yes sir” I replied

I quickly made way to his office, I flung the door open and what I saw almost make me pass out.
“ha ha ha ha” the commander laughed out loud while I just concentrate on who am seeing
“well one of our spy, her name is Evelyn.”
“eem eem” I stammered. What i couldn’t believe is how that small innocent looking girl can be a spy for such organization.

” I can see you don’t have anything to say” the commander continued. ” the rule is that don’t spare a single soul. but you have make your emotions, feelings affect your job
“am sorry sir” I manage to say
” hmm well there is a punishment for the offense you just made” My heart skipped on hearing that, all I hope for is not death.

“Laura” the commander called, he noticed the fear of death in me, he smiled and continued
” well you are not going to die naaah, we are not going to kill you, but your death and survival lies in your hand” he paused but continue before I could say or ask anything
“There is top assassin in Chahell group, he is well trained and doesn’t have a heart just like you do. He has successfully killed more than ten top politicians in Nigeria without a trace. Now your mission is to go to Nigeria and get him killed within 120 hours.

“What 120 hours?” I asked in a shaky tone
“yes 120 hours” he yelled “and if you fail this mission, you are as good as dead” “now get out” he commanded while I turned back and made for the door

“Laura” he called, it’s you job only remember and you have 120 hours to get it done.” now leave.

I left his office with lots of thought on my mind.

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